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Welcome to Lace Fingers. I hope you enjoy the upcoming content. Reader discretion advised – there will be a lot of sexual content here.

This is an anonymous blog, but I will tell you that I’m female, English, and have been exploring my sexuality. 57 more words


My first published book - a surprising twist

All the writing I had done up till 2005 had been essentially serious and lyrical – although I have always had a bawdy and irreverent sense of humour. 602 more words


The First Time [Movie] - Video/TV Show

Fuchs, C. (Producer), & Kasdan, J. (Director). (2012). The First Time . United States: Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Plot summary: Dave and Aubrey meet at a party and immediately connect. 119 more words


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Graphic Novel

O’Malley, B. L. (2005). Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Volume 2 . Portland: Oni Press.

Plot summary: In the second volume of the series, Scott Pilgrim, a young musician must defeat his love interest, Ramona’s, second evil ex-boyfriend in order to get closer to dating her. 115 more words

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A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl - Challenged Book

Stone, T.L. (2006). A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl. New York: Random House.

Plot summary: The novel presents three different stories of Josie, Aviva and Nicolette, and their experience with the bad boy, TL. 153 more words

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Because of Low - Romance

Glines, A. (2012). Because of Low. Toronto: Simon Pulse.

Plot summary: The story focuses on Marcus, a wealthy boy, who comes home from university to deal with a family crisis. 184 more words


Charmed - Hi/Lo Book

Mac, C. (2004). Charmed. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers.

Plot summary: The story is a girl named Izzy who comes from a broken home. She meets Dillon and falls in love with him. 165 more words

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