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[TFP] Entitled

“This thing’s a heap of scrap.”

Breakdown grabbed hold of the crumpled bay door and ripped it from the hinges, tossing the mangled panel of metal over his shoulder. 11,664 more words


[TCL] Bludfire

No matter how many times Megatronus had attended one of these… orgies, to put it plainly, he never quite gets used to it. You’d think a bunch of gladiators, half of them slaves, the other half on the edge of death, would have better things to do with their time. 3,834 more words


[TFP] Good Enough II

It started with a ping to his comm in the middle of the night, one Ratchet knew he should ignore, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. 1,891 more words


A Time For Heroes - Chapter 27 - New York City Homecoming

They pulled up in front of Ginny’s building just before 5. Ginny took their duffle bags upstairs, while Steve took the rental car back. Ginny picked him up there and drove him to his place to pick up his motorcycle. 5,207 more words

Steve Rogers

[Crown the Empire] Tomfoolery

It should have made him angry, irrational beyond all reason. But there was something about the arrogance in Grimlock’s field that was a shade different and acceptable. 825 more words


[Crown the Empire] Reign 02

Starscream was this close to hating his new lord and master.

He gasped and clawed at the table as Grimlock’s fingers worked magic on his wings, stroking the thin panels and tracing the long seams. 6,562 more words


Rules Of Sex - The Responsibility

What does super glue and sex have in common? More than you think! Don’t miss this third episode of the series on Rules Of Sex, Eduardo will take a deep look at the spiritual side of sex and encourage you! 116 more words