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One Night Stand

I sat in the back bar of the pub. My choice of clothes was, I knew, unwise: shorts, a breast-revealing top, shoes with heels high enough to show the curve of thigh and the sway of buttock. 925 more words

Sexual Content

Dear WordPress,

There is an option at Facebook, that some enterprising souls have come up with, to make your Facebook a hard or soft print copy of all your activity. 130 more words




Cp: Thundershield (Thor/Steve Rogers)

Author: StartingWithTheRidingCrop

Source: http://archiveofourown.org/

Tags: fanfiction, sexual content, character death, Thor (Marvel), Steve Rogers (Marvel), Tony Stark (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) 55 more words

Character Death

Sex Appeal - and how to measure it!

Sex Appeal, according to the dictionary definition, is, ‘the quality of being attractive in a sexual way…desirability, sensuality, magnetism, charisma…it, oomph, SA.’

Er, right, jolly good show, nice to get these things out in the open – but what, when you get down to it, does the above actually… 845 more words


Humour in 'Strictly Come Laughing!'

How would I define my sense of humour? Typically British? Maybe. Some people have commented along those lines. It certainly isn’t gentle or especially kind humour. 1,029 more words


Detachment versus Passion! Literary Priapism!

Publishing, and attempting to sell, books that we have conceived in a literary orgasm of passion can be incredibly frustrating, difficult, hard work and disillusioning. I have charted the ups and downs in close (many would say ‘merciless’ or even ‘tiresome’!) detail – and have come to certain conclusions as a result. 716 more words


Knock Your Heart Out!

“One day, like an attack, you are caught in a fire of love.
It is beautiful and sad at the same time.
Once you are captured by the hands of love, there’s no way.

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