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Book Review: How I See It―Relentless Chase: Book 2 ~ Posey Parks

This is my review and how I see it. The book picks up where the book one left off. Sydney tries to pick up the pieces from her broken relationship with Sebastian. 76 more words

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Book Review: How I See It―Safe Space II: The Finale ~ Tiffany Patterson

This is my review and how I see it. This book was worth the wait as author Tiffany Patterson continues to explore the relationship of Chanel and Xavier. 144 more words

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If you only knew what I see….

To you:

This reality….

To Me:

A voyage of Spirit Time,

some poor soul on a billionth lifetime traveling to earth by a sleeper seed ship. 114 more words


Drop Your Drawers

Drop your drawers, drop your drawers, drop your drawers, girlfriend!
Drop your drawers, drop your drawers, let the partying begin!
I was feeling frisky, needed tight buns for my meat, 352 more words


Book Review: How I See It―Chocolate ~ A.C. Amaryllis

This is my review and how I see it. My first book by author A.C. Amaryllis. Chocolate is a black woman and Asian male interracial read. 157 more words

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[SoF] Tangled Threads

My Sun, 

I love you. 

There I said it. Three little words. Funny how it took me so long to get them out. Yeah, you already knew it, just like I knew it, but the important part is in the saying it.

8,985 more words

[TF] Trial by Fire 13

Rodimus took his time rinsing off, his thoughts darting between wild ponderings and an unexpected calm. He felt nervous and excited, expectant and wary. Not even Scuttle, beeping as he slid from solvent-slick to solvent-slick, could chase away the anxiety, amusing as the drone’s behavior was. 6,520 more words