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Below Her Mouth Review


As an avid movie and entertainment watched I’ve seen my fair share of the entertainments take on love, sex and intimacy connections between characters and actors. 711 more words


[PbN] Praise

“You have such a talented mouth,” Starscream purred. He cupped the back of Rodimus’ head as he guided his spike deeper down the not-a-Prime’s intake. 347 more words


[PbN] Call Me, Definitely

The beeping poked Rodimus out of recharge. He flopped out a hand only to realize the beeping wasn’t an external alarm, but a private line. 256 more words


[G1] Behind the Scenes 02

02. Public Obedience

Wheeljack, for all of his wits, could be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

Prowl had been quiet for most of the evening, tucked as he was against Ratchet’s side, one of Ratchet’s arms slung over his shoulders. 1,610 more words


[G1] Behind the Scenes 01

01. Break-Time

Ironhide had seen the sign on Prowl’s door and knew exactly what it meant. The simple sentence gave him pause, a moment of debate, before he tucked the datapad under his arm and tried to key his command override into the panel. 701 more words


[CtE] Infection

Hound shuddered. Arousal pooled so heavily in his lines that it felt as though his energon were boiling. He writhed in the grass, desperate for relief from the heat, and eagerly rolling his array toward the long, wet swipes of Ravage’s glossa. 207 more words


[CtE] Knotted Up

Skywarp shivered, a low moan slipping from his lips as Swoop pushed into him, slow and deep, lighting up his inner nodes.

Skywarp’s fingers kneaded the berth, his aft pushing back, the hot weight of Swoop above him as intoxicating as the embrace of his buzzing field. 371 more words