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Dragons in the Dark - Chapter 3 - Snowed In

“I know it’s only 24 hours.” Lucas said, apologetically. “I wish I could manage more.”

“Twenty-four hours is great!” Glory said, enthusiastically. It had been almost 2 months since their initial weekend together, but he had kept his word and kept in touch. 4,538 more words


[G1] Compliments

“My, but you make a pretty pet,” Mirage murmured as he dragged his fingertrips over the crown of Tracks’ helm.

Tracks’ engine purred. His optics glowed a bright, adoring blue. 168 more words


[G1] Control or Lack Thereof

“You really don’t have much self-control, do you?” Starscream mused aloud, his lips curved in a grin.

“Shut the slag up!” Ratchet snarled, his hips bucking, his wrists tugging ineffectually at the cuffs that kept them bound above his helm. 219 more words


[TF] Tricks of the Trade

“Starscream, don’t look now, but it’s your favorite trainwreck.”

Starscream cycled his optics and twisted around, peering over his shoulder. Just past his right wing, he could see exactly what Sunstreaker was talking about, and a sigh hissed from his vents. 9,489 more words


[TCL] It All Fell Down I

For the fourth time in as many days, Megatron crawls into their berth, reeking of energon spill, plasma discharge, and death.

It should be familiar. Comforting. 1,743 more words


[TF] On the Edge

Rumor had it that Megatron had no virtually no control. He could not contain himself, could not hold himself back, could not be counted on to have restraint. 282 more words


[IDW] By Last Count

Cyclonus panted air through his intake, only capable of lying on the berth and twitching. The padding beneath his aft was soaked with fluids, lubricant and transfluid alike. 189 more words