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A letter addressed to Christian sisters, From a Christian Brother, who wants to treat you with the value you deserve.

A letter addressed to Christian sisters,

I am a visually oriented person, I look at things and remember them with ease, when I go shopping I pick out what I need based on the images I have in my head from the last time I looked in the refrigerator. 820 more words

The Unintentional Mistress

he Unintentional Mistress
By Cecilia Scott

In the scheme of things, a person who has an unfaithful partner is by far the most injured party when the equation in a “relationship” doesn’t equal two. 2,837 more words

Women who are into women, it is more than ok for you to be you.

Ok – so I am creating workshops about sex and desire for people who identify as women who are into women and I need your help to know what you want. 256 more words

Marginalised Identities

Let's talk about Masturbation

Well it’s #Masturbationmonth – there really is a month for everything now eh?

Trigger warning – discussion of experiences that relate to the impact of and recovery from early child sexual abuse, including my drawings as a child and adult. 1,018 more words

Recovery From Sexual Abuse

I love women, by which I DO NOT mean...

I love women, by which I DO NOT mean…

that I hate men (‘some of my best friends are’ men LOL. Seriously though, I love people, people are fab) 154 more words

Marginalised Identities

Women desiring women

1001 reasons not to have sex

There are a lot of messages about sex out there. How many of these messages nourish women desiring women? Not many. 507 more words

Marginalised Identities

Why Menopause Isn't the Sex Killer You Thought It Was

Hormones are generally at the center of any discussion about sex. At puberty, the surge in estrogen and testosterone is responsible for the emergence of a sex drive, launching the most fertile period in our lives, while at the other end, a decline in hormones means a waning libido. 356 more words