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I seem to always have a high sexual desire. At almost every stop along the way since I graduated there have been women I desire. I didn’t make a move towards anything with them for a variety of reasons. 555 more words

Our appetite for sex

Russell Moore is always worth a read and his latest article, Will a Happy Marriage Prevent an Affair?, is no exception. However, I think he overstates a point in his conclusion when he writes: 356 more words


I think I'm in love with my wife

It’s scary to admit. It makes me vulnerable. I feel like it opens me up for something to go wrong. If I just stayed with “I love my wife” then that is a safe and stable place. 259 more words

Complete Relapse

Here we are again. Back at square one. I have completely lost my mind about you. I’m craving you. This vacation here has not been helping. 456 more words

DAILY DEVOTIONAL Monday, August 21, 2017

Demonstrating Self-Control with the Opposite Sex

More Christians commit sexual sins than probably any other serious sin. There is a very good reason for this, even within the Christian community. 2,609 more words

Male Sexual Enhancement Supplements To Fuel The Bedroom Fire

There are various reasons behind weakness among men. They can arise due to illness or they may be even genetic sometimes. Diabetes is another important cause for sexual weakness. 450 more words

Night Fire Capsules

Letter from a side chick

Dear Main Chick

I know what I am doing is wrong and that no self-respecting woman would ever condone it. I may or may not know about you. 283 more words