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Stain Me

My skin

stained with lines

of poetry

from your tongue

flesh burning

under desire you write

across collarbones

and curves

and core

words I’ve never felt… 26 more words


Male contraceptive that blocks sperm from leaving the penis being developed

A male contraceptive capable of blocking sperm from leaving the penis during ejaculation is being developed by scientists, it has been reported.

The yet to be named drug, being developed by researchers at the Monash University, said to be 100 percent effective, will likely be ready in the next five years. 172 more words

Social Life

I Crave Him

You know that feeling when you crave something so bad that you can smell it or taste or feel its texture between you fingertips…

I’m craving for him… 136 more words


Study reveals women regret short-term sexual encounters

Women who initiate sex are likely to have at least two distinguishing qualities.

Women regret short-term sexual encounters like one-night stands less when they take the initiative and also enjoy the act, a study says. 363 more words

So what is it? An Affair-ish?

“Had we followed through with the plan.. it would have turned into an affair”.. that’s probably true!

It got me thinking of what is an affair? 164 more words


she wants you to know about asexuality

As someone who identifies as asexual, I have a lot to say about asexuality, my own experience of it, and how it fits in with wider society. 426 more words


Do you want to have more sex?

It’s totally normal for sexual desire to wane when we’ve been with our romantic partners for a while. But, when we believe there’s no way of re-igniting passion, we become stuck. 580 more words