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Is Sexual Desire A Sin

In my last post I posed the thought that sexual attraction and sexual desire are not the same thing.  I believe this it true in general by the way.   860 more words


On the Sinfulness of Sexual Desire

In the past several decades, as activists seeking to normalize homosexual and transgender behavior—as well as other aberrant forms of sexual behavior that are not easily classified as abuse—Evangelicals have sought to draw a distinction between those who practice such things and those who merely are afflicted with the desire to do them.  1,096 more words


Attraction vs Sexual Desire

One of the problems in our theology of marriage and celibacy, as well as frankly most other topics, is that we often use the certain words interchangeably that don’t mean exactly the same thing.   817 more words


Do Not Feed on Others

As I was walking to the train, running through metta, karuna and mudita phrases on my mala it occurred to me that my hungry mind, perhaps primed by fasting, was looking to feed on the sight of female forms. 110 more words


When He's Interested and She's Not: A Common Dilemma of the Aging Couple

Andrew Siegel MD   10/20/2018

Photo taken at Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik: note that the stallion is braying, stomping and ready in every respect, while the mare seems rather indifferent… 1,523 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

''Love, Attachment, Or Sexual Desire''

“The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing — desire.” 

From time to time, our romantic relationships can be difficult to understand. 401 more words