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Closely Watched Trains (Bohumil Hrabal)

Set in 1945 in a Czech town, the Germans are on the back foot, but they are still making their presence felt. These German–closely watched– trains still pass through the train station and are given priority in passage. 432 more words


Let's talk about sex (and mental illness)

What do mental illness and sex have to do with each other?  Quite a bit, actually, both in terms of the illness itself and the medications to treat it. 441 more words

Mental Health

Sexual Harrassment cases found in Cheltenham

Hitting the streets

Following the string of sexual harassment scandals hitting the headlines recently, The Cheltenham Hurrah sent out our roving reporter (Dick Wadd) on to the streets of Cheltenham to see how real these events are for the everyday people of the town. 244 more words

Effects of Testosterone Supplementation on Depressive Symptoms and Sexual Dysfunction in Hypogonadal Men with the Metabolic Syndrome

Low testosterone levels in men are associated with the metabolic syndrome (MetS) as well as with depressive symptoms, low vitality, and sexual dysfunction.

272 more words

Bicycle Saddles: EEEEEEEEEE!

Back in 2013, in The Bicycling Wave Of The Future, I wrote about the potential dangers of spending a great deal of time on contemporary, upright bicycle seats. 1,464 more words


Cheltenham Leads The Way on Treating Sexual Impotence.

Gloucestershire University have recently led the way on the treatment of poor erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence.

Is this the end of Viagra?

Years of study by the University has now suggested that there is no longer a need for expensive medication, thus, removing potentially nasty side effects and so on. 188 more words

Pink Viagra: Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

What is Viagra for Women?
Viagra for women is created specifically for women, taking into account general body characteristics. Surely many people are interested in question of why there are sexual problems at all and how can any medication change them? 12 more words

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