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Does watching porn affect your performance in bed?

Pornography, it’s why google and other search engines have safesearch. It’s all around us and if sales are any indication, it is not going away. There have been lots of claims regarding it, but does a predilection for porn mean bad news in bed? 700 more words


Am I An Idiot?

Once, a guy told me (about 2 months after we’d started an intimate relationship–and by intimate, I mean we were banging fairly regularly) that he’d actually sort of just wanted to become friends, at first. 342 more words

Antipsychotic-Induced Sexual Dysfunction and Its Management

This is one of the articles I found today when I googled “PAPSD (Post AntiPsychotics Sexual Dysfunction)”:

It states that, “Sexual dysfunction is a common condition in patients taking antipsychotics, and is the most bothersome symptom and adverse drug effect, resulting in a negative effect on treatment compliance. 124 more words

Freud's Immature Orgasm and Other Myths and Truths

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Every day is a thrill to be alive, to be human–even when it’s not. Nothing pleases me more than settling into my writing routine each day with nothing on my mind. 812 more words


Male Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction being the topic in this article is a topic that most of us guys steer clear of talking about due to embarrassment or not wanting to admit we have a problem in this area, but sexual dysfunction affects a great deal of men at different times in their lives. 726 more words

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Sexual Health & the presence of Viagra!

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Sexual desire is one of the most intrinsic part of our life and the most beautiful. It is difficult to suppress such desires but, certain sexual health conditions in men do not go in their favor. 450 more words



As a clinical psychologist working in sexual health, I have a long-standing interest in female sexuality, anatomy, desire, arousal and sexual wellbeing.  Finding clear, evidence-based information on these subjects can be tricky on the internet.   207 more words

Sexual Dysfunction