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Your Pelvic Floor After Childbirth

Andrew Siegel MD 5/21/16

Pregnancy, labor and delivery are amazing experiences culminating in the birth of a precious human being. However, the process can be traumatic with possible untoward pelvic consequences. 895 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment by Dr. John Fritz

While sexual dysfunction is an embarrassing, common problem, it doesn’t have to be a normal part of aging. For many men, treatment can successfully resolve these issues and restore you and your partner to a satisfying intimate life. 209 more words

Sexual Dysfunction


when girls have fantasies of being raped you cant do a goddammed thing. they will put themselves in a position they will get raped. so much for your buddy system. 57 more words

Health problems in Males and Females

A sexual disorder in men shows that during a complete amount of sexual activity, throughout a part men or a few isn’t acquiring satisfaction. Sexual reaction has four phase– excitement, plateau, consummation and backbone. 537 more words

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States or Situations That Cause Sexual Dysfunction

Physical health problems many health problems can be the causes of erectile dysfunction, and occasionally a lower libido.

Diabetes: excess glucose in the blood affects the Mechanisms of erection; 501 more words

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Fighting Fire With Fire, or at least a really big hose

Sometimes I get a little tired of people grandstanding on supposedly moral issues. So I’ll do the grandstanding myself.

What bathroom should you use?

Well what are you going to do in there? 239 more words