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Fighting Fire With Fire, or at least a really big hose

Sometimes I get a little tired of people grandstanding on supposedly moral issues. So I’ll do the grandstanding myself.

What bathroom should you use?

Well what are you going to do in there? 239 more words


Prevalence of Sexual Assault

I’ve been concerned lately about the prevalence of sexual assault on our nation’s campuses. Being the father of two beautiful Millenial young ladies I worry. But I cannot always be there when they need me. 378 more words


The Many Benefits of Yoga Part 4: Hotter Sex

Yoga & Sex

Did You Know?

Did you know that figures put female orgasmic disorder alone at 5-10%, and sometimes as high as 40-45%?  And these figures are comparable across most female sexual disorders like sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.   138 more words

Blog Post

Here's How Long Sex Lasts Around the World | Glamour

Have you ever wondered whether the amount of time you spend having sex is normal? It might seem impossible to know how long exactly other people are spending on sex, since it’s not like couples take stopwatches into the bedroom. 64 more words


Defrauding Sex vs Loving Sex

As we negotiate sex in the modern world we are faced with many choices, and some are far better than others. There is no doubt in my mind that the best sex happens between a man and a woman within a non defrauding relationship. 876 more words