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How to make girls can quickly reached the climax in the sex

Sex between the male and female itself is something that both men and women are happy things. This is an expression of love and anger, but our sex skills too single, for a long time, the two sides will inevitably feel tired and fatigue to each other, more troubling, usually men again no problem while women, too slow, so we in lovemaking when… 529 more words

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What causes one night stand to impotence?

One night stands for many men are irresistible temptation, many men tired of boring marriage life, may choose to stimulate a one night stand, this has become a common phenomenon in today’s society. 356 more words

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How to treat pubic crabs?

Pubic crabs are tiny parasitic blood-sucking wingless insects that infest the human genitals, causing itching and red spots.

Pubic crabs affect sexually active adolescents and adults much more commonly than children. 149 more words

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When it Feels Impossible to Have Sex

Fiona McMahon, PT, DPT

“Vaginismus”, it sounds like a dirty word if you have never heard it before, but for the many, many women who experience this painful and frustrating disorder, it is an important diagnosis to understand, recognize and treat in order to improve quality of life. 996 more words

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Silagra Tablets - HOW DOES IT WORK?

Silagra becomes effective within 30 to 40 minutes of its consumption and stays effective for about 6 hours. It contains sildenafil citrate which works by dilating blood vessels in the penis and this allows more blood to flow into the penile area, allowing you maintain harder, longer lasting erections for satisfying sexual activity. 70 more words

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Sexual anxiety caused by the failure of a fearful sex life can be a common cause of impotence or frigidity.

The inappropriate or excessive demands on sexual ability may also be the underlying cause of sexual dysfunction. In addition, another important factor in the development of sexual dysfunction is to act as “bystander”, i.e., in the course of sexual life, one party is anxious and obsessive to pay attention to his or her reaction. 61 more words

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