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Dark Inside of the Moon

This was my jam in 8th grade!

How many of you have tried it up the bum? Did you like it? Was it weird? Was it painful or awkward? 896 more words


Getting Sexually Educated with Dr. Patricia Futia

Years ago Dr. Patricia Futia was getting her MA in marriage and family therapy when she noticed a lot of the people coming in had sexual issues that were causing trouble in their lives. 928 more words


I'm going down

So, there’e been a lack on consistency with my posting. I know this and I’m trying to fix that. In other news, I had sex for the first time since I moved! 753 more words

Personal Experience

Dom & Sub Games to Play

By Vanessa Marin, previously published on Bustle

Q: “I’ve read your guides on asking to be dominated and dominating someone, but I was hoping you could give more specific suggestions of… 1,530 more words


I'm Back! And I'm ready to write stuff.

So I haven’t posted in about eight months. The grad school search got pretty intense there for a while. Then I spent the whole summer working a terrible job and planning to move. 519 more words

Memory Project- Drafting Process

Bear with me here, and be open minded.

I sat in my wobbly desk as 28 other apathetic seniors staggered past posters of kittens hanging from a branch and Jesus looking lovingly down at you and into the classroom. 1,952 more words

'The Period Game' is here to bust menstruation myths

Aunt Flow, girl flu, shark week, code red, that time of the month.

There are plenty of “code words” used to describe a woman’s period… 581 more words