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How long does Sperm live?

Sperm cells prepare with the ovum in a lady and another life is conceived. This is a reality that the majority of us know. Be that as it may, relatively few of us think about how sperm is shaped, to what extent it lives in the male conceptive framework, and to what extent it survives when it enters a lady’s body. 190 more words


Would you be able to get Pregnant while on your Period?

Would you be able to get Pregnant Whether you are endeavoring to get pregnant or searching for approaches to maintain a strategic distance from pregnancy while participating in sex, a typical inquiry is regardless of whether you can engage in sexual relations and get… 226 more words

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What age to teach about good-touch bad-touch?

Today, the newspapers, news channels, and other sources of news are filled with indecent reports and stories of rape, sexual abuse, and other heinous crimes. You turn on the TV, and the first thing you get is, “A man raped a teenager,” or “A 6-year-old girl molested by a stranger”. 966 more words

Life Hacks

Tak Manis

23.09.17 | Tak Manis

UiTM Law Faculty’s “Moral & Ethical Legal Issuses”

So I made the grave mistake of taking this elective subject called “Moral & Ethical Legal Issues” or something like that, in UiTM. 1,682 more words


Sexual Energy (L.Nkosi)

Lerato is one of our newest Intimacy Coaches, with deep understanding of this calling to create holistic and conscious sensuality and sexuality in the world. This is her first blog post, and she’s also running a workshop in Johannesburg on the 30th Sept 2017 for women to discover aspects of Neo Tantra, Conscious Sexuality and Sensuality. 308 more words

Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes


Why do we find it so hard to forgive in relationships? 

So hard to let go of being right?

So hard to let go of  being wronged? 793 more words


When the seed of this book was planted, I never would have thought that some time later the English version would sprout from it and travel the world to meet girls of various lands and cultures. 64 more words

Sexual Education