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Chapter 2: Primary & Secondary Sex Characteristics

What are primary sex characteristics?

Primary sex characteristics develop while you’re in your mother’s uterus. This includes any of the body structures directly related to reproduction. 320 more words

Sexual Education

Chapter 1: Chromosomal Sex Spectrum

When we talk about biological sex, we often discuss it in terms of what we have in our pants. However, there is a massive variety to genitalia and reproductive organs. 650 more words

Sexual Education

Chapter 0: What is Comprehensive Sexual Education?

Alright, so I’ve promised to post a series on comprehensive sexual education… well what the hell does that mean?

What is comprehensive sexual education?

Comprehensive sex education needs to include age-appropriate, medically accurate information on all of the topics related to sexuality including human development, relationships, decision making, abstinence, contraception, and disease prevention. 576 more words

Sexual Education

Breaking: Bill O'Riley appointed Minister of Sexual Education by Trump

NN reports –

Hot off North Korea, the Trump administration has renewed its policy political aggression. Filibustered by Democrats in the Senate, Republicans responded by once again shitting on the… 293 more words


Doing It: Let's Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton

I discovered online sexual educator and Youtuber Hannah Witton this year while discovering the huge amount of bookish and sexual content available on Youtube and decided to create a list of subscriptions to check every day. 666 more words



With the Republicans once again in power, it is no surprise “The Mexico City Policy” has been reinstated.  Global health is sadly politicized.  Republican presidents remove funding from world organizations that offer abortion services, and then Democrats reinstate funding.   306 more words


This Post Should be Censored

There’s a lot of things that fascinate me. Irony, paradoxes, and contradictions to name a few are always fun to think about because you can easily get lost in them. 735 more words

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