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To Twerk or Not to Twerk

October 8, 2015

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Last week, videos surfaced of scantily clad women dancing and gyrating suggestively during an event organized by the ruling Liberal Party (LP). 556 more words


Germany: School authority withdraws controversial sex ed material after massive protests

Growing public awareness about attempts to inoculate the controversial gender theory into the minds of innocent school children lead to growing anger among parents. And this anger articulates itself in protests, which make it increasingly difficult for leftist governments to carry out their hidden agenda. 64 more words

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

Consent education

We complain about random issues in the news; we claim to be activists; we wear badges of honour like “feminist”. But when the next second rolls by, we forget that we cared about the last rape or the last suicide. 501 more words

Consent and Silence


It’s a hot topic around here lately.

Sometimes it seems like it’s not talked about at all, and sometimes it seems like it’s the only thing being talked about. 354 more words


Have You Heard of Crymaxing?

by Randall S. Frederick

Q: Have you ever heard of the term “crymaxing”? I feel like that’s a thing you would know about.

A: “Crymaxing” is an expression for crying after coitus, combining the words “cry(ing)” and “climax.” It originates from an episode of the hit show, … 777 more words

Randall Frederick

What We Need to Teach Young Women About Their Bodies

Women don’t understand their fertility.

“At the clinic I rarely met women, young or old, who understand their fertility and what happens during the menstrual cycle.

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Student Midwife


NOTE: I suppose I must be responsible and warn readers that this is 18+ content as it contains sexual information that may not be suitable to all readers. 114 more words

Spanglish Familia