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La biblioteca de Cristina: ¿Cómo se hace un bebé? / Cristina's library: What makes a baby?

No, Cristina aún no hace esta pregunta. Y aunque le compré “¿Cómo se hace un Bebé?”, de Cory Silverberg, para explicar la llegada del hermanito a casa, parece no interesarle mucho aún. 620 more words


To Learn; Condomrelay

Sex education, also known as the part of biology class almost everybody dislikes.

A long time ago when we were in second grade in our biology class we discussed things like sexuality, relationships, how things work down there, and what a condom does.

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Teens and sexuality.

Adolescence is a period of transition during which a child becomes adult as a result of the development of secondary sex characteristics that announce the entrance to the reproductive stage of the individual. 729 more words


Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

Dear reader,

I am a parent living in the Netherlands, where Dutch teens have sex. Yes, they really do. And no one here has got their head stuck in the sand about it. 80 more words


Sexual Education, a plea

Having had sexual education in a liberal country, I got a basic introduction to the variations in couple configuration. Most guys like girls, but some like guys. 354 more words


Sex Ed

I feel like for as advanced as we are in America we are so far behind when it comes to sex education. So many people, mainly youth, find out the full truth of sex through personal experience or searching the internet. 591 more words

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