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Crushing defeat for radical Sexual Agenda at UN Population Commission

“A heavy dose of reality suddenly hit the several dozen activists in UN conference room 4 as they realized that not everyone thinks like them. 111 more words

Sexual Education

Beyond the Bianary

Raise your hand if you were taught that all vagina’s had ovaries and all penis’s had testes!

Ok good, now raise your hand if you were taught that all people with xy chromosomes had a penis and all people with xx chromosomes had vagina’s. 706 more words

Sex Ed

Thousands take to Queen's Park to protest proposed sex ed curriculum

TORONTO – Thousands of people have gathered on the front lawn of the Ontario legislature to protest the Liberal government’s proposed sex education curriculum.

The protesters are holding signs calling the revised curriculum irresponsible and complaining parents were not properly consulted on the changes. 131 more words


What we REALLY should be talking about in High School Sex-Ed

We all remember our first introduction to “sex ed” in middle school. You probably watched a video, showing diagrams and words that made you giggle. Boys and girls were instructed to separate into different rooms, where you were preached the same type of ideas. 1,551 more words


A lacking sexual education

I happen to live in a country where the sexual education during elementary isn’t atrocious, or far too late to matter. I knew what a sexually transmitted disease was, and how to use a condom, by the time I got to my teens. 493 more words


What's Up With Dick?

WARNING THIS POST contains pictures and diagrams of the penis. If you at a place where you don’t want the person looking over your shoulder to see them- please come back again and read later. 797 more words

Sex Ed