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No Matter What.

by Jennifer Russo

“She wasn’t able to get the $100? Well how much does she have?” BettyAnne Spuhler, the Planned Parenthood of Nassau County Program Coordinator and Call Center Operator asked with a serious look on her face. 1,974 more words

The 3 Big Red Flags of Sexual Abuse

by Kimberly King | Apr 7, 2016 | Proactive Parenting Tips

Big red flags?

We all pay attention to red. Red means STOP. Red means DANGER. 1,016 more words

Stop Shaming, Start Talking

By Marisa Losciale

I arrived in Binghamton, New York the evening before March 5. Eager to see an old friend, a psychology student at the university and excited for the weekend ahead of us. 2,704 more words


Sexual Education in the Classroom

After reading the arguments of sex education in Taking Sides: Clashing views in Teaching and Educational Practice it became clear that the two opponents were talking about different aspects of sex education. 413 more words

Class Work

The Truth

Zahra Haider’s  article on what she learnt having sex in Pakistan was a small truth; but it doesn’t define the whole of Pakistan or Pakistani’s. She doesn’t claim to define Pakistanis either (insert sigh of relief). 716 more words

The plot of the homo/gender lobby: recruit 4yo children

While it continues penetrating into education policies and school curricula, the true purpose of “gender” ideology becomes more and more apparent: it helps sexual predators to recruit children at young age, while they are still easily manipulable. 123 more words


Sick Sexuality

Recently I have been thinking about how differently women and men are sexually educated and not just that, but also how parents deal with their children’s sexuality in general. 570 more words