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Sex Ed class is the Wrong Place to Combat Homophobia

There is a lot of discussion about the curriculum being proposed in Ontario for Sex Education because it’s including material on homosexuality. First of all, Sex Ed is a touchy subject in general  because it’s extremely personal, and many people are uncomfortable talking about sex. 1,503 more words

FINALLY: Ontario's New Sexual Education Curriculum.

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this week that as of this year changes will be made to sexual education curriculum in Ontario. This is the first update to the sexual education curriculum since 1998- that’s sixteen years. 892 more words


Blog: The straight facts on Ontario's sex ed curriculum

With the political theatre at Queen’s park surrounding accusations of homophobia and the questioning of evolution, it’s easy to lose sight of what exactly is in Ontario’s new sex education curriculum. 544 more words


sexual education.

Ontario’s government unveiled a new sexual education curriculum this past week. It is a more comprehensive, updated program that encompasses topics ranging from anatomy to STIs to consent to masturbation. 771 more words


Consent the hot issue in Ontario's sex-ed revamp

Yes! And nothing less.

While “no means no” was the mantra for years when talking about sexual consent, it’s now “yes means yes” — meaning if you want intimate contact, you need to ask and receive approval before, and even during. 455 more words


Welcome to My Sex Ed!

Hello all- if you found this I’m assuming it’s through a tag search, a pestering Facebook request or sheer dumb luck. Either way WELCOME!

I’m starting the blog because it has to do with all of my three biggest passions- learning, feminism and sex! 505 more words

Queer Inclusive

This is the Change We Need.

I was raised in a very liberal home. I was raised to be freethinking and free speaking and to ask questions. I was taught that I was a free being, free to express myself and to learn as much as I wanted however I wanted to learn it. 481 more words