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I'm Back! And I'm ready to write stuff.

So I haven’t posted in about eight months. The grad school search got pretty intense there for a while. Then I spent the whole summer working a terrible job and planning to move. 519 more words

Memory Project- Drafting Process

“If I am wrong, educate me. Don’t belittle me.”

I sat in my wobbly desk as 28 other apathetic seniors staggered into the classroom. I had already given my presentation, so I figured I could just space out for the rest of the class. 1,527 more words

'The Period Game' is here to bust menstruation myths

Aunt Flow, girl flu, shark week, code red, that time of the month.

There are plenty of “code words” used to describe a woman’s period… 581 more words


Sexting & Teenagers: Sexual Health Expert Offers Best Advice On How Parents Must Talk To Teens About Sexting : News : Parent Herald

Should parents talk to their teenage kids about sexting? An expert on the subject is speaking out and dishing some advice on how parents can bring this topic up with their children.   24 more words

Busting Myths About Circumcision

Brace yourself. I’m going to do one more post about circumcision. I promise this will be the last time I bring up this topic, at least for a while. 795 more words

Jack Fisher's Insights

A Brief Intro

Well, I could tell you about my childhood and how I grew up, but that’s too much detail for the first date. To get rid of that stupid stereotype, yes, my dad did love me. 352 more words

Personal Experience

The Make-or-Break Post, or Why I'm Pro-choice

This is the post in which the viewing public decides whether they will continue to read what I write or shake their heads at my misinformed, naïve and “you’ve never been a mother, you don’t understand” perspective on the subjects of abortion and contraception. 933 more words

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