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Teaching Teens About Abstinence

A NIMH-funded research carried out in the year 2010 indicated that teenagers who received intervention focused on abstinence were less likely to engage in sexual intercourse at an early age. 321 more words


I'm a doctor, Jim, not a prescription dispenser

“Doctor, I want the female Viagra thingy, Ah-dee-dee-yee. Can you just get me prescription?”

“I generally want to get to know my patients, so let’s… talk first.” 407 more words


The Princess Guide to Love In My Life

a.k.a. the (a)sexuality talk for five-year-olds, a contribution for the Carnival of Aces, August 2015.

Because when I thought long and hard about what I’d want for asexuality in the future, and for my own demisexuality, the best answer I could give was “explain it well to a kid, even if it’s just one.” This is written as a demisexual female adult speaking to a female child, feel free to adapt to other genres, sexual orientations and/or genders. 612 more words


The Importance of Sex Ed

We all deserve to know.

Recently, John Oliver covered the topic of sex education on his show Last Week Tonight. It was a very informative episode – one that I found very relevant to my own experience. 338 more words


Talk to Your Kids About Sex, Or Porn Will.

Everyone loves to talk about sex. Whether they’re denouncing it or speaking to the grandness of it, there’s always a public commotion surrounding it. However, all too often there is silence in arguably the most important place of all: the home. 986 more words


Are you aware of your Sexual Health ?

Sexual health doesn’t just mean sexually transmitted diseases but also your reproductive state, emotional state, physical and mental being.

Conditions concerning Sexual Health


Gilbert's Sex Ed Controversy is Arizona's Public Health Crisis

Recently, a photo from a concerned parent in Gilbert went viral.  The sticker was placed on Gilbert Public Schools’ adopted biology textbook.  Teachers, admin, and staff were advised to place this sticker on biology textbooks that have information about human reproduction rather than tear out an entire page of the textbook.  613 more words