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Sexual Education in the Developing World

Sexual Education in the Developing World

                                 by Athina Karameliou

      Fu Yuanhui, Chinese swimmer and Rio Olympics bronze medalist in women’s 100m backstroke made headlines when her statement that didn’t swim good enough to secure a medal for her team in 4×100 medley relay because of her period coming the day before was aired. 471 more words

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Lessons of BDSM

by Randall S. Frederick

With so much attention directed towards BDSM and consent in the last three years because of Fifty Shades of Grey and a series of high-profile cases of rape on college campuses, several social inventions have been proposed. 1,151 more words

Randall Frederick

Navigating School Taught Sexual Education

By Grace Wong

Want Esteemed Contributor

Sex is everywhere. The old advertising adage, “sex sells” has led to our lives being filled with sexual references. But if sex sells and is so prevalent in our lives, why don’t we teach young people how to navigate the sexual landscape as healthy, safe human beings? 2,028 more words


Signs She Wants More Sex

by Randall S. Frederick

A few nights ago, I met up with a guy in New Orleans who had read some of my articles, chatted me up online, and wanted to put a few questions to me to help improve his dating life. 4,782 more words

Randall Frederick

POST 1: Creating a data set using secondary sources

Gender equality and female empowerment is a predominant issue in contemporary society and has progressed significantly throughout the years. Women fought to re-establish and reintroduce gender roles by encouraging each other to see themselves as equals to men. 1,900 more words

Gender Equality & Women's Rights

Post 1: Fight for LGBT rights? Let's start from our families

Kathy Ngo

LGBTIQ rights is an issue that I personally involved with. During my high school, I had a group of best friends who were all tomboys. 1,703 more words