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Stop Shaming Your Kids for Watching Porn

Content Warning: talk of sex and porn, rape

Keep in mind that when I say “child” in this post, I am referring to teenagers, about 13+. 879 more words


The need for better Sexual Education

How many of you would say that you received Sexual Education? How many would say that it was helpful and realistic? I know for myself, I did not receive proper education regarding sex. 932 more words


How often are people having sex — and is it enough?

There are a lot benefits to having sex — physical, emotional and otherwise — but a new study has found that American couples are spending less and less time between the sheets than they did a decade ago. 796 more words


Sex Positive, Sex Ed?

“Educación sexual para decidir,
anticonceptivos para no abortar
y aborto legal para no morir.”

“Sexual education so we can decide,
contraceptives so we can prevent… 1,629 more words


The Sex Ed Club does 8 Mars right

International Women’s Day is: A global holiday to recognize women’s achievements and to encourage gender parity.

International Women’s Day, or 8 Mars, is considered such a big deal in Burkina that everyone has the day off, thus making it a perfect day to round up the students and talk about gender equality, women’s empowerment, and in my case, how safe sex relates to it all.

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Peace Corps

Learning Curve

Scotland is feeling the pressure to make Sexual Education in schools’ compulsory following England’s example aiming to tackle the taboo of sex in society

There is still a stigma attached to sex in society, especially when relating to women. 599 more words


The pontificate of Francis in the clutches of the gay lobby?

Following the publication by the Pontifical Council for the Family of an online sexual education program for youth that contained homoerotic and heterosexual pornography, recent revelations about Pope Francis’ decision to alleviate sanctions for child-abusing priests, the invitation to the Vatican of population control ideologue Paul Ehrlich, and the dismantling of the Pontifical Academy for Life, two prominent Catholic mental health professionals are wondering whether the gay lobby is now effectively running the Holy See.

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