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Dream Girl

Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine that I am there, with you, in the flesh. You inhale deeply and smell my skin, it smells of desire and scented vanilla and lavender lotion. 834 more words



I want to breathe you in
Devour you
Skin to skin
Define the night
In passionate colours of light
Thunder between your thighs
It’s so wrong, it’ll feel so good… 20 more words

You want Comfortable, Buy a Couch! I Didn't have That Option, instead of a crib, I had a bed of Nails!

Dammed Straight!

I used to tell my story to teens around a campfire during summer camps after all the songs and skits were finally finished and I had their full attention. 531 more words

Devil beware, Me, Myself and I are coming for You!

I will rest till tomorrow, then I will Dance with the Devil in the early morning light when I wake.

I am so tired of not being able to get around, I have to get my pool project finished! 420 more words

Some Thoughts on Adult Entertainment

The thing about how some people think that more women professionally directing pornography is a good thing because they can “express healthy sexual encounters and change the entire connotation of porn” is…wrong. 387 more words



She walks through the door. I can’t help but notice her. Legs a mile high, skin as pale as winters snow. Her skirt clings in all the right places, especially on her derierre. 552 more words



Thunder and lightening clap in the distance. A storm is rolling in. The air is electrified, the scent of rain invades my nose. We sit on the wooden picnic bench, alone in the darkness, completely in sync. 351 more words