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I Wanted To Get Better (So This Is What I Did)

I woke up three in the morning thinking about all of my sexual problems.

I started laughing. I thought it was funny. I then had an argument with myself. 1,169 more words

Do female porn stars have orgasms?

Watching the female porn stars on the TV or screen is always exciting. However, many people doubt on their commitment towards sex. Do they really enjoy it or they fake it? 477 more words


Tartarus Uterus

Make a Donation

The true temptation lies between the legs, into the deep of your thighs. It is my pleasure, apple of sin, fruit forbidden by God. 195 more words


Bar Out: nights one and two.

Make a Donation

He dropped his arms to feel her buttocks squeezing hard, no matter the blind eyes that crossing around the street, invade their tinny shelter. 573 more words


BDSM Entitlement

Hah, you know what? It’s hilarious I’m writing this. I had a plan as soon as I woke up, I guess this is just one thing I’d like to look back on and see how much I’ve changed. 911 more words


Getting Caught! Ekkk the first time......part 1 of 3

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t care who walks in, the timing is right, ┬áthe chemistry is right and the mood is set? 1,029 more words


Sexual Harassment at workplace

Enough is enough!

When a woman or man says this, she or he is probably had enough. But, why in the first place do victims keep mum over the matter for so long? 405 more words