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He reaches into his pocket to look for his keys, as her eyes linger on his perfectly shaped jawline. How she’d love to feel that jaw digging into her shoulder as he’d nibble on her neck. 1,007 more words


Would you believe I lost my virginity to a couple!

The year was 2014, and I was looking for a girl to have sex online, as we all do..!

Basically, I’m from an orthodox south Indian family, but that’s not to suggest I myself am orthodox. 1,770 more words

Sexual Encounters

He Can Trump That

Among my more liberal, left-leaning friends, especially those who reside for some portion of the year in the USA, there is a visceral, shuddering abhorrence for all that Donald Trump represents.  852 more words


Motherless Men

Months between embraces, you gripped me tight.  You always do.  Every available part of your body, locked to mine.  Pulling me close, breathing me in, consuming every inch of me, hesitant to let go.   494 more words


My Secret Muse

Amidst candles, wafting scents of future memories,

She lies naked, but for the pure, white linen

Draped purposely across her plump, pale bottom

The door handle creaks as he enters, her mind enlivens… 152 more words



Classroom: (n) a room, typically in a school

I wish they would have told us the truth.

I suppose they were afraid if we knew the truth, we might get discouraged. 232 more words

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No Fucks Given

Something incredible happened today.  Something that has never happened to me before.  Something that may forever change the way I feel about myself and the way I interact with men.   554 more words