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How I Became a Pillow Princess

When people ask, I usually define my first sexual encounter as that time I scissored another girl the summer before fifth grade. Granted, real lesbians have assured me that this experience bears no resemblance to their sexual activities, but it is the story I prefer to tell. 190 more words

Are We Living In A Sex Crazed World?

15 Year Old Girl Has Sex With Multiple Boys In School Restroom

Police are investigating a disturbing incident that happened in the bathroom of South Fort Myers High School in Lee County, Florida. 1,423 more words


"The Cum Slut"

“I’m not a freak, I just attract them….though I am accommodating”

A guy I know in secret had confided in me that he would like to try something out of the ordinary. 805 more words

Erotic Literature

"The Medic"

The medic was only my second sexual encounter. I have met him in my college Years while my friends and I or walking down by the beach. 514 more words

Erotic Literature

"The Curious One"

So I was hooking up with this one guy off and on and one day he tells me he wanted to try a threesome with another guy. 492 more words

Erotic Literature

Side Chick Rules to Live By

Side Chick rules to live by
Rule #1 never get attached
Why would you want to? Your job is to be the bitch that will do what the other bitch won’t. 25 more words

Erotic Literature

In Honor of Mary Jane

I suppose today is a good a day as any to speak of drugs. Wheezy, in particular, as my friends and I call it. Weed, marijuana, ganja, grass, and on and on forever. 1,074 more words