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Midnight situations have me facing Midnight temptations. A one night stand is at hand and the rush has my heart racing.

Little hesitation

Quickly I’ll respond, dim the lights then turn slow music on, relax my mental and suddenly stress is gone. 86 more words


Chick with a D*ck

Firm breasts, taught thighs, long and silken hair. My hands explore her body and revel in the softness of her skin. My fingers glide inside of her, coming out sticky and wet. 259 more words


Forbidden Things - Chapter 3

It had been exactly a week since Mitchell showed up at her door. Toby, as predicted had been thrilled to see his old friend. The look of surprise on his face when he walked in, shouting… 1,700 more words


Forbidden Things - Chapter 2

My God Mitchell, what has it been 6? 7 years? You’re all grown up now!” April said. “Not that it isn’t great to see you but what on Earth are you doing here? 879 more words



The sky is pitch black, the sun has long set on the day. We hop onto the ATV’s, my arms wrapped around his waist tight. Today was my first experience on one and it was both thrilling and terrifying all at once. 1,082 more words


How to Invigorate Your Sex Life

5 Ways to Invigorate Your Sex Life

There are the natural phases that long term relationships and marriages go through that affect passion in the bedroom. 747 more words

How to Get HIM to Say You're His "Best Ever"!

Do THIS and He Will Say YOU Are His “Best Ever”

Admit it, unless you’ve only ever slept with one person, you’ve mentally ranked your past lovers. 602 more words