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The sky is pitch black, the sun has long set on the day. We hop onto the ATV’s, my arms wrapped around his waist tight. Today was my first experience on one and it was both thrilling and terrifying all at once. 1,082 more words


How to Invigorate Your Sex Life

5 Ways to Invigorate Your Sex Life

There are the natural phases that long term relationships and marriages go through that affect passion in the bedroom. 747 more words

How to Get HIM to Say You're His "Best Ever"!

Do THIS and He Will Say YOU Are His “Best Ever”

Admit it, unless you’ve only ever slept with one person, you’ve mentally ranked your past lovers. 602 more words

How to Have a Successful FWB Relationship

How to Have a Successful FWB Relationship
You may be at a point in your life where you’re not looking for a relationship. Maybe you’re newly divorced, focused on your career or travel too much to lay down roots. 623 more words

The Cycle Of Sleeping With Someone Forbidden

This is how it starts: You receive a text or two here and there but you think nothing of it — he was probably drunk and he’s your boss. 757 more words

How I Became a Pillow Princess

When people ask, I usually define my first sexual encounter as that time I scissored another girl the summer before fifth grade. Granted, real lesbians have assured me that this experience bears no resemblance to their sexual activities, but it is the story I prefer to tell. 190 more words

Are We Living In A Sex Crazed World?

15 Year Old Girl Has Sex With Multiple Boys In School Restroom

Police are investigating a disturbing incident that happened in the bathroom of South Fort Myers High School in Lee County, Florida. 1,423 more words