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26 People Reveal The NSFW Scenario They Fantasize About Most

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1. I want lesbians to scissor my dick

When I was a teenager I went through this phase of being super into lesbians scissoring. 1,470 more words


Rest your furrowed brow on my shoulder whilst I smooth out your creases, kissing your weary eyelids to chase the night away.

Step out of your dreamtime, into my realtime. 35 more words



I have been dealing with homosexuality for many years and, through Project Gay, who has been online for more than 10 years, I often had the opportunity to exchange e-mails with gay guys of all ages and to chat with them many times also in person, however It should be emphasized that a substantial proportion of the mails I receive, about 30%, do not come from gay guys, but from guys with gay-themed obsessive compulsive disease (gay-themed OCD). 4,317 more words



Electrically my body is woken from a dead sleep, pent-up energy begging to burst. My leg lightly brushes hers as I toss in my physical frustration. 99 more words


The Dance

Slow erotic music played as the glow of candle light flickered. I could feel my heart pounding as I walked to the door. I took a deep breath then opened it.

935 more words

A Halloween Bedtime Story

Mia froze, held her breath. Listened.

The encroaching night pressed in on her, warm, humid…silent, the wild thumping of her heart the only sound that broke its canopied darkness. 1,346 more words



Hello Project,

I am a twenty-year-old dreamer, who unfortunately has already had big bangs and still continues to fall in love with nice guys he comes in contact with. 693 more words