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Sex Impostors: Pt. 1

Reputation is incredibly important when it comes to the dating world. At any second, yours can be tainted by a truth or a lie. Or in other words, gossip. 445 more words


Day 5: Exploring Poly Feminism

In the last month or so, I’ve rejected popular notions of patriarchal monogamy in favour of polyamory. Or, I’ve stopped lying to myself about what I’ve been practicing for a long time without the epiphany that sexual liberation was possible. 326 more words

Sexual Freedom Truly Is Freeing

“I believe when we’re able to fully own and express ourselves, we are able to tap into a creative power deeply rooted from our sexual energy – our creative energy.

305 more words

State of the Relationship Address: The saga begins

I should have wrote this two months ago, because I can already feel myself shifting from this position, but this is where I was then. 631 more words


Cum get your sexual freedom

Voice in head: I see what you did there, cum.
I didn’t cum
Voice in head laughs: You never do

Once again we look to tribal communities to reveal our ‘true’ sexual natures. 699 more words

About The Word Slut

I got a comment from a fan that I have a problem with.

The fan had read The Adventures of Crazy Liddy, and referred to Liddy as a “slutty” because she sleeps with men for pleasure without seeking a relationship. 276 more words

Crazy Liddy