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From Latest Letter to Me lOve ; on My Eros and My Views on a Beautiful Relationship <33

If Eros is in the sign of Aquarius then you`ll likely experience soul depth love and erotic pleasure in a variety of non – traditional ways . 1,439 more words

Why is sex fun?

Why is sex fun? Reproduction surely does not require pleasure: some animals simply split in half to reproduce, and even humans use methods of artificial insemination that involve no pleasure. 238 more words

G. K. Chesterton

My Sexuality, Today

The best part of growing up now, especially as a woman? It is alright to have whatever life you want, as long as it does more good than harm, and we grow up with parents who live like that too. 1,133 more words


Alfred Kinsey's fraud and its consequences for society

By Raquel M. Chanano

Many people will be surprised to discover that what has served and is serving as the basis for public school sex education (and is even being used in many Catholic schools) has its roots in scientific fraud. 2,608 more words

He’s Just Not That Into You—A no-excuses Truth to (Valuing Women to Their "Proper Place" with Gender Inequality.)

SeductionList Directory

I’ll tell you one thing. If I did not tell a certain man how I feel and nothing ever evolved I would feel like the BIGGEST SCHMUK! 1,169 more words

Karaoke and The Good Pussy Bad Pussy Special

It’s been a mega cool week because my friend Guy Hogan has been featuring Good Pussy Bad Pussy for a whole week on the front page of his sexy Web site The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette. 317 more words


Fraid to be Male

I am male, I enjoy being male, I get satisfaction out of my male attributes. Maybe not a full on red-necked version but nethertheless male with any feminine characteristics well under control and muted. 532 more words