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Wishing Well

My contribution to June’s Carnival of Aces, hosted by dating while ace.

If you’ve ever heard a person talk about their faith in roughly the following format: “I had something going on, then God happened, then stuff changed for the better,” then you’ve run into a testimony. 308 more words


Explaining Sexual Empowerment and Freedom

Hey Lovelies,

When I started the Let’s Talk About Sex series, I had a few people basically come to me and say, “Oh No Baby What is You Doing?”..lol. 419 more words


Creep Or Sexually Liberated?

Are we now shaming men for sharing their sexual experiences the same way we’ve been shamed in the past? 280 more words

Darling in the Franxx and Choice in a Sexual Dystopia

Amidst shipping wars and attention given to its fanservice, hearing about the anime Darling in the Franxx secondhand gives the impression that it’s light on substance at best and alarmingly conservative in its sexual values at worst. 1,995 more words


Bad Boys - Bad Girls

It’s no secret I’ve always been attracted to “bad boys” throughout life. I remember writing a High School paper on the outlaw, Billy The Kid. Some of my classmates thought it was strange, but it wasn’t to me. 782 more words

Writing And Music

TMI Tuesday: 8th May 2018

I have decided to take part in TMI Tuesday for the first time this week. I always enjoy other people’s answers so felt it was time to join in myself. 372 more words


Sexual Freedom and the Hegemony

Thoughts inspired by ‘I Remember Babylon’

For anyone who is cool and under 30ish years of age sexual freedom together with tolerance of life-styles and orientations is very much a given. 510 more words