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Karaoke and The Good Pussy Bad Pussy Special

It’s been a mega cool week because my friend Guy Hogan has been featuring Good Pussy Bad Pussy for a whole week on the front page of his sexy Web site The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette. 317 more words


Fraid to be Male

I am male, I enjoy being male, I get satisfaction out of my male attributes. Maybe not a full on red-necked version but nethertheless male with any feminine characteristics well under control and muted. 532 more words


If women weren't meant to cook, why do they have eggs and milk inside of them...

Good afternoon kind sir and welcome to 2015.

It is both my privilege and honour to be tour guide to the modern world. We’ll start with the most fundamental concept of the 21st century: gender equality. 438 more words

From the mind of a feminist...

“Apparently, I’m among the ranks of women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, isolating, and anti-men. Unattractive, even.”

I am a feminist. 575 more words


Adventures in Deviance

I watched another woman orgasm.  Many times.  In public. I watched her blue toenails curl under as another one trampled through her body.  At the hands of a power tool with a toy attached.  344 more words


Who Am I

Who am I.  I am the woman next to you at the grocery store checkout.  I am a sub.  I am a minivan driving soccer mom… 192 more words


For some reason, women always become abused property when we have no guidelines for sex. In any nation’s history, this has always been true. That should tell us something about ‘sexual freedom.’ In a place where people leave sex unchecked, inevitably women always end up objectified, diminished, and tossed around like chattel. 

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