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Meet and Greet...her experience

So, several weeks ago, we embarked on our first Meet and Greet through SLS on our “new turf” here in the Southwest.  It wasn’t our “first rodeo”, though.   1,664 more words

Sex Positive

[SERIES] Diary of a Hip Hop Head: 2nd Entry - Sex n' Head

By Jessxca Docs | @BlogThatJ

Diary of a (restless) Hip Hop Head (A day in the Life),

To give head or not to give head? That is the question… 433 more words


Sex Work

This is He.  By way of background, I’ve always had a pretty libertarian approach to life.  I’ve wondered, since I was an adolescent, why it was perfectly OK for a person to participate in professional sports like football and boxing, have the holy shit knocked out of them, and get paid richly for the spectacle.   1,051 more words

What the Numbers Don't Tell Us: Religion Is a Lived, Shifting Experience

Source: Religion Dispatches, via AlterNet

Author: Kaya Oakes

Emphasis Mine

Having spent most of the last two years in conversation with Nones, seekers, doubters, and… 628 more words


Demisexuality and Mental Health, accepting (a)sexuality.

Are there any common assumptions made about a particular mental health issue that do not apply to you because of asexuality? Or have extra complications when you add in asexuality? 414 more words


Polyamory, A Quick Point or Two (Also, on Prostitution...)

I’d apologize for the delay since I last blogged, but there was good reason for it; a thing happened, and I needed some time to process it. 584 more words


So, this is “her”, and I’ll begin by saying that I’m sort of rough around the edges with my writing, and not nearly as eloquent as my Beloved.   2,696 more words