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When Does Freedom Become Oppressive?

by Malachi Grennell and Robin Gorsline

Last week, there was a wonderful and thoughtful comment discussion-primarily between Robin and a reader named Matt- clarifying some of the statements in the original post (see… 2,882 more words

Malachi Grennell

The Friday Sex Blog [Religious Sex]

Hola mi Gente…
It’s Friday and it’s all about sex here at the Common Sex Blog. Next week, I’m publishing answers to questions sent in by some readers. 942 more words

Is Sex Work?

by Robin Gorsline and Malachi Grennell

Introduction: Last week, Robin and Malachi each responded to the open-ended question, “What is sexual freedom?” This week, we are expanding on these ideas by exploring sex work in the context of sexual freedom. 3,063 more words


What Is Sexual Freedom?

by Malachi Grennell and Robin Gorsline

This question arose out of our regular weekly editorial conference. We often have some pretty deep conversations as we ponder the inevitable question, “What shall we write about this week?” 253 more words

Malachi Grennell

What Is Sexual Freedom? Malachi Responds

by Malachi Grennell

In thinking about sexual freedom, the first thought that pops into my head is, “Well, freedom stands opposed to constraints. We are free when nothing bars our way to fulfillment.” But as I think about this, I’m not sure this is exactly the correct sentiment: I think freedom is an understanding of the choices available, and the ability to have informed consent in what choices (and, for some, what limitations) we put on our sexual relationships. 1,127 more words


What Is Sexual Freedom? Robin Responds

by Robin Gorsline

I come to this topic fresh from reading an article in the New York Times, “Sex Talk for Muslim Women,” by Mona Eltahawy. 1,376 more words

Robin Gorsline

Sexual Authenticity

There is nothing shameful about loving yourself. The shame is in NOT loving the unique and brilliant individual that you are.” 
― Miya Yamanouchi

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