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Porn just got dirty...

Digital Economy Bill set to go through?

In 2014, a long list of acts the UK government intended to ban was published. I wrote about this at the time it first emerged, and although some aspects have been amended, the principle remains that many of these consensual acts are being criminalised with implications likest to ripple way beyond our understanding. 1,094 more words

If you must hold yourself sexually pure before marriage, discipline can never be rude out. You no what? Even in marriage it takes discipline to stick to your wife only. 159 more words


What's the point of chastity?

For a long time, the only thing I really knew chastity to look like was not having sex. Then for sure I was doing it right, right? 939 more words


Why do I have to remain anonymous?

So far on this blog I have yet to reveal any personal information, and I’ve left out any details that might hold clues to my true identity. 464 more words



With the grim inevitability of the humourless, authoritarian and puritanical Theresa May being returned as Prime Minister with  a larger majority on June 8th , difficult times await for all those of us who are into BDSM or any kind of alternative forms of sexual expression. 122 more words


The Fellowship of the Unashamed

This post addresses the issue of shame and shaming. Shaming is the act of putting someone on a guilt trip over behavior that has been forgiven by God (the person got recently saved or repented of it in the course of their walk with Christ) OR judging them for behavior that isn’t a sin to begin (i.e. 50 more words