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Wish You Knew

I wish you could see how often you creep into my mind… like an unexpected lover, you appear and take over my thoughts. My skin begins to beg for your touch, my tongue misses the taste of your kisses and I’m suddenly imagining all the ways I want to love you. 186 more words


Grown-up Stuff

Looking back at They Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage, I wanted to see if I could approach some of that aspect of marriage that only a few dare talk about. 1,065 more words


Golden showers? Russia knows nothing about America's sex habits

❝ Dear Vlad,

You don’t mind if I call you, Vlad, do you? I wanted to write you about your close relationship with our president-elect, Donald J.

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Who Pays for Sexual Freedom?


Once again, the complex issues of sexual freedom and sexual safety are colliding. When and where does one person’s sexual desire and expression, including a public offering of their body and/or sexual services, run into society’s interest in protecting people vulnerable to abuse and violence? 2,656 more words

Malachi Grennell

Book Review: Miss Treadway & The Field of Stars – Miranda Emmerson ***

Set in London in the mid-1960s. Theatre land has welcomed American actress Iolanthe Green as the leading lady in a new play at the Galaxy Theatre. 407 more words

Book Review

2614. Why Love is Never Enough — Rule 4: Remain the Woman He Married

REMINDER: This blog specializes in describing how men and women are born differently. In living real life, both sexes learn to motivate themselves in ways that differ from how they are born. 787 more words

Dear Daughter

Our Right to Choose


Recently, Texas promulgated a regulation that requires burial for aborted fetuses. And as we go to publication, we have learned that the Ohio Legislature has adopted a prohibition on abortion as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected–as soon as six weeks after conception (no word if the bill will be signed by Governor Kasich). 2,918 more words

Malachi Grennell