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Protecting Sexual Freedom

If you didn’t already know the U.K government are cunts.

They are currently trying to pass a law on that adult websites have to put an age verification using credit cards if they want to continue running. 179 more words

If You’re So Happily Married, Why Are You In My Inbox Dude?

We are appalled by the fact that polygamy is still practiced in some African countries because we have been indoctrinated by the Eurocentric way of thinking.  313 more words

If we have sexual freedom, then the liberals shouldn't care if someone (smartly) decides to wait until marriage.

I saw this one on the NZ Conservative Coalition. As much as I think everyone should remain chaste before marriage because of my religious upbringing and because it’s more practical, I think this article shows another hypocrisy of liberalism. 84 more words

"Why you post so many thirst traps?"

A lot of people have asked me this question recently. Ari why are you posting so many pictures half naked? You know you look thirsty right? 1,298 more words

How far have we really come?

I mean really come…

Last week a friend of mine got himself into a double page feature in Cosmopolitan magazine, the September 2017 issue in the article entitled ‘Would You Pay to Date These Men?’ (p.110). 1,084 more words

Porn just got dirty...

Digital Economy Bill set to go through?

In 2014, a long list of acts the UK government intended to ban was published. I wrote about this at the time it first emerged, and although some aspects have been amended, the principle remains that many of these consensual acts are being criminalised with implications likest to ripple way beyond our understanding. 1,094 more words

If you must hold yourself sexually pure before marriage, discipline can never be rude out. You no what? Even in marriage it takes discipline to stick to your wife only. 159 more words