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The Conductor. Will we get back on track?

I guess I should say that I have NEVER in my life done anything as brazen as this. It’s sorta crazy…and empowering.

About a month ago, my FWB attended a convention in Boston and I decided to take the train up and spend the night in his hotel. 1,290 more words


This is a phrase we do not use that much anymore. We do not want to be too self-conscious because we wouldn’t want to bring an accusation against what the world tells us is wholesome, good, beautiful and needs to be coddled. 1,659 more words


Lady Mary's Miserable Sex Life

There is much to admire when taking into consideration the beauty found in other unfamiliar traditions and culture. Just as much as there is to admire, there is much to discuss when such cultures vary vastly from ones’ own traditions and culture. 338 more words

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Comparing the Turkish Bathhouse Scene

On Lady Mary’s book, she explains her experience and point of view of the Turkish bathhouse, and we can see a more concise picture presented by the french painter Ingress that with her painting reflex a different narrative of the Turkish bathhouse. 397 more words

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

People's Lives Are At Stake

Robin: This past Saturday, I facilitated a workshop with 14 people at Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, D.C. I had a great time, and they did, too, I think, focusing on the topic, “Sexuality and Spirituality: An Introduction.” 2,314 more words

Malachi Grennell

Sex and Church: Connected or Disconnected?

Robin: It’s not easy to talk about sex, at least to do so in thoughtful, positive ways that don’t involve judging others or making jokes to mask our discomfort. 2,468 more words

Malachi Grennell

Dr. Sheff Now Guest Blogging for NCSF

I have begun guest blogging for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom — check out my first guest blog with NCSF on the Top Three Considerations When Coming Out As Polyamorous… 10 more words