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“I have the not altogether unsatisfying impression that civilisation is collapsing around me." - Theodore Dalrymple

One of the many topics I write about is the decline of the American Family. I believe it is the most important social institution in society. 708 more words


I'm a doctor, Jim, not a prescription dispenser

“Doctor, I want the female Viagra thingy, Ah-dee-dee-yee. Can you just get me prescription?”

“I generally want to get to know my patients, so let’s… talk first.” 407 more words


Racism, rights and phobias

[T]he defender of sexual freedom sees a parallel between what is seen as anti-gay prejudice today and racial prejudice as it was practiced at its lowest point decades ago. 251 more words


Far More Intimacy in Liberty

Shhh, I am dreaming.

Of a time after we’ve restored the actual relationship to its proper place as the thing that is defined by itself, rather than by some of its probable features, sex, romance, marriage, children… 204 more words



At last I have asked for what I need; sexual freedom!

I have no way of knowing where this freedom will take my marriage. I envisage a depth we have not experience before but only time will tell…

Far More Intimacy In God's Name

A group that advocates the need for less sex in relationships… is religious leaders. I am only acquainted with my own, so excuse the Christian bias, here. 374 more words


Far More Intimacy Before Sexuality

Remember how sexualities were defined in the nineteenth century? And homosexuality actually became a thing, and then a criminal thing, and then a controversial thing, and then a semi-accepted thing? 196 more words