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Sexual Substitutions

Aren’t you even embarrassed that you can’t keep an erection, even while fucking me or being sucked? How can you thrust your hips forward, knowing that your soft, little penis isn’t even capable of penetration. 229 more words

Small Penis Big Issues

Supply and demand

I have a problem. At present, I do not have enough casual acquaintances/fuck buddies/friends with benefits to satisfy my appetite and needs. It’s neither a serious problem, not a new one ( 293 more words

General Stuff

Imam Alyas Karmani Says Sexual Frustration, Daddy Problems Driving Kids to ISIS

Daily Beast — South Asian kids raised in the West are interested in sex and sports like everyone else. But immigrant parents who never adjusted are driving those kids into the arms of killers. 121 more words


In September of last year I began writing a diary coinciding with my return to college for the beginning of my final year. The idea was simply to document how the year progressed because I had set my targets relatively high and I had anticipated a rather difficult time in attempting to achieve these. 3,012 more words

Sexual meltdown documentation.

I mentioned the other day about having a sexual meltdown and that I’d document it.

So here it is.

So, not my finest hour. 69 more words

Sexual Frustrations Of An Uncomfortable Virgin

I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately. It’s rather uncomfortable.

I cannot help but feel like I am going through another puberty or that the sudden exposure to man-boys has made my naughty bits giggle sheepishly and attempt to make sexy eye contact with the nearest organism. 676 more words

Friends with benefits

I spent the morning masturbating for an hour or two. Not just because I could, but because I had to.

The previous night was – again – prolonged until well past midnight and saw me sexting with various men, who are either unobtainable (for various reasons) or live far away. 331 more words