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I need fresh meat

Lately, my evening masturbation fantasies have been devoid of specific male protagonists. Apart from the already frustrating fact that I am not getting any real-life action, I also have no current man to lust after. 116 more words


6 Ways To Stimulate Sexual Desire

Are you suffering from low libido? If you are, you are not alone. Almost half the women that you see on a daily basis are too. 675 more words


My Counselling Cocktail

There is a first for everything, a first kiss, a first love , first base and the first time.  In my case, these all arrived before the age of 16. 474 more words


Dating Soul Suckers

I’m drained. I’m done. I can’t.

Part of this is my own doing. I booked 3 dates with three different guys this weekend. I just may have a mental breakdown by Sunday night. 621 more words



Porn bores me. And I am shocked to be feeling and saying this, as I have always been a huge fan of the genre. Lately, however, the lack of actual one on one sex has made it necessary for me to revert to porn and dildos – constantly. 165 more words

General Stuff

Loving a man with a small penis is hard

The big issue with your small penis, is that it’s not YOUR issue, it’s mine because you married me. NO ONE knows you have a small penis, except us. 778 more words

Small Penis

Sex Files

I haven’t had sex for over 6 months now. My brains are getting more and more scrambled every day. Although it’s crude and vulgar to say such things….releases need to be made! 1,214 more words