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I made kimchi today, so all is right with the world. I don’t know if it is the pretty colors or all of the pounding & squeezing involved, but there is something very satisfying about making kimchi (you may not know this, but I have been celibate for 17 months. 373 more words



I don’t think about X often, but last night he was there, in my dreams. I was visiting him at his parents’ house, and we were in the shower together. 90 more words


Want - A Recent Fantasy

I want.

I want deep inside me.

My stomach tightens and a tingling pressure builds in between my legs. I hear my life go on around me. 999 more words


Fake It Till You Make It...

I’m a huge Beyonce fan, I know a lot of persons don’t like her music for whatever reason, but  I love her, so from the last album… or was it the one before, she had this song called “Grown Woman”, oh my goodness, that is my new national anthem. 497 more words



I’ve been sitting at this computer for the pass two hours, trying to write and I can’t. I recently had some sex, which is usually good writing inspiration. 97 more words


Day Four: Pornography and Sexual Frustration

I’m in my college years, so I’m bound to encounter many women that attract me.

There are a few problems with this stigma. First, I have a long distance relationship, and I don’t plan on being a man that cheats. 561 more words

Quitting Pornography

Self control. I’m working on that. Today I am really being tested. I just want to jump on someone, but I won’t. I’m a lovely lady, and you will treat me like a delicate fucking flower.