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'Women wearing make-up in the work place are being sexually provocative', dixit Jordan Peterson

Making your lips red and putting rouge on your cheeks emphasizes some of the signals that display sexual arousal. That’s all it’s for. Wearing high heels emphasizes women’s legs and makes them bend like when a woman is in a sexual position. 759 more words


Girls college: a different experience

After spending three splendid years in a co-ed college, I joined a post graduate course in a girls college. I, having being never before surrounded with only one sex in the class, entered with so many prejudices against the girls college environment. 538 more words

Finding myself (without trying to)

Lately the days have remained the same. We wake gradually with hangovers, and in the afternoon we wander the beach, or sometimes nap. I go to the gym, and eventually go have dinner and very likely drink. 845 more words


Werewolf’s lament

Why can’t I sleep? I have too much testosterone coursing through me tonight. I feel it shifting in my body telling me to do things. It won’t let me lie still. 188 more words

Creative Journal

So, what you been up to?

Wow! This shit’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Shows ya not to under-estimate something or over-estimate yourself maybe more accurately. I thought I’d have written so much by now. 1,254 more words

The world has it out for me

So yesterday my kids were supposed to go to my parents for the night.  I have no idea what makes my wife sexually receptive, from what I can tell neither does she, but the one thing I do know is with the kids in the house nothing is going to happen.   58 more words

July 3, 2017

Thought for today…  I am lonely and really long for a partner that I can connect with intimately and emotionally.  I feel that I am attractive. 278 more words