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It's just one of those blah days where I hate everything.

It may just be from my sleep pattern getting messed up but I woke up feeling like I hated everything. These feelings come and go every now and again. 877 more words


More Obsessions of an Unrequited Sex Addict

Continued from a few days ago:

People don’t need to be involved in making me burn. Objects or places with no sexual association can do it. 471 more words


Towanda Knows my Secret - Chapter 3

There are five places of interest in Skanklin.  The eat while you watch cinema, the two dollar store .  

Two dollar stores are real!  I like real.   621 more words


More Thoughts from an Unrequited Sex Addict

This is from that shitty book I wrote:

Sex has destroyed me. The creative force that generates life and motivates so much of what we do has ruined my life and deflated my will. 223 more words


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Well hung Wishes

Sadly, because you refuse to talk about your small penis, because you have withdrawn from sexual contact, it has made me focus more intensely on the very thing which is being denied me; a cock.  448 more words

Small Penis Big Issues