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Shoot the Weiner!

When I say weiner, I do not mean an actual weiner but the dog next door.  I am an animal lover and I would never harm one of our furry friends but the persistent barking of an untrained dog is enough to drive any woman over the edge!  251 more words


Sticking a dildo up my ass

My ass isn’t exactly a virgin but it has been many years since the first time happened (and it never happened again) so what happened a few minutes ago had a lot of weirdness in it. 292 more words


Dry Spell

I need to warn you right up front.  This post is going to be a bit different than most before and may cross the line into TMI.  796 more words


That one person you wanna fuck so bad.

This guy isn’t conventionally attractive, but he has this air of confidence (okay, cockiness) that I am really so into. Thing is, he is miles away from me….. 146 more words


His penis is not enough

I am sexually unsatisfied inside of my traditional, monogamous marriage and have been for too many years to count. My spouse has a small penis and even though toys are used, they can not replace the actual feel of a real cock. 168 more words

Small Penis

Why Sexual Incompatibility is a Relationship Deal-Breaker!

Humor and a compatible moral-gage  are essential in building a lasting relationship, however, sex is the mortar that holds all the bricks together.

When the inevitable routine and daily grind kick in, if sexual chemistry isn’t there to keep one entertained, the relationship is doomed to fail.

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