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Andy's Green-eyed Monster

Via: Daily Prompt – Denial

“I think the table is slanting on your side, love,” Bob observed. “Yep. Look at the water in my pitcher. It’s definitely tipped towards you.” 1,863 more words


I Don't Need A Scapegoat, I Need A Lifeline

Sexual frustration is probably the worst kind. Of our core instincts as humans, fucking ranks pretty high. It’s a close second to survival. As I’ve never heard of survival frustration, I’m just going to let sexual frustration hold onto the title. 266 more words


Light Bondage

If someone you like

Tightens your restraints

Gags you

Makes you wait

You don’t know bondage

I no longer want

To be bothered by touch… 12 more words


Certain Lines

“Hello, Sex”

I say to myself

Whenever I see you anywhere

I crane around a pole

Or stand on my toes

For a brief, unobstructed glance… 61 more words


Shoot the Weiner!

When I say weiner, I do not mean an actual weiner but the dog next door.  I am an animal lover and I would never harm one of our furry friends but the persistent barking of an untrained dog is enough to drive any woman over the edge!  251 more words