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Trying To Stop A Gang Rap At An Outdoor Cinema

I did not get much sleep last night and most of my memories of the dreams that I did have slipped from my mind except for part of the end of my next to last dream. 937 more words

Dream Journal

An open letter to my stalker.

This is very confusing. Do I say hello or do I just get to the point and say fuck off? You see, I’m a very polite person usually but whenever I even hear your name or see your creepy messages, I feel like why hasn’t the earth just swallowed you whole into the pits of hell yet? 517 more words


Second Grade

I thought my first offical post would be a back story of my life and how I came to be me today. I overall had a pretty great childhood full of fun and no worries in the world. 391 more words

Tales of Caldbeck, Kalanick, Tejpal, Murthy… Breaking the Bro-Code

The heat generated by the ubiquitous bro-code and sexism that became part of Uber’s culture is yet to cool down, and we are hit by another tale of sexual harassment in the savvy Silicon Valley. 424 more words

Private Equity

"Just Let It Happen"

A few days ago, while at work I overheard some male employees joking about rape. One mentioned how it wouldn’t be rape if you “just let it happen”. 34 more words

Daily Thoughts

I was sexually harassed and touched at work and nothing was done

TW: Sexual assault and harassment

It has been 8 months since I was sexually assaulted and harassed at work and nothing has been done.

I had been sexually assaulted by different men (once at a house party, 3 times in public) four times previously and had never reported it. 1,858 more words