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I Exorcised some Demons Tonight.

I had a meal with an old friend, we have been friends for 35 years, we worked together in our first jobs.

Now all this talk of sexual harassment got us talking about what it was like for us when we started work, this would have been the late 1980’s.    317 more words

Sexual Harassment

Let’s talk about Retail

It’s our favorite thing to do as a society: make a retail worker’s day harder. As a cashier / retail associate for the last four and a half years at a total of four companies, one of which was a seasonal position and one I started only 7 months ago, I can tell you that it is literally the goal of 95% of the people that walk into a store. 490 more words

Human trafficking: NGO seeks direct state-to-state transfer of child labourers rescued from units

“There is an apprehension that children, especially those below the age of 14 years, may be returned to child labour if they are not given access to benefits after being rescued." 538 more words

Man Made The Cars, To Take Us Over the Road

It’s a tradition in the car industry for suppliers and partners to fete dealers with gifts of appreciation during the holidays.

Some give bottles of wine or treats and others give logoed merchandise they hope we sprinkle around the shop. 1,718 more words


Being a woman in South Korea

(Before we start, here is a trigger warning for those who do not wish to read about sexual harassment.)

This won’t be a topic favoured by many people, and I understand that the word ‘feminism’ strikes fear into some peoples hearts more than the idea of rapists do, but if you find that calling out sexual harassment of any degree is going to offend your delicate sensibilities, feel free to not read on. 1,183 more words

Me Too


From the incessant grabbing and grinding at music festivals, to being inspected like a piece of meat even when wearing modest attire, to being pinned and indulged from even when you say “no”–it is time for the silence to end.

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