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The Story I Never Told

We were watching a movie in second block, the documentary “Super Size Me” about the guy who ate McDonalds every day for every meal. The lights were off, the room pitch black except for the glow of the projector screen, and he wanted me in a way no one has ever wanted me before. 694 more words

Remembering my molester: 2

When I entered his car he was watching porn. He insisted that I should watch too but I was too shy.

He put my hand on his blue jeans. 53 more words


Lets Blog 10/06 sequel

Top Clutch News. https://youtu.be/7eFKwAj7nWg

We have The flash sneek peak premiere, Halo 5, Ashley Judd Sexually Harassed by mogul, Transformers Devastation, Jessica Jones and South Carolina flooding. 7 more words


Feminism or Click-bait?

I follow Facebook trends all the time. Not because I like it, well it is kind of my job. When you start working in the field of social media you sign an unsaid pact that requires you to follow social media trends. 955 more words

Social Media


The first time he asked for a picture I said no. And then I said no again. I said no until he called me a bitch. 411 more words

ITS MY TURN -shortfilm on sexual harrasment by JMI ,college students

storyline-the movie deals with the subject of  sexual harassment,where the student is a victim and the teacher is the culprit.the only good credit about it is it shows very realistic situations ,how a girl suffers from harassment,but apart from that everything else is very weak ,be it storyline(excluding the plot),acting of the cast and direction too.even after having a substantial plot ,the movie lacks the ability of intriguing viewers,or pass a sensible massage.many things have gone missing….my ration —-somewhere half a star for just efforts by the students.



JD Walters, President of Strategic Insight (Human Resources Consultation)

Where can I find human resources in California? Contact JD Walters, President of Strategic Insight at 619-865-4111 or email jd@strategicinsight.net.

JD Walters works with small business and business owners such as financial advisors, medical offices, and manufacturers and help them understand the employment law in California. 261 more words