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Turning the Gaze to the Catcaller

Most women have experienced some type of catcalling in their lives. Whistles, grunts, and vulgar comments are often tossed towards women in public, especially when they are on their own. 116 more words

Cat Calling

Paris Metro Sexual Harassment Campaign

“You’re sweet”
“Are you wearing that short skirt just for me?”
“You’re great, you know”
“I’m going to give you a squeeze”
“Say something, you filthy bitch”. 320 more words


Wonderful Nightmare;

Wonderful Nightmare a Korean movie about family, school life, bullying and sexual harassment. By which issues like hardships with bullying and sexual harassment is what we constantly ignore because it’s not happening to us or it may have happened but pass through it as we seem. 81 more words

Northwestern University Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment resigns

(STMW) — A Northwestern University professor who was accused of sexual harassment by a student, spurring five lawsuits, resigned Monday in the midst of termination proceedings at the north suburban school. 295 more words


Mexican TV presenter, Tania Reza, sexually harassed on live Television

Mexican TV presenter, Tania Reza  was sexually harassed on live Television, forced to claim it was a joke and then fired.

Footage from the television show A Toda Maquina uploaded to YouTube shows co-host Enrique Tovar attempt to lift Reza’s skirt, and then later touch her breast. 118 more words

Women's Rights

The Story I Never Told

We were watching a movie in second block, the documentary “Super Size Me” about the guy who ate McDonalds every day for every meal. The lights were off, the room pitch black except for the glow of the projector screen, and he wanted me in a way no one has ever wanted me before. 694 more words

Lets Blog 10/06 sequel

Top Clutch News. https://youtu.be/7eFKwAj7nWg

We have The flash sneek peak premiere, Halo 5, Ashley Judd Sexually Harassed by mogul, Transformers Devastation, Jessica Jones and South Carolina flooding. 7 more words