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With Less Than a Month to Go in These Rainy and Dreary Election Days

We’d like to believe that the November 6 elections and the rest of that damnably cold month are still far off, but a chilly rain has been falling on both the just and unjust around here for the past few days, all the local lawns are sprouting yard signs for some candidate or another for some office or another, and that damnable calendar tells us that the reckoning is now less than a month away. 713 more words


The Rage on the Left and the Rage on the Right on Our Doubts Here in the Middle

Thursday was so full of infuriatingly unresolved news that we couldn’t decide what to write about, so we went to the reliably idiosyncratic Drudgereport.com to see what it considered the top story of the day. 365 more words


Blog #177: Judiciary’s Kangaroo Court?

I had my old pappy watch this farce (billed as an “Historic Hearing”) for 15 minutes short of 9 hours today, and Judge Kavanaugh admitted he didn’t watch Dr. 401 more words

Political Parties

As the Supreme Court Turns

There was nothing on Thursday’s daytime soap operas remotely so compelling as the Senate judiciary committee’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, which of course was what everyone was talking about. 814 more words


Stories Of Sexual Misbehavior Still Dominate The News

USA Today just published a not-too-surprising survey that declared 94% of all women in the movie business said they were sexually harassed or assaulted. Also in recent news reports big Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, Disney executives and others are still being outed as horny harassers. 117 more words

Dilemma 2

I quietly wished the world will come to an end. Ever felt that way before? not sure you have.

This is one day I dreaded so much. 534 more words