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I have spoken and written about my experiences with sexual harassment in the Middle East, but not so much about the phenomenon in my home country of the United States. 596 more words

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The Popularity Of Hitting That Thing

Does a provocative dress provoke thoughts? Yes, and you see the linguistic relationship between the words (provoke and provocative). My title refers to Ariana Grande… 284 more words

Sexual Objectification

What It's Like to be A Misogynist

When I was 16 I was a misogynist. Part of why I was a misogynist was that I had never actually been friends with women in real life. 525 more words

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Objectification Ouchie

This post is a response to a recent facebook post that went up. I’m attaching a link below for you to go through that.

To understand why I find this particular post unnecessary, ridiculous and deeply problematic, I first need to clear my stance on sexual objectification. 2,777 more words


What do I do when I catch a male colleague staring at my chest?

Recently a friend of mine messaged me to ask me if she was overreacting in feeling that she had to cover up with more shawls or stoles to prevent a male colleague from staring at her chest. 551 more words


Personal Experiences with Sexual Objectification

The topic of today’s post is sexualization of women. Sexualization is to make something sexual in character or quality. Sexual objectification is treating a person merely as a means for sexual pleasure and nothing more. 1,918 more words



Can women objectify men ? A case for Chiloba

Some years ago ,I met this man. Those handsome men who are closer to beautiful than handsome They are so good looking that their features are almost feminine but they are men. 1,041 more words