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Sexual Politics and childhood awakenings

Original and written by me Andrew

:) My promised London terrorism Posts will have to wait, you see I read an internet News story, as you do, became distracted and started writing about something completely different instead……..anyways I enjoyed myself which is all that counts. 1,999 more words


The Artist, The Censor, and The Nude: "A provocative and engaging discussion..."

“A provocative and engaging discussion of the alteration, erasure and suppression of art.”

– Donna Kaz, author of UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour

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On the necessity of combating social-chauvinism/conservatism within progressive and revolutionary movements -- Sorry, Not Buying It | Cast Away Illusions

We must firmly oppose and fight against social-chauvinist attitudes in the communist movement. Social-chauvinism in the hands of the peoples’ progressive organs of struggle is theoretical detritus dumped on the heads of the masses and a massive disservice to many comrades who are engaging in concrete struggles against atavistic/religious prejudice from the refuse of history. 1,959 more words

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"The Artist, The Censor and The Nude" with Pamela Joseph, Glenn Harcourt, Eleanor Heartney & Francis Naumann

Anderson Ranch Arts Center will host a panel discussion about art and censorship across cultural contexts August 10 from 7-9 pm with author Glenn Harcourt, Eleanor Heartney, Francis M. 115 more words

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An Uncertain Grace by Krissy Kneen

Review by Kylie Thompson

Rating: 4.5 stars

Genre: speculative fiction, erotica, sexual politics

Publisher: Text

According to those who’d probably know, there are two kinds of erotica. 504 more words

Kylie Thompson

What’s Sexy For The Goose?

The victory of Emmanuel Macron, president of France, is not just about saving his country from the hateful politics of Marine Le Pen and her far-right nationalists. 889 more words