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This one because I need a face-to-face setting so that the person I want to say this to does not perceive it as an attack. But since I am biting back words I have to say it here anyway and run the risk of it being read.  876 more words

A Ramblaholic Chat About... Ghostbusters: Review and a Few Thoughts

It’s very different while borrowing so much. Is the new Ghostbusters film any good and what about those pesky gender politics?


Patton, The Longest Day, Catch-22. Cinematic War: A White Tower Guest Article

I try often to be a good son to my mother, and it’s not my fault she has to constantly bail my ass out of a Turkish Prison.  760 more words

Masculinity Studies

Sexual Politics in the Middle East

Recently there have been a few articles that discuss sex and women in the Middle East, including Mona el Tahawy’s piece in the New York Times. 2,176 more words


Kate Millett's Sexual Politics

Kate Millett was the first notable feminist after Simone de Beauvoir to address the construction of woman within male writing. According to Millett, the man-woman relationship is deeply embedded in power structures with political implications – thus she derived the term “sexual politics”. 232 more words

Literary Theory

Body Politics: Analyzing Beyoncé via Judith Butler and Simone De Beauvoir, or, A Woman's Command of Sex

Editor’s Note: I realize that this essay is dated. In reality, I’m still working my way through Beyoncé’s latest masterpiece, Lemonade, for several different reasons, mostly because it’s so heavy on imagery and psychological subtext that I have to brush up on my Kübler-Ross and literary theory before I even attempt an analysis.  2,926 more words