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This is a phrase we do not use that much anymore. We do not want to be too self-conscious because we wouldn’t want to bring an accusation against what the world tells us is wholesome, good, beautiful and needs to be coddled. 1,659 more words


Theory is not a reality

Reading a book:


“Every action has a sexual equation.”

I remember this at all times


When I see HER

Nothing or… 14 more words


Okafor's Law [2016]

This was a film written, produced and starring a woman about a guy who bets his friends that he can bed any three ex-girlfriends they choose for him to target within three weeks. 81 more words


Their Finest [2016]

I’m not too sure why I opted for this film at this festival. It’s definitely going to get a mainstream cinema release and it’s going to be a big hit. 100 more words


Avoiding Rape: A Woman's Guide.

In an era where women share offices with men, go to nightclubs un-escorted and wear skimpier outfits than ever before, what can said women do to prevent a likely attack of sexual assault? 491 more words

Armed Forces

Women in Physically Demanding Occupations

Firefighting, construction, policing, sports,  and military occupations are very physically demanding jobs. There are more men in these positions due to physiological and sociological factors. There are arguments that women should not be in these occupations, because sex differences in human physiology and biology are too great. 7,428 more words


Private parts and politics in North Carolina

This story illustrates how far campaigns by many weird factions of zealots have pushed media into the realm of societal stupidity—or insanity, when you know that it originates with the political Left. 1,185 more words

Cultural Corruption