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Elle: Movie Review

Paul Verhoeven has a track record that would not immediately make you think he could make a movie that would empower a strong central female character, particularly one where sexual politics (and sexual violence) are key to the narrative. 224 more words


That Pig is a She! Normality of normative maleness

March 22, 2017

My daughter, Cozy, is now 2 years and 7 months old. (I will not say she’s “31 months old.” I won’t.) Seven months ago she had a few words, in English and Spanish. 863 more words


Divorce Reform: Take your stand.

Representative Matt Krause of Texas has introduced a bill to limit no-fault divorce in that state. Ruth Readers: it is time to put up or shut up about family breakdown. 490 more words




Paul Verhoeven, best known for Hollywood action films, seems an unlikely director for this French arthouse movie. He excels, not just because of his manifest skills, but because of the real… 1,225 more words

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tail between legs

I disquiet more and more men as time goes by;
a sign of how formidable I’ve become, I suppose.
I take it as a compliment. 113 more words

Reflecting on "She's beautiful when she's angry"

International Women’s Day 2017. Delighted to have been on part a panel discussion following this iconic film retrospective on feminist emergence 1966 -70 in North America. 570 more words

Gender, Power, and the Sexual Politics of Byron’s Don Juan

Gender, Power, and the Sexual Politics of Byron’s Don Juan

            Blue and pink. Both words are colors. Both words exist in a spectrum of possibility. When speaking of gender, or sexual politics, both words have very clear connotations that undoubtedly give power of one over another. 4,606 more words

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