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Silence Speak Please

Every time I open my mouth

You rip out my womb a little further

I become as barren

As a November Sunday afternoon

My words severed… 161 more words


Sexuality of non-ace respondents

Previously, we showed some results on both the sexuality and sexual politics of ace respondents.  Here we compare ace respondents to non-ace respondents, keeping in mind that the non-ace respondents to our survey are… 201 more words

2014 AVEN Census

A Romantic Feminist

It sounds like an oxymoron, a romantic feminist. If you believe stereotypes, feminists aren’t even feminine! Where I come from, women who are pro-women are assumed to be anti-man! 500 more words


Women accused of crime are much fewer in number than men, but they face a dual burden, as though they have somehow offended against more than the criminal law and have failed society’s standards of good womanhood…

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I promised a post on sex. The way the question came about is a bit sad to me, “you always blog about love and biology, but not sex.” R-i-g-h-t, because in today’s world sex has nothing to do with either love or biology?? 1,569 more words

Sexism in Twirling?

A huge controversy has emerged about sexism in tennis. A commentator asked Eugenie Bouchard to do a twirl after a tennis match. Now, there are claims of sexism in what seems like a harmless act. 115 more words