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Monday Book Review: "Loner" by Teddy Wayne (SPOILERS).

I have to start with a spoiler warning: it’s hard to write a review about Loner by Teddy Wayne without discussing the ending. I could see the ending long before I finished the book, and even when knowing the ending the real impact of the book is felt through the events that lead up to it. 817 more words

Monday Book Review

Six Pillars Broadcast - Zoroastrians Iran to India

“Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions. It was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster in ancient Iran approximately 3500 years ago.” (BBC)

This week a guest slot from… 252 more words


My life as a Gay Man, so far.

 I only came out as gay about three years ago, and I never had any sexual experience with a man until my late forties. I’ve been married to a woman for most of my life and, despite knowing from childhood that I was attracted to men, I never did anything about it until the last year of my marriage. 1,179 more words


Why Trump Won

TLDR: Trump won because everyday liberals are shittybad examples of their professed ideologies.

He said all the wrong things. Things that were totally against traditionally egalitarian American values. 1,914 more words


Feminism is a 'dirty word': Re-brand it or accept sexual inequality?

Sexual politics has become an uncomfortable topic of discussion, and I want to know why. Whether you are in a conversation with a close friend or someone new, as soon as the word ‘feminism’ is mentioned people will usually avoid continuing the conversation, or will give you a look of sheer disappointment and disgust. 1,272 more words

Turning the gaze at European post-war project

Edit: on 8 Nov 2016 added first paragraph which was not part of the original written talk but improvised on spot
Keynote on Gender and Conflicts at Power Structures, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice Symposium 13-14 October 2016 EU-India Social Science and Humanities Platform (EqUIP) – please check against delivery. 1,649 more words

Trumping a Symptom

Growing up in an era considered to be “second-wave feminism,” the “f-word” brought about empowerment and divisiveness, as social change will.  Gloria Steinem as a feminist activist, was getting her foothold in the consciousness of American culture, 1,050 more words