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Men Who Just Don’t Get It: Sexual harassment and my falafel with Bill O'Reilly

April 20, 2017

You’ve gotta think it was pretty bad for TV personality Bill O’Reilly to get kicked out the misogynistic cesspool over there at Fox News. 1,285 more words

Donald Trump

The Gendering of Political Language in the Early-Twentieth Century: Rev. R. J. Campbell

The early-twentieth century is an interesting period of British politics and the women’s suffrage movement. The last two decades of the nineteenth century is cited as a period permeated with narratives of sexual politics. 3,516 more words

What's Worse Than Dying Alone? I'll Tell Ya.

So last night, as I slept fitfully in my fortress of bachelor solitude, in my dreams, my father came to me and he said:

“Son, I understand all this MGTOW and MRA stuff you’re doing right now, and I’m not gonna say that you’re wrong in any of your points, but my point to you is ‘What’s worse than dying alone?'” 1,146 more words

Sexual Politics

Pence pensiveness

There was a story that came out a few days ago about Vice President Mike Pence and that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.   594 more words


Beauty and the Beast

My son and I saw the new Beauty and the Beast. It was lovely. Magical. Almost perfect.

This is the story everyone wants to hear: darkness and evil and selfishness transformed by love into light and good and self-surrender. 518 more words

Sexual Politics

A Friendly Amendment to "The Benedict Option"

Dreher’s chapter on the Sexual Revolution neglects both John Paul II and contraception. That struck me as odd.

St. John Paul wrote volumes, literally, on the human sexuality. 658 more words

Survivors Of The Sexual Revolution


She feels free if not entirely painless. Spending half her adolescence teetering on her mother’s heels, working her way from sensible hockey ref to drop dead diva with six inch stilettos, her calves twinged, her toes cramped. 17 more words

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