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It's hard to be a man at the moment. A brief discussion of sexual politics.

Let me say first that this is not about sexism in life or the workplace. I firmly believe that women should be able to decide what they want and what they choose to do with their lives. 1,270 more words

Who Holds the Power???

I just thought this was interesting, well kind of gross actually, but it’s a good example of some of the confusion within our society over who holds the power, who has the authority, and how that plays out in sexual politics. 645 more words

i heard love is blind

Many of us are scratching our heads this week in the UK, seeing the cries of Gayle Newland in court, as she received an eight year sentence for sexual assault. 1,375 more words

Gender Politics

Sex and the Muslim Feminist

I first learned about sex positive feminism in a graduate seminar at a large mid-western University. Every Tuesday and Thursday the long bare classroom would fill with students eager to talk about their hook-ups, their predilection for one or another kind of erotica and their general affirmation of the transformative capacities of the sexual act. 2,864 more words


To Choose Love is To Choose Love Activism

A “wise philosopher” once said, “We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together,” and regardless of how true this phrase is statistically, the overall sentiment and its pervasive approval is at the very minimum a collective agreement on the point that something about this generation, and the will to love in an exclusive fashion is thought to be, or may actually be, rare. 999 more words


No games for women with 'too much' testosterone

This is a Stream broadcast from September of 2014. The Aljazeera program covers news and current events with an emphasis on social media. The panel discusses the new IOC policy of banning women who have naturally high testosterone levels from Olympic competition. 452 more words

Athletic Women

“Who peyntede the leoun?” - The Wife of Bath's Proto-Feminism

“It is a known fact everywhere:
A man can paint, sculpt pictures, too.
These things a lion cannot do […]
If lions could make statues, you would see plenty of men under the paws of lions.”

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