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Best Picture Oscar: Hidden Figures [2016]

Hidden Figures is the heart-warming tale of three gifted African American women who work for NASA, and their contributions to the early stages of the space race. 366 more words


Theory is not a reality

Reading a book:


“Every action has a sexual equation.”

I remember this at all times


When I see HER

Nothing or… 14 more words


What was the Second Wave Feminist Movement?

Today, feminism is an ideology/theory that most people fail to fully understand. Feminism has been described as having three separate waves. The first wave of feminism started in the mid-19th Century and culminated with the women’s suffrage movement. 418 more words

Women's History


One starts to realize
the lies
they were told their whole lives.
One starts to wonder
why they aren’t
given a choice
or allowed a voice. 39 more words

tell me what democracy looks like

This is what democracy looks like!  Tell me what democracy looks like.  This is what democracy looks like!”

The chant rang out in the street in call and response fashion as organizers asked the question, and the crowd responded.   524 more words


Why does the media care about crowd sizes all of a sudden?

How many people watched the Trump inaguarion? I have no idea, and I honestly don’t care. The Main Stream Media is going hysterical over it, which I find funny. 336 more words

Sexual Politics

North Carolina and gender dysphoria

A small number of North Carolinians and outside agitators for the past year have been obsessed over people with the mental disorder “gender dysphoria”—the unknown numbers (but probably very few) of those who think they have intense, persistent gender nonconformity, and an emotional state characterized by distress. 401 more words

Cultural Deterioration