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limited sexual positions

When you are intimate with a man who has a small penis, you have a very limited menu when it comes to sexual positions that include penetration. 506 more words

Small Penis

Chance encounter in a bar...

So obviously I am not exactly shy about sex. It takes a lot to throw me off my game. It takes an instant connection. Not love or even lust per say. 999 more words


Kat-the teenage years part 2

So it’s another part of my teenage series and it’s kind of a long one so sit tight and grab a beer or a tequila on the rocks and some popcorn and settle in. 1,897 more words


Art Influences Life: Rebuilding Intimacy

How pathetic! I just reviewed my posts for 2015 and noted just how far I have strayed from the theme of this blog – the intent of it. 819 more words


in case you didn't know...


*and play video games.


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The mystery of positions

I never did understand the question of “what’s your favorite sex position?” I mean anyone who knows anything about sex completely understands that that is an unquestionably hard answer to provide. 593 more words


Sex Positions Attempted By Real People [VIDEO]

…they sent a duo out on the streets of New York City to attempt these positions, and I’ve determined that unless you have a stint in Cirque du Soleil on your resumé, you should probably stick to your generic moves that won’t break any penises off.

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