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My Three Way Experience With Two Women

Sex With My Friend And Her Friend

The corny expression “you only live once” must have been coined by a person who missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something that probably ended up haunting him. 936 more words


9 Sensational Reasons to try different sexual positions

Why are there so many sexual positions? This is a question that few would put it. The more you try and the more difficult, the greater will be satisfaction during intercourse. 25 more words


Sexual positions that men adore them

7 sexual positions that men adore them. Find out what your preference is your lover in bed! You think about how you could to spice things up in the bedroom and make him your boyfriend feel the luckiest guy on the planet? 23 more words


4 sexual positions that every man wants to try

Most men complain that their partners are not interested in sex and do not fight to experience new things “in the bedroom”. They believe that women try to “tick off” a game just to not fall apart relationship. 22 more words


Make Some Noise

Researchers have found that in the jungle female chimpanzees make different kinds of copulatory calls to attract the males. But we are not chimpanzees or anyone from their family! 1,456 more words


What's in a Name?


Big spoon/little spoon


Top bunk/bottom bunk

We gay men have become amusingly proficient at concocting creative binary terms to describe the insertive and receptive roles we assume during sexual intercourse. 114 more words


I had a strange day on Sunday. As most of you know, my husband has been laid off, my mother in law just died so we had to make a sad transatlantic trip and now I have a strange cataract to be removed. 626 more words