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LGBTQ Teens Engaged in Sex Work for Survival

There’s a difference between sex work that is legal and that which is criminalized, as far as protection and health-regulation goes, but it’s all work. People are doing this work for many different reasons, very rarely because they want to. 462 more words


The Buying and Selling of Sex

The statistics regarding the destructiveness of sex are both shocking and disheartening. What went wrong? Why are Americans engaging in sexual practices that are destructive and unfulfilling? 238 more words


Tips for Lesbians Seeking a Love Life Boost

Do you feel a little bored with your sex life? Or, maybe even feel like it’s a chore? That’s not what anyone wants when it comes to sex. 461 more words

Gay & Lesbian Health

NYC Improves HIV Care Citywide

A high number of residents in NYC who are being diagnosed with HIV are receiving treatment and seeing their viral load dip to levels that are undetectable. 454 more words


Study Shows Truvada Cuts HIV Spread 86%

A recent UK trial shows that a pill taken by men who have sex with men (MSM) on a daily basis, can protect them from HIV infection. 367 more words


Ethical Implementation of PrEP for MSM is Vital

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently recommended pre-exposure prophylaxis for men who have sex with men (MSM).  This is a monumental step towards eliminating the HIV epidemic.  468 more words


Alarming Facts about Meth in the Gay Community

Crystal meth has become an epidemic in the gay community, especially in larger cities where “party and play” (PnP) is a well known scene.  462 more words