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The Friday Sex Blog [Cross-cultural Sex]

Hola mi Gente,

As you probably heard, one of the founding members of the great Earth, Wind & Fire, passed away yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to catch them twice during the height of their popularity. 981 more words


Dorothy Babb to Carlos Bulosan: “Dear Sweet, Silly Carlos, What in the world would possess you to imagine that I would ever leave?” (Image Source: … 330 more words


Strange Sex, Odd Sex: Take A Look At The Rarest Sex Practices or Paraphilias

Being realistic, everything is valid when it comes to sex and what is comprised on what is acceptable or not depends on each. Besides, it is also known that not all people find pleasure, sexual pleasure with the same things or practices. 985 more words


"Undress your mind" at the Institute of Sexology

A few weeks ago I attended an exhibition at the Institute of Sexology called “Undress your mind”. It is an 225 more words


Important Ways Parents Contribute to LGBT Teens Health

Many parents of teenagers have their hands full, to put it lightly. Being a parent is not an easy job. You have to work on your own issues and those of your children. 432 more words


Mental Health's Influence on HIV Prevention

The HIV epidemic has changed a lot within the past 20 years, and still yet, continued high risk behaviors have remained the same.  Contributing factors to these behaviors include a lack of power or oppression, marginalization, sexual abuse, sexual compulsivity, low self esteem, depression, and loneliness.   601 more words


Individuals with HIV Age 14 Years Faster, According to Study

A diagnosis of HIV is no longer the death sentence it used to be; we’ve come a long way. However, there is a new study that was published in PLOS One that shows that although HIV positive individuals are typically living longer, they may be aging more quickly than expected. 359 more words