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An HIV Cure is Still a Long Way Away

Though HIV treatment today is better than at any time in the past, challenges remain.

We have antiretroviral therapy (ART) today which can help HIV patients lead a normal life. 292 more words


Death Rate for African-Americans with HIV Declined Significantly

For African-Americans living with HIV, the mortality rate took an impressive nosedive between 2009 and 2012 according to the CDC.

In a recent report, the agency revealed that… 324 more words


Sexual Safety During Pregnancy Possible for Lesbians Too

Worrying about the safety of sexual activity is not something limited to heterosexual couples. Many lesbian couples worry, too.  Thankfully, there’s generally no reason to avoid intimacy when you’re expecting. 368 more words


MSM Remain Most Affected by HIV

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed through new research that gay and bisexual men are still the most affected by HIV, … 453 more words


Common Anxieties New Intergenerational Gay Couples Experience

Intergenerational couples face anxieties related to their age differences and prejudices from the outside that can make it exceptionally difficult for their relationships to grow. By taking the obvious anxieties (sometimes they’re not apparent to either partner) and tackling them head on, differences can be deemed worthy of addressing or irreconcilable. 362 more words

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Bugchasing Becoming a Dangerous Trend

A well-known sexual act within the gay male population is, for many, a perplexing and scary idea.

It is considered extreme sexual taboo by those who engage in it.  403 more words


LGBTQ Teens Engaged in Sex Work for Survival

There’s a difference between sex work that is legal and that which is criminalized, as far as protection and health-regulation goes, but it’s all work. People are doing this work for many different reasons, very rarely because they want to. 462 more words