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Sex Offender Warning Signs at Schools

Marion County, Florida’s 760 sex offenders and 85 sexual predators will be receiving visits to their homes from law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials will be reminding offenders that they are forbidden to be on the property of schools and child care facilities. 35 more words

Sex Offender Registry

It is Fair to Say that Ivanka is “Full of S**t”

Ivanka Trump is now a fair target for criticism. By placing herself as an “assistant” for her father, she is a member of his circle of sinners. 383 more words

Sexual predator Bill O’Reilly should not be rewarded with a $25 million parting gift Fox News President Bill Shine must go

April 20, 2017

Washington, DC – NOW President Terry O’Neill has released the following statement:

“Twenty-five million dollars for a sexual predator is obscene. Fox News needs to show Bill O’Reilly the door without a multi-million dollar payday. 58 more words

Trump's Close Friends; Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly Forced to Resign: Is He Next?

America is a strange nation. Millions of our nation’s people choose to accept “alternative facts,” and ignore the truth. Sadly ‘the right thing’ is frequently ignored as television ‘celebrities’ use emotional warfare which reinforces the deviant and immoral beliefs of its audience. 534 more words

gratitude-a-thon day 1020: buh-bye bill

Finally. Finally Bill O’Reilly is getting what he should have gotten long ago–the ax. I’m only sorry that every woman in the United States wasn’t able to scream at the exact same time: “You’re fired.” (Hey, maybe we’ll get to do that for that piece of human waste in the White House. 170 more words

Topic Tuesday: This is PTSD

Anger is also a common response to events that seem unfair or in which you have been made a victim. Research shows that anger can be especially common if you have been betrayed by others.

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