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The Karen McDougal Affair: Her Story about Philanderer Donald J. Trump

We’ll never know how many affairs Trump has had during his three marriages. His efforts to cover-up the truth are costly, but mostly effective. We do know that he had a minimum of two, both during the same time period, and shortly after his son, Barron, was born. 462 more words

TRUMP: He Is Who He Appears To Be

The depth and breadth of the crimes and malfeasances of the 45th President of the United States are staggering and overwhelming when attempting to look at them as a whole. 3,250 more words


Stormy's Coming, and Trump is Too Weak to Fight this Hurricane

Trump’s past is catching up with him. Every woman who steps forward inspires another to do the same. Trump has spent his entire life as a sexual predator and a philanderer. 482 more words

Another Sex Scandal at FOX Noise; It's Always “Who's Up Next”

When I read the headline, my first thought was ‘they finally found out about Sean Hannity.’ As I read the article, I realized “not yet.” There is a new man who has become known as a sexual deviate and a philanderer. 294 more words

White Supremacy, Miss Universe, and Donald Trump

Until June of 2015 few Americans were aware of the fact that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. The President of the United States receives more scrutiny than any other man on the planet. 395 more words

If You Miss Stormy Daniels, She's about to Make a Big Splash on your Television: Trump Will not Like It

There is a consensus among attorneys, including a former Donald Trump divorce lawyer, that the non-disclosure agreement between Trump and adult film star, Stormy Daniels, is invalid. 457 more words

Rochester women knew how to deal with a sexual predator!

August 1838 saw an extraordinary riot in Rochester by a mob comprised of an estimated thousand respectable persons, principally women, intent on executing summary vengeance on the bigamist John Alexander Willmett (jnr), the son of a local solicitor of the same name. 3,873 more words