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Should not be continued.

What exactly should not be continued?

There are many things which should have a full stop on it. Like we have in our sentences, its part of every language’s grammar right? 742 more words

Body Language is Not Enough Anymore

The spoken word only makes up seven percent of how we communicate, the other 93 percent is made up of tone and body language, and yet in today’s modern world it’s that seven percent that’s important when it comes to the dating scene, no longer can men take for granted that their partner is a willing participant; even then if they don’t say no, it doesn’t mean they are saying yes. 143 more words


Police Arrest Man for Allegedly Using Fake Facebook Profile to Victimize Young Girls

During an investigation stretching back to the summer of 2017, the Sheriff’s Human Trafficking Unit discovered that Trevor Ferrel, of Santa Maria, CA, was using a “ 255 more words

NYC Gym: In The Nude Classes

WAIT A MINUTE! In the wake of sexual assaults, sexual harassment, and inappropriate sexual advances, a gym in New York City thinks it is an appropriate time to move into coed naked fitness classes! 472 more words


Just Because Someone's a Democrat Doesn't Make Them a "Better" Sexual Predator

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, not looking for anything in particular, when I saw a comment on the post that really got on my nerves, and has thus spawned today’s post (the first of 2018!). 615 more words


Past Photographs

If I have a feeling I was photographed inappropriately as a child, how can I find out for certain? Where can I search for my photo? 61 more words


Footprints in the Snow

WARNING:  Graphic Images

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) has arrested 69 y.o. James Morris, Jr. on charges of sodomy, second and third degree sex offenses, child abuse, and perverted practice [1].  419 more words

Child Abuse