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Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon, Bill O'Reilly and Their Belief in Sexism

Dirty old men must stick together, and our government in Washington is a perfect example of this fact. They have nothing to offer the world which would have positive results, and their objectification of women permeates their every day lives. 534 more words

My 2 Cents’ Worth… 2 Pennies For Your Thoughts?

Just for the record, I don’t find Bill O’Reilly’s claims of innocence to be credible. The ugly display of extreme rightwing political punditry typically goes hand in hand with the grotesque exhibition of sexually abusive / predatory behavior. 142 more words


Firing Bill O'Reilly: a few thoughts from a broken feminist

I felt a sense of righteous vindication upon reading that Fox has let Bill O’Reilly go. I was one of the many women writing letters  by email and on Facebook to companies that advertised on his show. 489 more words


Dialog of Two Powerful Sexual Predators

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Despite a busy schedule dealing with both domestic and international turmoil, the “I will fix everything” Republican hero and role model Donald Trump managed to set time aside to offer some much needed advice to bro O’Reilly, currently navigating the “sexual harassment” landmine. 733 more words

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O'Reilly & Trump ... Birds Of A Feather

Yesterday (Wednesday), Donald Trump, the man who claims the title of president, the man who needs to be dealing with a failed health care bill, a deeply-divided nation, a pending budget that is also destined for failure, an impending visit from the leader of China, the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and other situations too numerous to list here, took time out of his busy scheduled to call Bill O’Reilly and offer his support.  769 more words

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Man, woman and violence

With the increasing number of sexual crimes being committed in the country, I am both alarmed and disturbed. What has changed that has marked such an increasing rate of violence against women. 315 more words


PEDOPHILE HAVEN TRIBE.NET UNCOVERED BY REDDIT: from infant rape to incestual child rape

Pedophile Social Network? Tribe.net Hosts Community of Sexual Predators After Children

  • One of the posters shares a story about how he raped a 6-month-old infant but wished he could have killed the child.
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