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By D J Melling

Sexual preferences in our culture today have never been so relevant. Homosexual, transsexual, bisexual, sexual tyrannosaurus, well maybe not the last one, that’s just me. 1,430 more words


Unknown, 2013

I kind of just made up this analogy in my head to explain sexuality/homosexuality especially to people who don’t understand homosexuality or deem it as unacceptable- and it actually sort of makes sense. 648 more words


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

When I was growing up in Clinton, South Carolina, I was the recipient of quite a bit of ridicule. The teasing came because I was not into sports. 221 more words

Discrimination, segregation and the slippery slope of religious 'freedoms' in contemporary Australian society

There is an inherent issue that seems to be plaguing Australia right now. That is, the weighting of a person’s right to their freedom of choice, speech and religious preference, weighed against that of someone’s right to not be discriminated against. 939 more words

He still Straight? Labels in the LGBTQ Community

Anyone that knows me, knows that I openly indulge in yummy sexcapades. As a sex-positive person I chose to celebrate my sexuality and add new stories to my book of experiences. 561 more words



Cemetery: (n) a burial ground; a graveyard

No racial tension.

The same space available for everyone.

No complaints.

No gender bias.

No discussion about sexual preference. 58 more words

B Words

Is this the death of democracy in America? (Part 2)

In the previous blog, I wrote about the kind of government America has and the convention that brought about that government showing that the losers in the 2016 general election are traders to that convention by refusing to lose. 1,052 more words