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White Privilege in the Black World

Living with the Fear of Unintentionally Offending or Overstepping because I Honestly Don’t Know How to Respond

Growing up, my mother was very bigoted.  If you were not white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant and straight, you were somehow less in her eyes.   1,659 more words

Sociology 216: What is Love?

We started a conversation in class on Monday that’s spilled over into today regarding the definition of love, which… if there was ever a conversation to  516 more words


Wet Leather Shares "Secret Preference" On All Things Go

 “Secret Preference” is a bedroom-pop ode to weird fetishes, sung in a perfect pop falsetto. It’s unbearably catchy – All Things Go 

 All Things Go… 179 more words

The LP Collective

Pride and Rainbows

Would you pause a moment to read this post with an open heart and mind; without rendering a final judgment right away?

I’m not sure exactly what brought you here, but I don’t think it was by accident. 935 more words


Non-Binary Gynaecology

There was a time when I thought I had a handle on gender, but things change: it’s no longer constrained by only two choices. And then I thought I understood the variations on the theme of sexual preferences. 1,582 more words

Queer theory & Colon cancer screening

Topic: Health communication and colon cancer screening

Question: Does targeted health messaging and visual images based sexual preference impact trust in source of cancer health information? 117 more words

Targeted Health Messaging

Your feelings are rejected

Why are we told by the transgender activists that we cannot question a man’s motives when he says he feels that he is a woman, but we are to be suspicious of a woman’s motives if she feels unsafe when a man enters a ladies bathroom or locker room? 122 more words