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John 8:31-32

Are you gay? Do you identify with any of the letters of the LGBTQ acronym? This may be a controversial discussion, but because sexual orientation and preference are among the biggest issues of our day it is both wrong and unkind to those who struggle with it to address all other topics, while remaining silent on this one. 2,066 more words

But of course...

I have to write something this eve! The last eve and day of 2016. I am afraid to say that I am glad this year will soon be over. 784 more words


Is online dating racist?

This article comes about after Owen Jones of The Guardian wrote this piece. There’s a lot of good content in it, however there’s a little thing sticking out that I feel needs to be addressed. 757 more words


Ashamed & Afraid for My Country

This honestly isn’t a political rant.  Whether or not anyone agrees with who was elected, what’s done is done.  There are checks and balances in place, as well, so no one can run amuck unchecked.   1,000 more words

It's The Same

I am so outraged by people right now. I’ve seen many posts on the internet about people being harassed by such small minded people. Just because Trump won the election does not by any means make it okay to show such hate to others. 362 more words



There’s actually a decent amount of science regarding penises out there and I want to put some of the most relevant into one post. The aim here is to question some ideas we may hold about penises through the information that is currently available. 876 more words

White Privilege in the Black World

Living with the Fear of Unintentionally Offending or Overstepping because I Honestly Don’t Know How to Respond

Growing up, my mother was very bigoted.  If you were not white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant and straight, you were somehow less in her eyes.   1,659 more words