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Every day by David Levithan

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

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2016 Iowa High School Award Winner

“A” wakes up in a different body every day and has gotten used to this type of life.   260 more words


Can prison inmates choose gender identity?

After you resolve the matter of  gender change for 750,000 registered sex offenders in America, perhaps you can tell us what to say to the prison population. 415 more words


Can sex offenders choose a gender identity

We now have 750,000 registered sex offenders in America (how many unregistered offenders are there?).

How will stores like Target keep them out of the ladies bathrooms and fitting rooms? 39 more words


Thinking deeply on marriage, gender and sexuality

I am making the following five audio messages available to invite deeper reflection and conversation on marriage, gender and sexuality.

  1. Marriage, Gender & Sexuality (part 1)                                                                                 Steve Cornell – 3/6/2016…
  2. 30 more words


This is an interesting article, I’ve never really worried about what’s “normal” or not so long as no one was hurt (unless they ask nicley) but it suprises me how common some of the paraphillias apparently are, 19% seems like a big chunk of the population to be interested in masochism… 11 more words


Identity Crisis

On December 26th the state of Washington passed a law stating that people could use the restroom that they identified with in terms of gender. On February 8th, a Seattle man got undressed in a women’s locker room. 119 more words


I'd Rather be a Eunuch

My wife never loved me
But only the money I could give her.
My family never loved me
But only the prestige I could bring their name. 80 more words