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New Movie About Relationships and Sexual Faithfulness: "Pure"

The other day I was contacted by Emmy Award Winning Director, Melody George. I was honored that an Emmy award winning Director would ask about her upcoming movie, “Pure.”  I appreciate melody’s vision because it communicates the importance of sexual faithfulness through story–and she allowed me to speak into that vision. 96 more words

Trip Lee on Sex, Marriage & Pornography

Trip Lee’s book Rise is a great resource to put into the hands of a young person, but even better would be for teacher or parent or youth pastor to read it and discuss it with them. 413 more words

Advice for Middle School Parents & Ministry

Andy Stanley brings some great advice on parenting kids in middle school.  Also provides great value to those working in middle school ministry.



For the guys…

Just as her hips swing
Your head begin to ring
And down below begins to ping
You act like you are flying on eagles wing… 239 more words

Sexual Purity

Sexual Urge Can Help You Worship!

“How many of you here have ever fallen in love before?” I looked around and found a few hands go up. “Okay, how many of you have had crushes before, crushes you thought can be named love?” I pressed further, I noticed more hands went up, satisfied I continued my questions. 1,064 more words


Fight the Tide: Purity

As a nation (and even as a church in many ways), we have allowed the enemy to steal our purity out of our hands.

I believe we can get it back, but it will be a battle and the minute you begin to fight, the enemy will be right there headstrong against you. 412 more words

Porn Is Stealing From Your Marriage

Here is a great article from Stephen Miller entitled 3 Ways Porn Steals From Your Marriage. Pornography is a disease that is devastating families! 204 more words