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Front-Line Discernment

The first epistle of John, like almost all of the New Testament epistles, came about largely for the purpose of refuting the false teaching of the… 797 more words


My Confession Series: The BIG question

I was rummaging through a collection of paper I had collected overtime when I found something. Despite how much I love to type on my smartphone and on my PC I seem to never be able to do away with paper. 346 more words


We talk about boundaries so many times. How ladies should be treated and how not to treat them, and how to relate with men. But I fear we’ve probably stretched the boundary lines a little bit further. 797 more words

Sexual Purity

Dani Johnson Warned About Porn -- but Who Could Have Predicted What We Have Now?

We so appreciated Dani Johnson’s sharing with us her crusade against porn aimed at children. Dani Johnson, for those of you who don’t know, is a near famous trainer for the multi-level marketing industry. 608 more words

Child Rearing

Numbness And Sexual Morality

Transgenderism is the topic of choice lately. Perhaps our culture has made its peace with homosexuality and same sex marriage, leaving a vacuum for the next great controversy in sexual ethics. 866 more words


Moriah Peters: I Haven't Even Kissed!

Some people are asking “are you serious?”, well yassssss…okay no she has kissed! But she got her ever first kiss on her wedding day, so she is definitely a hero on chastity, modesty, sexual purity and total obedience to God’s word which says “ 1,176 more words

We Are Young For Christ

My Confession Series: The Fight Against Lust

I decided to pause the confessions to take one or two questions that have come up from readers. I believe they will benefit you or someone you know. 190 more words