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What Makes Porn So Harmful?

Pornography is never easy to talk about… it just makes everyone uncomfortable.

Maybe that’s because we all know that it’s wrong. Sometimes guilt is a good thing – in this case, it reminds us that we shouldn’t be doing something that we keep on doing! 791 more words

Youth Ministry

Strong & Courageous featuring Demetria Davis: Sexual Purity

Abstinence and celibacy are taboo in today’s culture. Sexual purity is a desire to please God with your body, mind and spirit. Getting all three in submission is a challenge. 25 more words


Purity: the abandoned ideal

I have hosted a spiritual internet radio show on Blog Talk.  I strive to have a female co-host so that the male and female perspectives are both represented.  611 more words


Dead to sin, alive to God.

When we were dead in transgressions, our bodies were slaves to sin. We lived and acted in the way our flesh wanted. But when we saw the light, something changed. 768 more words

Sexual Purity

A New Grace-Based Resource For Growing in Sexual Integrity

An excerpt:

Among clergy, a 2009 study conducted by Texas Tech University of 460 male ministers revealed over 20 percent accessed pornography at least twice monthly. 459 more words


Handling Treasure With Care

Sharon and I love to watch Antiques Road Show.

Eager people line up, clutching their treasures.

The lucky chosen ones end up on TV, gasping as they hear the appraised worth of their peculiar object. 584 more words

Wondering About...

About crushes and how to get over them.

I still don’t believe that am doing this post. But I thought it’s important I do so, especially after reading this blog post here.  Crushes are not very interesting especially because of the way they bug you. 691 more words

Sexual Purity