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This garden of secret delights locked to all but one’s spouse

A garden locked is my sister, my bride,
a spring locked, a fountain sealed.
Song of Solomon 4:12


Despite evidence that indicates they are effective, abstinence programs continue to be a controversial approach to sex education in many public schools.

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BONUS: How Sex Addiction Can Destroy Your Marriage

In this bonus content from Purity For Life, we go back to an interview I did with my wife Tracey is 2014 about the pain that she walked through as I struggled with a pornography addiction which greatly inhabited the first year of our marriage. 50 more words

Sexual Purity

002: Why Sexual Purity Matters

Pure Gold is back this week with perhaps the most important question we’ve ever asked: “Why does sexual purity matter?” Frank attempts to unpack this question, give Scriptural backing, and shares an incredible article from Moral Revolution, “10 Lies We Believe About Sexual Purity”. 108 more words

Sexual Purity

Pornography: The New Narcotic

The new narcotic. Morgan Bennett just published an article by this title. The thesis:

Neurological research has revealed that the effect of internet pornography on the human brain is just as potent — if not more so — than addictive chemical substances such as cocaine or heroin.

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Sexual Purity