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Guest post: For this is God’s will…

As you may have read on this article, the chastity campaign is ongoing. I believe there’s an army rising up. Young people who are convinced of walking in purity are boldly stepping out to proclaim what they believe in. 2,616 more words

Sexual Purity

Chastity Campaign

Whenever I think about the issue of chastity, fear grips my heart. So many people have fallen, people who were strong, and it only leaves me wondering whether I’ll stand. 819 more words

Sexual Purity

“Thoughts on Online Dating Apps”

Guest author: Wayne Holt

Elizabeth Anne (Calvert) Henderson wrote an article on her WordPress blog recently, entitled “The Thing About Social Media,” where she listed several pros and cons of using social media.  713 more words

Believer's Body as the Holy Spirit's Temple - Part 2

Some mature themes are discussed in this audio.


  • Paul’s condemnation of sexual immorality
  • How God created Eve from Adam
  • Becoming “one flesh”
  • Grasping fundamentals of a concept.
  • 22 more words

Got Control?

I found this great site that talks about sexual purity at moralrevolution.com. Here’s a helpful post from the website about managing your… uh…drive: How Do You Manage Your Sex Drive Without….You Know? 365 more words

A Believer's Body as the Holy Spirit's Temple

In this audio, I discuss the principle of a believer’s body being the Holy Spirit’s temple. I talk about why I believe the principle has been misapplied to create unnecessary guilt and legalism. 28 more words