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Too Much Of My Writing

Sometimes I want to write solely for the sake of cleverly arranging words and phrases, delighting as their cadences and nuances animate them. Watching words flow from my headstick, through my keyboard and on to my monitor amazes me. 500 more words

Christ As Lord

Building Self-Control

I haven’t written a post in a while. I think it’s because I’ve settled for the moment. I’ve been living in the same place for almost five months, and I actually know the people I’m around. 743 more words

A poem by Gaise

Still on the Virginity series, Season 2, what other day would have been better to publish Gaise’ entry than today his birthday? Hehehe! Happy birthday Gaisebaba, May your days be long and fulfilling in Jesus name! 930 more words

Guest Bloggers

Stop! Hammered Time

Sometimes, I feel like Christians should get drunk more. Remember those verses in the Bible where God told people to get wasted? They slip up on you, but they’re in there. 247 more words

Sittin up in my room...capturing thoughts

Laying in bed after coming home from a midweek service at church. I must be honest, today was not a super outstanding day. I woke up, had some quiet time with God, had a messy morning, and got to my internship late. 764 more words


Truth Seed #26

Truth Seeds
31 Unchangeable Truths from Scripture

(God’s Path to Blessing, Happiness, and Success)
This is from a message by Pastor Jay Dennis at First Baptist Church at the Mall… 147 more words

Truth Seeds

Men, Summer And The Prayers Wives Offer

We got on the bus Tuesday morning, and suddenly I remembered that hot summer weather means scantily clad young women.  As godly as my husband is, and even though he consistently disciplines himself to avert his eyes, he’s still only a man. 563 more words