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‘The threshold for sexual exploitation feels 10 times higher than for other abuse’

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‘………..by Luke Stevenson

Abbie* is retelling the story of her first child sexual exploitation case: a 14-year-old girl, with an extensive history of involvement with children’s services, had stopped engaging with her family and social workers and started a relationship with a man in his 20s. 869 more words


Lyle Mitchell Breaks Silence on Wife Joyce and Her Role in New York Prison Break

NBC News — New York prison worker Joyce Mitchell told her husband she was in over her head as part of a plot to free two killers who remain on the run, he told NBC News in an exclusive interview. 83 more words


Long Distance

It’s hard. Even if people say it’s not, I beg to differ. A long distance relationship can see how far you can push to be with each other. 63 more words


Charges Dropped For NYPD Officer Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teen Girl

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Charges were dropped Wednesday for an NYPD officer who was accused of rape in an alleged affair with an underage girl. 233 more words


Having sex with someone for the last time.

This blog post isn’t really a how to, this is more my experiences.

Relationships breaking down are a sad thing right? So am I the only person that gets incredibly horny and wants to fuck my exes senseless when we are breaking up? 268 more words


Why You Should Speak Up In The Bedroom

“Post-sex pillow talk can influence relationship satisfaction just as much as other factors, such as the frequency and satisfaction of sex itself.”

We incline to drift off after sex—trust me, it’s not just you, but most of us do.

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Are You Bad In Bed?

“Many men like to believe that they are sex gods, but when you look under the covers, the truth is that they don’t quite perform as perfectly as they may brag about, and often leave their ladies unsatisfied.”

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