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On women's day, Ireland approves abortion referendum bill

The Irish government has agreed on a national referendum on abortion to be held by the end of May which could radically transform the lives of thousands of women, the media reported. 87 more words

Sexual Reproduction, Meiosis and Study Resources for the Quiz 1/31-2/9/18

We engaged in a discussion revolving around sexual reproduction and meiosis; then we worked through a worksheet that consolidated the knowledge gained in class. In the following block, we built models of chromosomes and analyzed karyotypes to diagnose patients who suffered from chromosomal disorders. 85 more words

A Case of Mistaken Attribution

A common mistake made by authors of fiction, in particular inexperienced authors, but even by some who are renowned, is to attribute to one of their characters something which the author – as the omniscient creator of everything in one’s imaginary fictional world – knows but which one’s character couldn’t possibly know. 836 more words

Act III: The Glorious Miracle Of Life

The menopause: dreaded, derided and seldom discussed

What if the menopause was something we thought positively about or were able to discuss openly without fear of derision?

Source: The menopause: dreaded, derided and seldom discussed


Pollination and Germination

Asexual Reproduction in Plants

This is simple. A sexual reproduction means to reproduce the same species of organism without the involvement of any gamete cell. Also there is only a single parent involved in this process. 687 more words


The Castration Anxiety Received in Sibling Relationships

By Karen Barna

Nothing is more painful than to suffer the hatred of an envious and jealous sibling. Sitting at my dining room table I can still recall the painful expression that came across my twin sister’s face during a dinner conversation in which she exclaimed, … 1,570 more words