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We're not sure how birds or bees fit into the story

Buster has developed quite a curiosity these days. Formerly, the pinnacle of his curiosity was wanting to know where I had hidden the Tootsie Rolls. Now, he has blossomed into a regular preschool philosopher, wondering things like: “How do clouds get up in the sky?” 431 more words


Paradox of Sex

There are lots of discussions about the maintenance of sex. Seeing many species get along perfectly well without males, why is sex still important? Unless something stops them, asexual species can grow exponentially – one, two, four, eight, sixteen …They can produce clones of themselves and some of them can have over 1 million descendants after only a few days. 174 more words



What I do to keep you all up to date with what is going on in China beggars belief.

Recently I read -in the Chinese press –  about the latest initiative in the battle to get panda’s to procreate.  185 more words

Meiosis and Stuff!

1. How does meiosis differ from mitosis? What is the ploidy number of the products in both processes?

Mitosis is a process of asexual reproduction in which the cell divides in two producing a replica, with an equal number of chromosomes in each resulting diploid cell. 665 more words


Consider tapeworms, which attach to intestinal walls and absorb their food from the food you ate, growing to twenty or thirty or forty feet long. Or liver flukes, which squirm through your blood vessels until they eventually get to your liver, where they produce thousands more like themselves, causing trouble and pain. 766 more words

Sex & Death & Water & Food & Sleep

It’s weird that we only talk about the last three (water & food & sleep) when all five are intrinsic to the human machine. Why is that? 421 more words


The cost of making males

We humans are accustomed to thinking of reproduction as involving two sexes, male and female. But there are some animals that have dispensed with males altogether and produce offspring parthenogenetically (by ‘virgin birth’). 814 more words