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Everything Is Problematic

The Insane are Running the Asylum

But that’s not news. Feminists have been given free reign to decide what is moral in modern day society. Anything can be considered rape ( 582 more words


Quiverfull Rape Fantasies

Today I’d like to talk about some of the Feminists that have responded to my blog with such passion and just say,

“Thank you for the great material.” 731 more words


Meiosis in Action!!! - Expanding the Gene Pool, One Cell at a Time

My classmate and friend, Monica Kastilani worked with me to create this project on meiosis, one of the most essential processes of cell division. Meiosis is not only important for sexual reproduction, but it also increases genetic diversity among sexually reproductive organisms to reduce mutations as well as help organisms to survive.  284 more words


Why Does Gender Exist in Nature?

The origins of gender can be traced back to the very driving force of life – the struggle to survive.

Life forms, succinctly defined, are complex chemical machines assembled from raw materials in their environment according to a set of instructions called DNA.   852 more words


Speculation Unlimited Part II: The Creation of Life

While my ideas about the nature of matter are a little bit out there, my ideas about the early stages of life vary little from the established view and as a result my speculation isn’t particularly groundbreaking or controversial.  1,867 more words

Science And Philosphy

A baby is not a punishment for having sex. The natural result of sex is the creation of a new life.

I say this because I’ve heard many pro-choicers claim that the pro-life movement wants to punish women for having sex. Pregnancy is not a punishment.