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‘Sexual reproduction’ activists seek ban on artificial womb

WASHINGTON – Thousands of protesters gathered outside the Capitol today demanding a ban on an artificial womb that allows embryos to grow without a female body, allowing stem cell tissue, organs and perhaps human beings to be cloned in a lab. 634 more words

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Speculation Unlimited Part II: The Creation of Life

While my ideas about the nature of matter are a little bit out there, my ideas about the early stages of life vary little from the established view and as a result my speculation isn’t particularly groundbreaking or controversial.  1,867 more words

Science And Philosphy

A baby is not a punishment for having sex. The natural result of sex is the creation of a new life.

I say this because I’ve heard many pro-choicers claim that the pro-life movement wants to punish women for having sex. Pregnancy is not a punishment.

Are the unborn human?

(Image source: http://www.rationalconclusions.com/citations.embryologyvestigial.asp)

I recently decided to announce that I am pro-life and to share this blog with my friends on Facebook. I did so because I have been silent about my views on abortion, causing people to assume that I am pro-choice (since it’s the default position in our society). 704 more words

Checks and Balances

“Has there ever been a society which has died of dissent? Several have died of conformity in our lifetime.”

Jacob Bronowski

One of the things I often bang on about is the over simplistic application of evolutionary ideas to modern society – you know the stuff – survival of the fittest as an excuse for unbridled capitalism etc. 890 more words

Down sides and advantages of reproduction

Through sexual and asexual reproduction, the parent passes on their traits to their offspring. There can be disadvantages and advantages to both.

A downside to asexual reproduction is that the offspring is the parent’s clone and if the parent has a disorder, so will the offspring since their DNA is identical. 78 more words