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Richard Dawkins on Sexual Reproduction

So the other day I was reading around on the Internet and I found this amazing exchange:

OK, so this is probably not as scintillating a question as the topic heading suggests.

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Christian Apologetics

Why do men exist? (or, Why are left-wing leaders snobs?)

Keith Hudson

The first part of the above title was an arresting headline on today’s ScienceDaily website.  With such a free offering available, I couldn’t resist. 1,188 more words

Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Strategies for gene propagation

After learning about how cells divide to produce gametes (meiosis), and how genetic traits are passed along, we turned our attention to the process of sexual reproduction.   53 more words


What days are the busiest in the Maternity Ward?


This lesson can be used as part of your unit on reproduction, a stand alone lesson to practice collecting and analyzing data, or as part of a math lesson on statistics. 79 more words

Life Science

Chapter 9 Training With Lisa

A muffled shot rings out, she  puts her hand over his mouth,  “Shhhhhh.”  She says to him, “Guns just got a deer. ”

“How do you know?”  Perkins sits up and pushes her off to the side, quickly putting on his pants and shoes.  1,303 more words

Breasts, Buttocks and Valentines

Breasts, Buttocks and Valentines

The evolution of human sexuality is complex as well as mysterious. In fact the general pervasiveness of binary sex in both the animal as well as the plant world is poorly understood. 2,517 more words


Day 81: Consolodation of Sexual Reproduction

Science 9 – Today was a pretty dry day.  Students were prompted to focus on two learning objectives, and had their choice of activities that they wanted to work on.  115 more words

Science 9