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"Passion is what drives you to work for a cause, being a happy person increases your commitment.” - Sarah Soysa

Sarah Soysa is passionate about her work, a feminist working in the field of sexual and reproductive health and gender issues, she is currently reading for her masters in gender and development studies at the University of Melbourne. 806 more words


Women in Iran Reduced to Baby Making Factories

Amnesty International recently released a detailed publication on two proposed laws that are threatening to severely violate women’s human rights in Iran. The aim of these two bills is to increase the Iranian population from 78.5 million to 150-200 million. 1,017 more words

A Human Rights Violation

One woman dies every minute from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth – most of these deaths are PREVENTABLE!

The fact that up to 800 women are dying each day from mostly preventable complications related to pregnancy2 is an absolute human rights violation. 878 more words

Are abortions really pain free?

“100% pain-free abortion” posters can be seen on almost every lamp post and wall in the streets of Grahamstown. A complex procedure is reduced and made to sound so simple. 434 more words

Sexual Health

My Body, My Rights

My Body, My Rights is a global campaign launched by Amnesty international in 2014. It shares the same fundamental aim as us here at Women’s Fight Club: To ensure that all women have access to their sexual and reproductive rights. 149 more words

When the Children Play

Dawn came gusty, as it often did in March, the month of near rains. Because her family lacked the floor space for all its members to lie down, Mwami was asleep on the cupboard, which for years had passed as her bed. 860 more words


Body power

What they don’t tell you is

That it’s all about power

The power to decide how much your time’s worth

The power to decide who gets close… 102 more words