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Men are from Mars - or Somewhere Out There

Men are from Mars This month’s round robin topic asks if certain genres stereotype men and women? Why do I think that happens? Do I do anything to avoid it in my writing? 501 more words

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Who’s Stuck in Dr Semaj’s Boxes?

I got so many amusing responses to my column, “Mi No Want No Woman Look Mi”, published on March 22. It’s amazing how a hot headline can motivate people to read Jamaican. 871 more words

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The folly of faux feminism

Naivety is a common attribute of young people and is only to be expected as they struggle to understand ever more of life’s complexities. Yet, while naivety is excusable, foolishness is harder to accommodate and idiocy is just downright frightening. 278 more words

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In Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure Equality — Everyday Feminism

In Pursuit of Sexual Pleasure Equality — Everyday Feminism.

This virtually begs the question “Why aren’t there more pieces like this readily available?”

In a healthy sexual relationship, partners should 

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Sexual Stereotyping Violates Title VII and State Anti-Discrimination Laws

Can terminating an employee because she didn’t have that “Midwestern girl look” and dressed too much like Ellen DeGeneres, i.e. she wasn’t feminine enough, constitute sex discrimination, in violation of state and federal anti-discrimination laws? 254 more words