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We're Fighting the Wrong Sexual Immorality Battle. Primarily, At Least.

The evangelical army struck back again this past weekend after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the country by a 5-4 majority. Evangelical leaders from Russell Moore to Albert Mohler to Matt Chandler to Randy Alcorn signed a statement, … 853 more words

The Bible

If it's really good, it's worth waiting for!

7 Purity Secrets for People…

People need a decided strategy to reduce the risk. Here are seven secrets to sexual purity that we need to know.

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Journal Entries

We Couldn't Control Ourselves

People who have sinned sexually have a oft used phrase:

We just couldn’t control ourselves”

Believe me, I am the last person to sit and judge someone for loss of control in relationships. 182 more words


Article #83: Same-Sex Attraction and Lust (2 videos)

Our battle with lust, pornography and masturbation depends to a great extent on how we respond when temptation first hits.

If we are going to be serious with God in developing a healthy and authentic sexuality as men, let us prayerfully consider the preliminary suggestions in these two videos. 14 more words

Same-sex Attraction

The Self-Checkout Line and 50 Shades of Grey

So I have a confession.

I encountered the 50 Shades of Grey DVD stand at Kroger last night.

And I was tempted for a good while about whether or not I should get it. 1,639 more words


Striving Against Sin

In my youth, I and my friends used to spend many summer days cooling off in a local swimming hole. There was always the city pool, but sometimes we didn’t have the money for or a ride to the pool, or we just wanted a change of scenery. 1,103 more words


Three Safeguards

It was a dark, rainy night on the Interstate. Rainer was driving alone. Home was over 250 miles away. Hours of driving lay ahead of him. 773 more words

Demonic Attack