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RIP Peep

Honestly, I am not one to usually give a shit about a celebrity death.

But I really want to take the time to acknowledge the overdose and death of Lil Peep. 519 more words


Trigger: Age Play After Orgasm

Last night, Master and I were immersed in a particularly intense little and Big scene. It began as sort of flirtatious before bed chatter, and became a full blown scene. 402 more words


This Is Me Too.

I have been thinking and contemplating on whether I should write this blog. I have opened up to people about these things in my life before and it was thrown back in my face. 671 more words

My First Memory In This World

The very first memory I can recall is of my biological father physically abusing me at age 3 as I stood in a porcelain shower with him. 545 more words


Unspoken (revisited)

i try to type

the words

on the screen

but the backspace key

seems to have a mind of its own

keeps deleting the text… 201 more words


Triggered (revisited)


pain in chest

tears rolling down cheeks

before I even realize I am crying

want to curl up

under the desk

in a tight ball… 107 more words


"What's Wrong With Me?"

For so long I’ve been trying to figure out ‘what’s wrong with me.’ Am I bi-polar like my biological mother? Do I have schizophrenia like my biological aunt? 299 more words