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What's Important Now

I’ve struggled a lot in life to maintain stable relationships and to launch myself onto a career path. What I didn’t understand was that so many of those struggles were rooted in early childhood trauma that I had suppressed for decades. 421 more words


more about therapy

I forgot to write about a few more things with therapy.

I learned that there’s a relationship between addiction and trauma.  The group therapist (who’s also my therapist for individual) didn’t get into it as much but I find it interesting. 361 more words

Medicine Tales Part 6: Down and Out at the Stoned Soul Picnic

I came prepared for anything my fourth and final night of ayahuasca. I huddled under my heavy blanket at my old spot (Michael, bless him, took back his former place by the door). 4,337 more words


Inconvenient Truths and Current Realities

It is a truth universally acknowledged that shit is kind of hitting the fan (that’s a Pride & Prejudice reference and here’s a secret I never read the book even though I love it and I cheated on that test in advanced English). 750 more words

Anxiety Depression Overcoming Obstacles

The comfort of victim-blaming

When people find a need to blame, even if only slightly and indirectly, the victims of sexual trauma, it can be for a variety of reasons. 1,041 more words


Allowing others to define us | Survivor Saturday

Recently I was listening to a podcast that discussed, among other things, the difference between guilt and shame. It gave the example:



I need to write this now.  I can’t wait anymore.  It’s been bothering me so much lately, and I can’t talk with anyone.  I just can’t. 1,112 more words