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Bad Ass Bitch

her losses stacked up like

firewood gathered for a

long cold winter on the front porch

death and abandonment so

prevalent it deserved it’s own theme song… 373 more words


Flashback (Repost)

Flashback is a post that I have reposted a couple of times as my readership increases because I feel that it is that important.  This is dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced flashbacks or loves someone who has them.   526 more words


Beautiful Hell

Inspired by the wonderful Nicholas Osborne, I have taken the plunge into spoken word poetry.  The sound recording for this poem can be found below.  I hope you enjoy. 269 more words


#oblitusverba - Word of the day - obsequious

I watched the woman grovel at the feet of her captor, my stomach churned.

Her hands trembling as her hands rose to give the bastard a drink. 117 more words


"Difficult Women" by Roxane Gay

Pub. Date:   Jan. 3, 2017

Publisher:   Grove Atlantic Press

Sexual trauma is a theme shared by all of the short stories that make up Roxanne Gay’s… 808 more words


Crunchy - Sexual trauma talk

About a week ago I had an intense PTSD experience.

Hubby started tickling me and was talking to me like I was a kid in need of being tickled, then it happened. 284 more words


The Heal Body and Soul Project

Sexual Healing is for everybody. In our society such dualistic reasoning and social conditioning exists. Our society is a mess due to our lack of sexual education and shame based conditioning which doesn’t allow for openness.  226 more words