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the names I have called myself…. Dom/Bold,Beat&Nipless

“You wear your heart up on your sleeve… so watch out for pickpockets” -Big Sean

Naive… because I trusted you with my entire life… i admired you… and even more did I admire your wife because she was the epitome of perfection…so excuse me for not seeing eye to eye with you… well even if i wanted to see eye to eye i can’t…because you have forced my face into this smelly pillow… so many sick fucks in this world… i really wish you were an expecption… I am naive to think your perfect ladys pussy was enough…. 585 more words

The Name They Call Her

Always said with venom

Always intended to punish

“How dare you?!” it asked her

insinuating that she was uppity


a ball breaker

to draw a circle around her body… 90 more words


When you repress your trauma to save your mama…Dom

I always thought you were perfect… your skin, your eyes… your face… and even your lies…

I idolized your deceit… I was your keeper, shackled by an image even you never lived up to, I was always looking to be your favorite, graveling at your feet. 663 more words


Statue of Limitations

I agreed to

The vow of silence

For the protection

Of others

Allowing years

To pass

Letting the statute

Of limitations


No day in court… 11 more words


Home Remedies

I grew up with a utopian level of healthcare. My dad worked for a tech company that invested in things like in-office swimming pools, free gym memberships for the entire family, and health insurance plans that had a $0 copay for all services. 1,610 more words

Sexual Trauma

Dangerous-Jessica Boyles:

Never knowing
Steal some shoes
What is coming
Drive Drunk
When it’s coming 43 more words


The Girl who Freezes/Jessica Boyles

She makes me see
Flashing images
She makes me feel
Pressure, burning and pain
She makes me hear
Their voices
She makes me smell
Body odor and cologne… 29 more words