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The Power of The Feminine

The Aniweda Dream is a dream I had that opened me up to new possibilities and new powers within myself.  It was something that I knew was brewing somewhere deep inside and a for a brief period of my life I lived it.   589 more words


The Girl Who Got Up

Everyone, I’ve been brooding.

It has not been pretty. It’s been days of unwashed hair, regular napping and whining about the things I need to do but haven’t actually done when I should really just admit that I have no intention of accomplishing anything more than this run on sentence. 1,462 more words

Nazi war criminal's black granddaughter, a hidden family past.

Jennifer Teege is the granddaughter of Amon Goeth, the notorious Nazi commandant of Plaszow concentration camp depicted in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Schindler’s List’. Yet it was entirely by chance that she discovered this truth. 143 more words


Prolonged Exposure Therapy Part 1

So I went to the 3rd session of my Prolonged Exposure Therapy. It was the one where I relive/talk about my traumatic experience over and over. 239 more words


When weakness turns to strength

Sometimes you are weak. Pain — be it emotional, physical, or spiritual — can be debilitating. Suffering can take an enormous toll on us.

There can be weakness for a season. 303 more words


There is such a thing as human frailty and need | Survivor Saturday

For awhile, I was on a roll, planning and pre-writing a bunch of blog posts about how some of the things people criticize as a sign of weakness are really nothing of the sort. 1,325 more words


This is my difficult.

My grandmother approached the topic like an airplane coming in for a landing. She circled the point with a story about a talk show episode she’d seen. 1,419 more words