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There's no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin...

Welcome to part 2 of the Sexual Desire Disorder part of our series! This post will focus on the causes and treatment of the group of sexual disorders known as sexual desire disorders. 857 more words



The bravest thing I have ever done was showing up to my grandmother’s funeral. It had been almost four years since I had been in the same room as the man who molested me. 789 more words


Removing the Pain of Sexual Assault

When I awoke, alone, and in a strange bed, I heard the shower running near me.  I looked around the room, not recognizing my surroundings. I turned my head and gazed down at my bare body to find all my clothes gone, dumped in a pile in a corner of the room as if left for the maid. 2,323 more words


Let Me Tell You A Story About A Girl

Let me tell you a story about a girl. A girl who took shit from no one. A girl who held a secret dream. A dream she never shared with anyone. 215 more words



The Sun shined today
The Flowers came forth
The Waters bubbled
The Birds, on a high pitch, crooned
The Trees, with fairy smiles, merry
The Skies, softly glowed… 394 more words


Survivor's guilt

Growing up, when the first perp was around or mentioned, I had to perform the absence of fear. Given his prevalence in my community the first fourteen years of my life–I was in the party of his mother’s wedding–another family member of mine lived with them before boarding school, necesitaba recuperar sola. 354 more words


Down Once More

I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept crying in small, separate bouts.

I cried because an acquaintance of the last guy who I dated reached out to me to tell me my ex was confessing how poorly he treated me. 1,260 more words