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Yesterday night a memory was triggered.

An awful, awful memory that I would’ve loved to have just forgotten along with all the other memories I’d forgotten in my life. 588 more words


You Stole The Key

When I was a kid

I was told to by my mother to wear my heart on my sleeve

So that others could always feel my love and see my happiness when I walked by… 284 more words


Unspoken (revisited)

i try to type

the words

on the screen

but the backspace key

seems to have a mind of its own

keeps deleting the text… 201 more words


Triggered (revisited)


pain in chest

tears rolling down cheeks

before I even realize I am crying

want to curl up

under the desk

in a tight ball… 107 more words


Addiction Is The Memory of Pleasure

Cover of the graphic novel ‘Mauvais Genre‘ by Chloé Cruchaudet 

I read that sentence on the page of a yoga workshop the other day. 746 more words


Gravity/Tales from the PTSD Files (revisited)

Another Saturday

another migraine

another two hour nap

trying to sleep it off

This is becoming a familiar and unwelcome routine

but it is my first migraine in a week… 354 more words


Flashback (revisited)

This prose piece could be triggering for readers with a history of trauma and flashbacks.

It is the flood of emotion that always makes me flee.  484 more words