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The Heal Body and Soul Project

Sexual Healing is for everybody. In our society such dualistic reasoning and social conditioning exists. Our society is a mess due to our lack of sexual education and shame based conditioning which doesn’t allow for openness.  226 more words

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Ah the chaotic nature of my life is serving me well, having grown from performing tantric massage to a new retreat focussed enterprise based two hours from Johannesburg. 606 more words

Heal Body And Soul

Become Body Positive

Welcome to the passionate empowerment of women.  A sacred space for women from where we can re-learn feeling. As we have grown through all the layers of emancipation some of us have become locked down by worker-bee lives, over emasculation, switching of polarities and switching gender roles – making little time for letting go and feeling. 1,151 more words

Heal Body And Soul

Who'll take all your pain?

The last main area of sexual dysfunction is categorized under Sexual Pain Disorders. There are two main disorders that can cause pain during intercourse, making it nearly. 811 more words

Marriage And Relationships

when democracy becomes the trigger

If, like me, you possess a wonderful pair of very sensitive antennas, this may ring true.

In a group setting, I am aware, at all times, of everyone’s state of mind, at every moment. 607 more words

There's no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin...

Welcome to part 2 of the Sexual Desire Disorder part of our series! This post will focus on the causes and treatment of the group of sexual disorders known as sexual desire disorders. 857 more words



The bravest thing I have ever done was showing up to my grandmother’s funeral. It had been almost four years since I had been in the same room as the man who molested me. 789 more words