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When weakness turns to strength

Sometimes you are weak. Pain — be it emotional, physical, or spiritual — can be debilitating. Suffering can take an enormous toll on us.

There can be weakness for a season. 303 more words


There is such a thing as human frailty and need | Survivor Saturday

For awhile, I was on a roll, planning and pre-writing a bunch of blog posts about how some of the things people criticize as a sign of weakness are really nothing of the sort. 1,325 more words


This is my difficult.

My grandmother approached the topic like an airplane coming in for a landing. She circled the point with a story about a talk show episode she’d seen. 1,419 more words

A sexual trauma

Four years ago:

We’d been in some sort of nebulous sexual relationship for a few months, with a prior six-week period before that. The sex was good; we had chemistry. 234 more words

Having and expressing human emotions is not weakness | Survivor Saturday

We aren’t being “emotionally fragile” when we feel human emotions in response to trauma.

Survivors are often labeled, by ourselves or others, as being “weak” or “fragile”. 1,741 more words


We are not fragile or weak | Trauma Tuesday

If you are like me, you may have been labeled fragile and weak. You may have even applied those labels to yourself.

It is time to face the truth. 971 more words


The beginning

It started with that paper cut sensation. By the time I was diagnosed, I had known that it was vulvar vestibulitis. I had a long distance boyfriend at the time in an open relationship and I remember his being unsurprised by the fact that sex had become painful to me; he’d noticed the difference on the last couple visits we’d had. 486 more words