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Anatomy of a Flashback

I come back to myself this morning

find that I am staring at the wallpaper

unconsciously tracing geometric patterns with my fingertip

over and over… 293 more words

Christine/Brave And Reckless

Survivor’s Guilt

Time is slipping away from me

minutes, hours lost

not complete blanks but blurs, periods of fuzzy memory

gaps that I can’t quite fill

My therapist brain dispassionately tells me… 187 more words


Beautiful Hell (Reimagined)

I am a woman most comfortable

living in my head

Ignore that I am tethered

to body

Detached from the swirling storm

of emotion

pretending not to see… 173 more words


Rebel Yell

I have lived

too many years

in eloquent silence

playing something

into nothing

for the preservation

of others’

gold-leafed memories

Denying myself



forgiveness… 72 more words


August 1, 2017

I look at Mama Mary as my model for Beauty, Purity, Goodness, Obedience and Love.

I ask for her prayers as I pour my heart out in this phase of knowing what has been happening in my life. 2,338 more words


We Must Pass Through The Darkness, To Reach The Light

This is going to be by far the most difficult piece I will ever write in my life I am certain. Be warned, this will trigger many. 1,907 more words


Shield Maiden Collaboration: The Burning Bed


memories float about like smoke from a raging wildfire

unsure if I should run or hide

a conflicting desire to hold on and release… 295 more words