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Flashback (revisited)

This prose piece could be triggering for readers with a history of trauma and flashbacks.

It is the flood of emotion that always makes me flee.  484 more words


Badass Bitch (Revisited)

loss stacked up

like firewood gathered for a long cold winter on the front porch

death and abandonment so frequent

that loss deserved it’s own theme song in the soundtrack of her life… 366 more words


Optical Illlusion

my curves have been

morphing into hard lines

with sharp edges

my inner terrain becoming an Escher drawing

stairways going nowhere

no sense of up, of down… 40 more words



We hold onto to our stories

long after the danger has passed

long after we have been liberated

by our own courage

by the intervention of others… 248 more words


Anatomy of a Flashback

I come back to myself this morning

find that I am staring at the wallpaper

unconsciously tracing geometric patterns with my fingertip

over and over… 294 more words


Pins and Needles

Thunder has been rumbling for the last few weeks under my skin

hair standing up on the back of my neck

my arms

a storm has been brewing… 152 more words


Survivor's Guilt

Time is slipping away from me

minutes, hours lost

not complete blanks but blurs, periods of fuzzy memory

gaps that I can’t quite fill

My therapist brain dispassionately tells me… 188 more words