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Unraveled by Him by Wendy Leigh (Book Review)

Unraveled by Him by Wendy Leigh is the kind of BDSM book that had I read it first and not any others, I would probably never have picked up another BDSM book again. 379 more words

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I See Hope

While the pain has been intense and I haven’t been able to see the light, I can now see the hope. My time has been spent with many up’s and down’s but I have now started to see more than just the unending hurt. 92 more words

Coping With The Past

There are those not strong enough to partner fully with us | Trauma Tuesday

We see it in your eyes: pity, sorrow, pain, cluelessness. You mean well, but you have no idea.

We feel for you, really we do — far more than you realize — but we struggle with impatience at your naïvety and ignorance. 892 more words


When God was a victim

Yes, I know…Good Friday is past. But I just found this today and think that it is a profound message for the church — on every Sunday. 57 more words


Purity culture mirrors sexual abuse

Most likely if you are an evangelical, you are recovering from the amount of sexual trauma of someone who was sexually abused as a child.

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A Chorus of You Are Worthy

Yesterday found me climbing the stairs of the MSU Union with a heavy box and an umbrella. It was raining and I had about 5 minutes to get myself to the room filled with about 25 people who registered for my Militant Self-Care Workshop. 680 more words


x138 (done)

I’m done asking questions.

For just over three years now, I’ve been praying daily for closure and for the courage and strength to ask questions. Someone I spoke to that December told me to “be selfish, ask questions, and don’t worry about people’s responses.” And yet, when I tried to talk to people (including the person who gave me that advice) about the possible history of the suspected offender, I got nothing. 305 more words

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