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I am keeping myself distracted to avoid dwelling

I am dealing with my first difficult trauma anniversary this weekend. To get me through this I am keeping myself distracted with social engagements. I’m facetiming my friend Christiaan tonight and then I’m seeing a French film with Sonia tomorrow, I’m spending time with Rachel and our other friends on Saturday and I am spending the day with Danielle and having a sleepover with her on Sunday. 8 more words

Sometimes you have to do what's right for you

I have been feeling under a lot of pressure from people in my life depending on me. Someone I recently met kept turning to me about her sexual trauma as we had been through similar stuff. 57 more words

4 Things to remember around anger

How do you write about something that people are afraid to see? How to you expose an undermining, but insidious, practice? How do you change peoples’ minds? 280 more words

Mental Health

For husbands of survivors| Trauma Tuesday

This short video is an excellent resource for Christian husbands of survivors, although I would urge caution about one of the recommendations made by the speaker. 606 more words


A letter to someone I used to care about so much who once hurt me so deeply

To the guy who hurt me so much,

As it has been almost a year now since what happened between us ended and you were violent towards me I thought it would be fitting to write this no send letter to express my feelings towards you. 184 more words

Instructions For The Girl Who Finds Herself Drowning

The first time you dug your body into the shore of my bed, your fingers curled around sand and left silhouettes even the tallest waves couldn’t reach. 129 more words


Flashbacks on the Shed Floor

The last thing I remember was pulling down Senka’s arts and crafts down from the high shelf because she wanted her coloring books.

Next, I remember laying down on some kind of a wood floor, a man kissing me, making shushing noises, telling me to please be quiet. 285 more words