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Monogamous And Nonmonogamous Men's Brains Respond Differently To Romantic Images

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There is quite a bit of diversity in people’s tendencies toward (non)monogamy, from those perfectly satisfied with one lifelong relationship, to those who seek—and sometimes obtain—hundreds or thousands of partners. 596 more words

Money Matters

Religion will rock you

Should religion be a sexual experience? I am not talking about sex magick or orgies that are the part of some covens (or so I am told). 723 more words


France targets sexual harassment with on-the-spot fines

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An employee of Prosegur works in the “3117” emergency call centre against sexual harassment on transport at the Saint-Lazare train station, in Paris, France March 20, 2018. 503 more words

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The Sexual Health of Our Communities

Many people have become alienated from discussing the sexual health of our communities. There are literally large industries such as the entertainment industry and government that sometimes blocks Heterosexual people from entering the ranks. 190 more words

More than 200 powerful people have been accused of sexual misconduct in the past year. Here’s a running list.

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The list keeps getting longer.

Over the past year, more than 200 powerful people — celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and others — have been the subject of… 150 more words