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10-year-old India rape victim gives birth to baby girl

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NEW DEHLI: A 10-year-old rape victim whose plea for an abortion was rejected by India’s Supreme Court has given birth to a baby girl, a doctor said Thursday (Aug 17). 201 more words

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Rhythm & Blasphemy

Too many times/has my mind thought of you/contorted like circus acts/in the playground of bedrooms/dressed in your flesh/and sweat/calling my name/with your glistening thighs/clutched against my waist/whispering/into my ear/as we move in rhythm/along with the playlist/I know what your breathing is like/from the inside/too many times/fantasies have ruined me/you gave me your back/and the earth your hands/my right hand/through the foliage of your hair/the Amazon of your wisdom/I speak poetics/my left hand/cusped on your waist/I have dug deep enough/to find your soul/to be your soul/too many times/have I eaten between your thighs/tasted of your forbidden fruit/fertile crescent/waterfalls down my beard/I have tasted you/laying down/standing/on my knees like prayer/behind you/as you've tasted me/simultaneously/my mind has known your centimeters/and my hands/have not stopped shaking/my lips/have not not stopped quivering/my soul/hungers for you/it calls for you/like expeditions.


Swift's testimony an inspiration for others

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NEW YORK • She has sold millions of albums and heard stadiums full of fans chant her lyrics at sold-out concerts around the world. 999 more words

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Zyflex Review Male improvement formulation disorders in order to revive The person’s virility and sexual probable All in the Mattress spot. Males of any age and Proper Bodily statures can use these alternate possibilities to hold the Electrical and measurement within their clientele, which could convey about a much more gratifying good experience Together with the 2 abilities. 439 more words

Victim mentality.

TRIGGER WARNING: mild/moderate references to sexual abuse, in regard to someone I know.

Today we’re discussing victim mentality, because it has dawned on me that my ex-bf Leo is a victim. 677 more words


I will not save you/I will not attempt/you do not need salvation from me/you have yourself for such tasks/magnificent Queen/I can not save your soul/I am tainted flesh/I am a rotten soul/my body knows sin too well/and I am not here for salvation/accept my downfall/an angel without grace/give me you/in abundance/sin is non transferable/and I will love you/till the Rapture/to the moment Jesus smites me/I will love you in every facet of time/yes I will love you/I give you all of me/an angel without wings/I am here for you/to love you/for when I fell from Heaven/it's because I loved humanity too much/and I have loved you/ since your first life/and all your lives in between/God blessed me with damnation/so I may love you.


Confused Why Women Dont Report Sexual Assault? Ask Kesha.

On Friday afternoon, a judge settled against Kesha s entreaty to be liberated from her contract with Sony. That contract commits the 28 -year-old pop star to making six more recordings with the company, and thus relation her to a producer she announces sexually aggression her. 58 more words