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Carolina Panthers Racist Owner Jerry Richardson selling team end of year

with charges of Racial and Sexual going down at the Carolina Panthers headquarters

the only Owner in team history is selling the team

and there is more at stake than what is being reported. 53 more words


Thoughts of a Luner Petal 6

Up late on a moonless night

Still, I find myself in reminisce

I really miss your kisses, after every fight

It’s none of my business but do they lips make your heart go the distance, 150 more words


Doug Jones: It’s time to "move on" from Trump sexual misconduct allegations

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If Senate Democrats were hoping for another voice calling for President Donald Trump’s resignation over sexual misconduct allegations, they’re not going to find it in Doug Jones. 584 more words


‘Bad Santa’ Director: The Weinsteins Blacklisted Mira Sorvino From My Movie Too

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“Bad Santa” director Terry Zwigoff stepped forward to say that Harvey and Bob Weinstein asked him not to even consider Mira Sorvino for his 2003 dark comedy. 277 more words


Minnie Driver Slams Matt Damon Over Sexual Misconduct Comments: 'SERIOUSLY?'

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Minnie Driver is not happy about Matt Damon’s controversial new interview, in which he asserted that the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations don’t all cary the same weight. 669 more words


The 4 biggest policy stories of the week, explained

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An eventful week in Washington opened with Democrats scoring an upset defeat in a Senate race in deep-red Alabama, only to close with Republicans crossing the t’s on the centerpiece of their 2017 legislative agenda. 880 more words