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Camera, Lights , Action

Flash , flash the lights go,
My face is not shown,
As the lens capture my body,
And you speak to my soul.
I pose as your muse, as my hands touch my naked body as a rouse to get you amused. 50 more words


"I have much more respect for girls that fuck when they want to fuck, with no regard for probably misguided pieces of conventional wisdom."

Disclaimer: These were supposed to be anonymous contributions but I know S. and he was interested in contributing once he found out about the site. In case you’re interested S. 3,453 more words

Escape Velocity

Who can truly say, when butts and nuts meet?

…i have no idea about what i’m talking

*                *                *

The Cage Match is BACK! Check out my comparative review of… 22 more words


Sexual assault and harassment is NOT okay.

I’ll start by defining the difference between sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is when someone makes you feel uncomfortable due to a sexual nature. 4,236 more words

Dennis Cooper

I would never be a gay man
who wrote “The Tenderness of Wolves”
Afraid of obscenity
running frantic
from the most pleasurable
essence of
reality… 111 more words



When that pussy is good location means nothing,
Pull her legs apart and pull that skirt up a little,
Rub slowly through the lacey material , until she moans . 19 more words


Basically, I'm Pissed And Decided to Rant About Opposite Sex Friendships Because Why Not?

I’ve grown tired of writing blog posts. That’s why I don’t post anymore and honestly I couldn’t give a fuck if anyone read this post, liked it, commented on it, follow my blog, etc. 667 more words