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[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,” 3,587 more words


13 Reasons Why

According to the rules of socially responsible writing I should be putting up a warning about everything and anything in this post that might upset someone, and I’m not. 2,112 more words

Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

I write this with swollen eyes and short breath after an outbreak of constant crying, a flood of worries and a storm of blame. 611 more words


In Withdrawal

This feeling
A last wish
From a sinful kiss

As I leave you

As I feel you

Warmth slipping away
An ecstatic grip… 25 more words


Sexual harassment 🙅🏻

Hey guys ! Today I wanted to talk about a very serious subject which includes sexual harassment. This happens everyday, everywhere, and It happens to men and women. 258 more words


When do you really hit sexual peak?

You’d be forgiven for assuming that your sex life peaks in your twenties. After all, these are often the carefree years of one-night stands, friends with benefits and first true loves. 120 more words