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"Some girls are just trouble, dear" - A short story about how the other half live.

Trigger warning: Child sexual abuse, trafficking, rape, trauma, neglect, gender based violence.

I wrote this poem at 00:35 one night last week whilst thinking about the way children experiencing significant traumas and abuse are brought up side-by-side with children in safe, loving and healthy environments. 909 more words



No os parece un poco raro que aún haya gente que piensa que esa palabra es un insulto, a mi si. Los homosexuales son personas, no son marionetas a las que podéis utilizar a vuestro gusto, insultar y tratarlos como queráis son personas con sentimientos, a vosotros os gustaría que os insulten que os traten como quieren,no verdad, pues no lo hagáis vosotros respetar con respeto haremos un mundo mejor. 14 more words


Where Are You

I realize I’m lonely whenever I get home

Seeing all these “#relationshipgoals”,

and I get stuck asking myself who’s the one for me coz it sucks to be alone… 155 more words


Did You Know (4)

4. It Provides A Language For Understanding Union With Christ

A Bible scholar named D. A. Carson writes, “It is as if the only pleasure and intimacy in this life that comes close to anticipating the pleasure of the church and her Lord being perfectly united on the last day is the sexual union of a good marriage” (Love in Hard Places, 191). 171 more words

PD Speaks

Limerick #10

What started as an innocent kiss

Boiled to lust I couldn’t dismiss.

So my silver-tongued mouth

Went further down South,

And I ate her holes like a slice of Swiss.


Sexual Aggression Against Children: Pedophiles' and Abusers' Development, Dynamics, Treatability, and the Law

In Sexual Aggression Against Children: Pedophiles’ and Abusers' Development, Dynamics, Treatability, and the Law, Drs. Blackman and Dring use multiple psychoanalytic principles to answer, “Why do people sexually abuse children?” and “Why are most abusers male”?  54 more words


I was sexually harassed

“Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favours.”

I know a lot of people find it really hard to talk about being sexually harassed, but I’ve never found it hard to speak about what happened to me.

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