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A friend witnessed my rape and did nothing.

“I know you’re home I can see the light on.”

“If you don’t answer the door I’ll burn it down.”

“Answer the fucking door.”

“If you tell anyone you know what will happen.” 2,712 more words


Daddy's Girl

Daddy was in his office, a place little girls like me were not allowed unless it was very important. I had showered and put on my night shirt, nothing fancy just a red scoop neck short sleep shirt just below my ass cheeks. 1,260 more words


Supporting the Arts

The slam poet points in my general direction

and says “This one’s for the ladies”

The hulking smartass next to me counters,

“Yo, why you gotta point at me? 60 more words


It Must Be a Dream

I am sitting alone in this dim dank bar. There are rough and tumble working-men all around me. I feel a little like pray in a lion’s den… but I like it. 1,072 more words



Part 1

Welcome and thank you for dropping by. I trust you are well. Excellent, so to get to the point, you wanted to hear a story. 6,685 more words



I did the same old routine that I usually do and went into my self-hypnosis/meditation relaxation method. After I attained the trance state I heard and felt the presence of heavy breathing. 499 more words

Dream Journal

His Office

He told me to meet him at his office after work which wasn’t unusual, Sir and I often met after work and wandered down the river for dinner together. 1,111 more words