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Did I ever tell you how much I love Prince?

I can’t get enough of him. Hoping he’s getting funky in the afterlife.


[Video] Madriza Segura por Faltarle Al Respeto a una Mujer

Noticion de Ultima Hora: Aguas con los hombres que andan Tocando a las Mujeres.

Una Mujer, se defendio a Capa y Espada de un Hombre que la Toco y le Falto al Respeto…Nombreee, Se Lo Madrio Bien y Bonito!! 29 more words


There Are Monsters In The Closets

You know I always wondered if some of the crazy stories that people tell when in college were true when I was younger. While I cannot speak for those people who love to exaggerate their stories, I can only speak for my own personal encounters(for the most part). 2,622 more words

Rules of the House

  1. Sertraline – 150mg
  2. Bupropion – 75mg
  3. Clonazepam – 0.5mg
  4. Brexpiprazole – 2.0mg

Dearest House Guest:

In order to ensure I am not triggered, no talking about the following subjects; including news, movies, books, etc.: 235 more words


140 Words #6

I spun around on the pebbles and rode off as fast as I could, hoping I’d escape him – and yet hoping he’d catch me up. 117 more words



sex is

in your
slip, slip,
slippery world

where heads can
spin 360

without demon


Morning Thoughts of a Sadomasochist

I’m a sadomasochist I like to give and get pain
I want to pull you by you hair and call you out of your name… 58 more words