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Human Evolution? Sex with plants? Seriously???

I must admit that I’ve had to read the article at the below link a couple of times just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of April Fool’s joke but apparently it is real. 369 more words

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You are queer enough

Our curator Karen Pollock puts out a heartfelt plea for LGBTQ+ people to stop excluding those who don’t meet arbitary standards from the community.

Another day, another media platform positioning one sexual identity as “better” than another, this time… 822 more words


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Something that has been very frustrating navigating is feeling like I have to defend my (bi)sexuality to pan friends and peers, especially when the conversation circles around the idea of bisexuality not feeling like enough for others. That's okay. It is more than enough for me, and I feel at home in my identity, and it is important to uphold that and not let systemic biphobia be something that persists, internalized in me.

Do Dress Codes Create Harmful Expectations?

Dress codes, one of the worst parts about school. Thankfully, I do not go to a school where a dress code is required, I can wear whatever I want. 250 more words


On the Nashville Statement

Social media has been on fire in response to the Nashville Statement. As you’ve undoubtedly read by now, folks are lining up to either sign the statement or denounce it. 800 more words

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My Coming Out Story

The following is the letter I sent to friends and family members in June of 2017, the month I turned 24. While this is how and when I felt comfortable coming out to several of my friends and family there is no “correct” or “incorrect” way or time to come out: Everyone is on their own journey. 

5,319 more words
Sexuality & Gender

I'm a Lesbian

I’ve heard so many people’s coming out stories where the reality of coming out was so painful because of the mindsets and ignorance of the people around them and the very real circumstances of their reality. 345 more words

Sexuality & Gender

Human Sperm Count Drops! Human Extinction Possible!....NOT!!

An article appearing in the BBC is claiming researchers assessing results from 185 studies conducted between 1973-2011 are claiming significant sperm count drops in men could lead to EXTINCTION of the human race!   340 more words