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Jivaro: The People of the Shrunken Head

Yesterday I blogged about a people known as the Yanomamo and today I want to blog about a people who live in the deep Amazon Rainforest known as the Jivaro. 1,558 more words


Male Sexuality H/T to Robert Lindsay

I smash one more insane Cultural Left lie below. The Cultural Left regularly states as one of its theorems that most if not all gay men get turned on by females on a regular basis.

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Sexuality & Gender

Equipping Youth Ministers

This past week I had the opportunity to equip youth ministers in their ministry to LGBT+ youth. I was at the National Youth Worker’s Convention… 412 more words

Sexuality & Gender

Straight White Men and Gay Men

My answer to this question on Quora: Forget all the nutty SJW Gay Politics types answering here. One of the big lies of Gay Identity Politics is that gay men don’t act any differently from straight men.

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Sexuality & Gender