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Question for Readers

Relationships can begin in many different ways. Today the most popular way seems to be by dating sites. I have used paid for sites and free sites. 262 more words


So, I Was Wrong! Given: Mid-Season Review Pt. I: Facing the Past and Understanding Sexuality

Hi! So I have a confession to make…

I was wrong about Given. If you remember in one of my latest posts I told you, “I bet this is going to be cute”… but I was wrong. 1,709 more words



Okay, so I’m gonna begin this blog with a simple question but yet an interesting one.

Have you ever seeked approval of another person ( maybe opposite sex) or been sexually involved with a person only because you were either too sad; bored or wanted to discover and try new things under the label of ” You live life only once and” or “I’m still young so I want to try new things “ 504 more words

Some things to chew on

I just came across an insightful post, that is well worth reading, about part of why we keep losing the culture war:


I also came across this comment by… 216 more words

Homosexuality: Questions and Answers


So, firstly, my site isn’t popular enough to actually garner questions. Instead, I’ll address common questions and wait for people to ask any they have after they read my post on homosexuality. 3,154 more words

Eastern Orthodoxy

Homosexuality: Investigation

One of the more sensitive topics in Christianity concerns homosexuality, and it’s an issue not universally addressed just like many theological doctrines (e.g., predestination, eschatology, and more). 2,382 more words

Eastern Orthodoxy

The middle aged, trans genderqueer, queer, feminist, disabled, cyborg...

Hi blog reading buddies! My name is Raven Magahan. I am a middle aged, genderqueer, queer, disabled, cyborg. “Whoa!” I hear you cry… “wtf is all of that?” So there is no misunderstanding I’m going to go through it one at a time. 1,085 more words