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how can you turn me on
when i’ve never met you
you bitter… called us all hoes
but i’d still let you
hit it
maybe… 157 more words

Female Power

Sexualization of Girls in the Black Community

The defamation and degradation of the black woman in today’s society seem to help mold part of the very foundation on which this nation was built. 2,362 more words

African American

Sex: Female (i.e. Sexual Distraction)

by Venée Hummel

Somewhere along the way, the relationship that girls have with our bodies shifts– through puberty, naturally, but also our emotional and psychological understanding of our bodies and its meaning. 1,351 more words


Pornography has its place, and it's a surprising one

A University of Montreal researcher set out to compare the attitudes of men in their 20s who had viewed online pornography with those who hadn’t. That study had to be cancelled, because 100 per cent of the subjects admitted to viewing this type of material. 805 more words

Health And Fitness

Gay and Lesbian Fever

…And the king gave his people excess freedom.

Men to lain with men,

And women with women,

And hens with hens,

And roosters with roosters. 22 more words


Cutting the Cord

I have a sign which says, my son’s name at the top and then:  “God’s Gracious Gift” …I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He. 403 more words