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The time I was a sex worker happened to intersect with the era of custom motorcycle TV shows. Choppers were everywhere, and all the rich douchebags at the time had to have one. 859 more words


My Magical Girls (Part 1)

Okay, so I wanna talk a bit about this magical girl story (comic maybe) I’m working on, cause why not?

Originally the theme, if you wanna call it that, was based off of the fashion subculture Lolita and I called it Battle Mode-ST (a play on the word modest since the fashion is about modesty and such). 243 more words


Sexuality Part Trois

So after my previous two posts on sexuality, I thought I’d better finish the story here with tales of my failed sexual exploits with transgender people. 803 more words



There are 3 disrespectful words that you can say to a man that you are dating. Those 3 words are “Can we cuddle”. How dare you ask a man to do something so intimate without a title ? 197 more words

Sexuality Part Deux

Brett Anderson, the frontman with indie-rockers Suede, once famously said that he was a “bisexual who’s never had a homosexual experience”.

This was about 20 years ago, if not more, and I have no idea if he’s popped his boy-cherry yet. 509 more words


Five Ideas to Remove Stress from Holiday Shopping

Often, trying to find a perfect gift for someone during the Christmas shopping season is difficult. It can make people worry and cause harm to their health. 667 more words

I’ve Known Since I was 5: An LGBTQ+ Stereotype

One of the most damaging stereotypes about being LGBTQ+ is the belief that all LGBTQ+ people know from a young age that they are LGBTQ+. 653 more words