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When God Was a Rabbit

When God Was a Rabbit is such a beautiful book it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

The book revolves around the protagonist, Eleanor or Elly, from her birth in the late 1960’s to her life in her mid-thirties. 405 more words


My Bi Story: The Discovery

So, I haven’t always known that I was bi.

In fact, I never quite accepted that it was real and valid until I had my first sexual experience with a woman earlier this year, which is pretty fucked up if you ask me, but I have lived in a society where bisexuality is a myth and I had convinced myself that I would never know until I tried. 1,009 more words


How Modesty Made Me Fat

This isn’t a story about how modest clothes allowed me to “let myself go” and conceal a growing figure. It’s not even a story about how wearing modest clothes kept my self-esteem at rock bottom and thrust me into a too-close relationship with Ben & Jerry. 1,399 more words


Nuggets On Women's Need For Dominance

Happiest woman is who is slave to a dominant alpha male. And that is the only way a woman is contented in life.

Serving an alpha male and mother his offspring is the purpose of woman’s life. 303 more words

The Red Pill

Strip Clubs and Halloween

I think the reason women have more freedom to divulge/break away from any type of cisgender or hetero-normative role it comes down to whether or not they fit the ‘male gaze’ concept we talked about little back. 275 more words


Boys, what are they good for?

Absolutely nothing.

Kidding, I’m not trying to alienate any male readers here! I’m sure boys are good for lots of things but they definitely aren’t for me. 715 more words



I have to get the off my chest because it’s something I’ve noticed, but have talked about, for a while. To start, I am asexual and aromantic, most often it’s easier to just say Ace and leave it at that without further explanation. 409 more words