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Straight/Cis Privilege

Sexual orientation describes the gender or genders of people that someone may be emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to. The levels of attraction one might experience for a gender or multiple genders may vary depending on the person, if they experience attraction at all. 591 more words

Next Steps

Well my bitches, the weekend is over. (For some of my not so gentle readers it probably already is Monday in fact).

The last year or so has been an exciting ride for sure. 170 more words

Non-binary Gender Types

Out Like a Lamb: Day 15: Relationships and Lurv

Human beings affiliate with each other for a variety of reasons, from building houses to playing sports. But when we talk about “relationships” we are usually talking about people who affiliate with each other for mutual pleasure, intimacy, and conversation. 945 more words


A Balanced Approach to Gender Relations - Part I

Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest swordsmen of all time, taught that you become a warrior when you stop trying to become a warrior.  It’s all very zen-ish, and it took me years to understand what he meant.  2,103 more words


Episode 01

Well, it’s done. First podcast recorded and uploaded to PodBean. You can listen here: Podcast #1

If you want to have your question answered, feel free to shoot an e-mail out to awkwardsex outlook com. 102 more words

Podcast Episodes

Shades of Pink #2 - The Invisible Orgams

Continuing with my series on sexuality (Shades of Pink).

SOFP #2 – The Invisible Orgasm

Audience: For the gents 

The non-orgasmic orgasm is a subject rarely ever spoken about so I thought I’d do my best to elucidate on the subject. 793 more words



I was talking to someone the other day about sexuality and they raised a great point. They said that there are a broad amount of sexualities that people may identify with; and these are more widely known about in these times than they have been in the past. 418 more words