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The Women That Society Wants vs Who We Really Are

By: Ashira Johnson

Look at these two women. Can you tell just by looking at them what their lives are like, how smart they are, how much money they make, or the type of person they are in general? 397 more words

Being Gay in a Religious Household

By: Anonymous 

My brother is sixteen.

What a sweet age that is.

He has always been a drama queen.

Always throwing a hiss.

He came out a year ago which wasn’t unseen. 53 more words


BOOK: Findlay on Race and Sexuality in Puerto Rico

Eileen Findlay, Imposing Decency: The Politics of Sexuality and Race in Puerto Rico, 1870-1920. Duke University Press, 1999.

via Duke U Press: 300 more words


THE ANDROGEN - Societal Progression

Androgyny = a teaspoon of common sense, a tablespoon of sweetness, a pinch of sass and a touch of class. We are always quick to conclude with our own definition, this is something I have contemplated on more than two or three occasions basically being a mass personality trait. 779 more words

Life is a Dance

Life is a dance and when you can begin to play with this concept, you’ll experience the flow of life like never before.

Circumstance occurs in your favor, stacking upon each other in synchronized fashion like magic! 128 more words


[VIDEO] Young Japanese People are Not Having Sex

Nearly a third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, leaving the country facing a steep population decline.

Greg Wilford reports: Nearly a third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, according to research. 287 more words


Reflections of a Mostly Bisexual

When I was younger, I used to get up and watch the stars.  

It was fifth grade.  The beginning of my efforts to keep a notebook- whenever you feel like writing, I told myself, whatever you want to write- and while sometimes it ended up ridiculous, I always kept it.   867 more words