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Sexuality on The Creek

What is fascinating is the way film and sexuality overlap in life. Opportunities to discuss sexual desire interlace film and television and fiction. From the first episode sexuality was part of the DNA of The Creek.  1,316 more words

Dawson's Creek

One foot in each world.

Over the past year and a half, a lot has happened in regards to LGBT rights in the United States. Namely that same-sex marriage was federally legalized. 565 more words


Fuckboys and Fuckgirls

Disclaimer : Again I talk on behalf of a heterosexual relationship, however please read with your desired pronouns in mind.

We all know I like to keep it hip and trendy here on the blog of Paige and… 1,286 more words

No. 5 | Campus Crush

I try to find comfort in the assumption that I am not the only gay kid who’s had a crush on a straight boy. Another disadvantage of being in the closet is misusing your gaydar as an I-wish-you-were-gaydar. 984 more words


Excerpt from "Who Wants to Marry a Savant?"

He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to knock me up or blow my brains out.

Or both.


Samantha Bee reviews the great debate

Let’s reflect on the faux billionaire turd muncher’s debate performance:

Yes, Hillary won handily.

Which means Trump supporters are convinced he crushed her. Because this year, we live in a parallel universe where a blue sky to one group is a red sky to another. 17 more words