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Google Reverses Move To Censor Nude, Sexually Explicit Material On 'Blogger'

MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS/AP) — Google is backing off a decision to conceal sexually explicit material on its Blogger service in reaction to an outcry from people incensed about the censorship of their nude photos. 116 more words


Google Reverses Content Policy Prohibiting Adult Content On Blogger Platform

In an abrupt about-face, Google announced early Friday morning that it would reverse a content policy change made just three days earlier that banned the users of the Blogger platform from sharing sexually explicit or graphic nudity on their sites. 209 more words

Google Changes Content Policy To Prohibit Adult Material On Blogger Platform Starting March 23

Starting next month all users of Google’s Blogger platform must adhere to a more stringent content policy, which includes banning users from sharing sexually explicit or graphic nudity on their sites. 332 more words

'Outcast' by Diana Gabaldon

I am truly surprised that this book appears in the top 100 books to read! I want to be positive about it and find something redeeming to say, but the only phrase that comes to mind is what a load of absolute trite! 1,276 more words

American Authors

Loaf of Bread: Quantity or Quality

I’m going to jump right into it; I may or may not have a track record for being a tad on the sexually scandalous side. But what does this really entail? 1,187 more words

Of Bare Beaches, Bawdy Billboards, And Affairs of State: Why we’re (unfortunately) more like Europe than we think

Ever heard this one before? “America is so prudish! Why, in Europe they have bare-breasted women in advertisements and no one bats an eye. They even have nude beaches all over the place! 1,057 more words


Zoning for "adult use" businesses a local priority

HAMPTON, Iowa – It’s a hot button topic that was getting plenty of attention at the end of 2014 and continues to be in a local county. 179 more words