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Drunk Distractions

I went to Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party. Nothing spectacular happened, but it was fun. Here is a short story about taking a Lyft back to the hotel room. 253 more words

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'Fifty Shades Darker' Movie Review

Again, I didn’t read any of the books yet I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st installment to this franchise. Now, the storyline is weak in this sequel yet how many women are watching for a storyline, IJS. 94 more words

Drama Movie

Jeju Loveland (NSFW)

Jeju Loveland is a sex-themed park in South Korea.

The photos that follow are arguably not safe for work, so keep that in mind before you scroll down. 215 more words

And Where I've Been

Creative Writing - knife play

Written some time ago, I present this is semi-fictional, a collection of things I’ve done with sharp pointy things, but not all together with the same person, as presented here. 4,357 more words


The Mysterious Car

A woman investigates a mysterious car flashing its lights in the middle of the dark. 510 more words

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Ghosts of Christmas past

Today I would like to share a semi-fictional story, based on a real event.
It all begins at a Christmas party, many years ago…

GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST –  a semi-fictional tale. 2,034 more words

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