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Rules Of Sex - The Responsibility

What does super glue and sex have in common? More than you think! Don’t miss this third episode of the series on Rules Of Sex, Eduardo will take a deep look at the spiritual side of sex and encourage you! 116 more words


Rules Of Sex - The Master

Suppose you were a slave in a household for many years and you longed to be free. Finally, one day, you are freed. Would you go next door and submit again to slavery? 149 more words


Rules of Sex - The Gift!

Since SEX is a topic we hear and read about everywhere else, doesn’t it make sense we hear about it here as well? Since people, especially youth, are being told to equate sexuality with identity and to wear… 143 more words


Titanium - Fiction

You are useless, you know?” I heard my mother’s voice break through the static as she adjusted the television antenna to make the picture clearer. 42 more words


'Sausage Party' Movie Review

This is definitely NOT for children. What else should one expect in a Seth Rogen and gang film? This crew usually produces a film each year and raunchy is what should be expected yet this time is food in a grocery store. 57 more words

Comedy Movie

"Underground Album"

Underground Album (D.A.C., 1982)

Underground Album was American outlaw country musician David Allan Coe’s 21st studio album. The album was released as a mail order album, which was sold through the back pages of the motorcycle magazine, Easyriders or through the concession stands at his shows. 75 more words


Rauch, sleeze and thirst taking over Kenyan music industry

Some music videos have been banned worldwide for having sexually explicit content (Photo courtesy of youtube.com)

By Jeanne Ongiyo

The news that a popular Ugandan singer was arrested in November 2014 over a song that apparently angered the government came as a shock to me as I wondered whether it was a political song judging from the images of the singer online. 916 more words