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It was nearly midnight at the bar….the band was winding up for the night but there was still a huge crowd milling around…. Drunken men and women chatting each other up before closing time….. 594 more words

Sexually Explicit


Candy was feeling a little down because tomorrow was her birthday…. Not one to get overly bitter and twisted about it she decided to celebrate it with a Bang…… 767 more words

Sexually Explicit


Joe got out of the shower and was naked except for a towel which was wrapped around his waist….. He walked into the bedroom and Candy was sitting on the bed naked….. 425 more words

Sexually Explicit


Tom was my new lover…..a lovely guy but not much upstairs…. A lot younger by 28 years…..handsome…..buff……and a huge uncut cock….He could lick pussy like a legend and fuck like a champion……. 400 more words

Sexually Explicit

Bound To Be Used

Bound To Be Used
by Kilted Wookie

The cold metal links dug into her wrists as he pulled the chain tight to the end of the bed. 505 more words


Rim Job: A Dirty Paradelle

Warning: Sexually explicit. Please do not read if you’re bothered by that.

I rip off your skimpy underpants.

I rip off your skimpy underpants

to expose the globes of your butt cheeks, 152 more words


I first saw you bending over my office desk …..WOW….. your arse was firm and muscular…..just the way I like it…

You catch me staring as you turn around….and give a cheeky grin….your face is masculine…. 473 more words

Sexually Explicit