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Straight, No Chaser: STDs – Gonorrhea

Some of you are old enough to remember when Gonorrhea was called ‘The Clap’, but do any of you know why it was called that? Read on for the answer. 788 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

April is STD Awareness Month. Do you know your status?

Talk. Test. Treat. Those are three simple things you can do to protect your health. Most people don’t really want to talk about sexually transmitted diseases, but the truth is that a hidden epidemic of STDs is happening in this country now. 523 more words

Public Health

Feminists Celebrate Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Feminists are celebrating STDs as a womens’ rights cause. No, this is NOT a joke.

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Straight, No Chaser: The Medical Complications and Medication Treatment of Alcoholism


There are interesting commonalities of certain drugs like alcohol and cigarettes. One is users that really enjoy them are able to do so for a long time while being oblivious to the growing danger those activities pose. 568 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Breaking News: Ebola confirmed in Guinea

The World Health Organisation confirmed no more cases of Ebola but today two cases have been confirmed in  N’zerekore Prefecture, Guinea.

There had been no re-emergence of Ebola since in Guinea which was in fact one of the worst countries to be hit by Ebola. 94 more words


I think we're ready to have a baby

Personally, I’m now being faced with, ” If you get pregnant, I’ll marry you.” :-) I want a baby but I’m not going to get pregnant so he can, 1,002 more words


Review: Black Hole by Charles Burns

I’ve had a nasty cold recently, which has at least allowed me plenty of time in bed with books.  I’d got Black Hole by Charles Burns… 540 more words