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Eye Candy of the Week | September 25, 2016

This week is a two for one special on Arabian belly dancers. If only we got to see the beauty of Middle Eastern women more often, rather than having them hidden all the time. 85 more words

Eye Candy Of The Week

Gigi Hadid just went to bat for herself in the most ideal way

Envision you’re strolling to your auto with your sister, tending to your very own concerns. At that point, unexpectedly, a man approaches you from behind, snatches you and lifts you up. 213 more words

The Evolution of Sluts - Part 2

So, whilst I was drafting part 1 of the Evolution of Sluts post – and though I didn’t intend to do a part 2, I found myself reading… 534 more words

Female Body

The Evolution of Sluts

Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?

Basically, a movement to objectify women as sluts has won (or is winning).

There is a movement out there that seeks to enable women to be as free as men. 485 more words


The Feminine Form

Everybody knows the feminine form is beautiful.

This is why hers is always used to sell things in advertising, amongst other things.

We know in Islam (and in other religions where the believers want to follow scripture more firmly) there ought to be a restrictions on how much of her form is visiible to strangers (there are rules for men and rules for women). 132 more words

Female Body