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Loose Waves

Loose waves are my go-to hairstyle because they make a great base for other styles, and they are so easy to wear.  Even in bad weather or if it is windy outside! 363 more words

Hair And Beauty

Far From Perfect: except my curls-they are on fleek

Let me stop you right there. You may get the wrong impression about me, I’m not perfect or live a perfect life. Seems I have a habit of only sharing the good in my life and that paints a really off-balance picture of what it’s like to be me. 792 more words

Beautiful Thursday-MacGuyvering Your Hair Through a Busy Day

I don’t want to piss off my fellow stylists, but I am a very busy single mother of three who is also a workaholic. Sometimes I go a shameful amount of time between shampoos. 336 more words


Top 5 Tuesday-How to Take Care of Your Hair

  1. How to shampoo: Most of you are shampooing wrong! The most effective way to shampoo your hair is to make sure it is wet enough and creates a lather.
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