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Halloween Hoes: The Hypersexualization of Women on Halloween

This video, written and produced by Liza Bering, Carlie Gustafson, and Serena Kripalani during the First-Year Experience (FYE) section of FG110 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies at Colorado College during Block 1 2016, explores the relationship between hypersexualization and women’s Halloween costumes.



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Gothic, Sexy Pumpkin, and Punk Rock Snow White

We are LOVING all the Halloween costumes that our followers over at Polyvore are creating! Keep em coming, guys! Here are a few of our favorites today! 185 more words

How To Style

Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes are what make Halloween a exclusive scary night of horror and exciting. Any little one will get up the next morning after Halloween evening as well as the initial issue that may be on their own mind, where’s my Halloween sweet? 1,057 more words

6 Rules to Keep Sexy from Looking Cheap

It’s the day before Halloween, which means America is on the verge of waking up to a 24-hour, nationwide fetish party. Be prepared for a landscape of sexy nurses, sexy witches, and all manner of  painted-on latex costumes, because America has unofficially declared Halloween to be the day we throw good taste straight out the window. 622 more words


The Annual Annual Sexy Costume Guide 2015

I was born with a gift: the ability to transform any normal, mundane Halloween costume into an object of sexual fantasy. Give me a costume design and I’ll give you the steps to making it sexy in three bullet points or less. 1,284 more words


Question Of The Day October 29th, 2015

63% of women think a fireman is the sexiest costume for men.  Great, now I have to work out.

Gotta’ say the ladies costume options aren’t bad. 8 more words