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6 Rules to Keep Sexy from Looking Cheap

It’s the day before Halloween, which means America is on the verge of waking up to a 24-hour, nationwide fetish party. Be prepared for a landscape of sexy nurses, sexy witches, and all manner of  painted-on latex costumes, because America has unofficially declared Halloween to be the day we throw good taste straight out the window. 622 more words


The Annual Annual Sexy Costume Guide 2015

I was born with a gift: the ability to transform any normal, mundane Halloween costume into an object of sexual fantasy. Give me a costume design and I’ll give you the steps to making it sexy in three bullet points or less. 1,284 more words


Question Of The Day October 29th, 2015

63% of women think a fireman is the sexiest costume for men.  Great, now I have to work out.

Gotta’ say the ladies costume options aren’t bad. 8 more words


Occupation: Sexy...

Asking a male:

“What do you want to be for halloween?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe something like a nurse or a police officer or an astronaut. 305 more words


Sexy Nurse Costumes

Every Halloween there’s always a simple costume that is turned “sexy” for women. The nurse costume just so happens to be one of the most popular. 137 more words


That’s not sexy, it’s sexist: a re-evaluation of “sexy” Halloween costumes

Staff Writer

In America, the objectification of women exists in a variety of forms, from television to music lyrics and from advertisements to social norms. 595 more words

Sword And Shield