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Grab Somebody Sexy and Press Play

Sometimes sex can be awkward. If you’re alone, listening to your own heavy breathing can get a little weird, and if you’re with a new partner (or partners), their grunts and moans can sound strange. 536 more words

Song of the Week: January 29 - Feb 4

I can’t get enough of this song. ‘Specially when you’re told…”If you want to get an idea of who I am, that will help you :)” 15 more words


A Playlist For When You're Feeling Sad And Also Horny

You ever get a tingle in your nether regions while simultaneously feeling a little blue? And no, I’m not talking blue balls. I mean a touch of the sads. 300 more words

We’ve got the sexiest country songs to put you in the mood — RareRare

Call it whatever you want. Heck, we aren’t judging. But, we also aren’t kissing and telling. What we are saying is that there are songs that are symbolic and have almost become anthems for those late-night date-nights.

38 more words
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