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Ashwin's Transformation

My name is Ashwin, 15 lived in Tamil nadu
I have a girl structure of body with small size of cock
My lips naturally pink in solour  1,598 more words

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Becoming Female Teacher

Raju was post graduate but could not find a job. He got to know that the famous college in his city is hiring a female teacher. 820 more words

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Crossdressed for a Close Friend

I am sanjay, 27 years old male. I have completed my M.Tech and arrived to bangalore to work as a lecturer in one of the engineering colleges. 1,283 more words

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Facebook Changing My Life

Hi guys this is my real life story when I’m staying in a hostel in Hyderabad
I’m basically a close door crossdresser from vizag and due to internship program I went to Hyderabad and staying in a hostel room was sharing by 6 members. 7,837 more words

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Misusing the Habit of Crossdressing

I am Vijay, 20 years old crossdresser. We are from a very poor family and taken care by mom only as dad died when he was young. 156 more words

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We Never Met Again

Credits : Anamika Pathak

Crossdressing was the word, I came to know that I was doing from an early age,
I was young,probably 12 when all this started, I initially started wearing bangles as a get up act, that some how turned me on, then as i aged my exploration and adventures in crossdressing too progressed, By now, I have learned to drape saree, do eye liner, and the most essential art of placing things back to where it were without getting caught. 1,480 more words

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An Encounter with Auto Driver

Preface : This is a full fledged fantasy story and not in the intention to hurt anyone.

I am Danie, 26 years crossdresser. I am working in a private concern in Mumbai, I have a liking towards male and I always fantasize about some male and try to be their queen on bed. 253 more words

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