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NSFW Story Halloween [#41 of 100 Days of sex]

The nights had been drawing in for the past few weeks now, it was only 6 o clock yet the sky was dark and the street lamps had illuminated the empty street outside her house. 1,781 more words


What a day I’ve had! First the alarm didn’t go off and when I got up to get dressed, none of my t-shirts were clean enough so I slung on a pair of jeans over my thong and a loose vest, accessorising it with a few long necklaces. 1,887 more words


Five Minutes

Working in different departments of the same building affords us a secrecy we cherish. No one knows how we feel about each other. No one knows that we even know each other. 698 more words


Brownout - 666 portreys the doom of humanity

Watch this short and quirky video to learn more.

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Favorite flavor

Mark:  So we wake up in the moring, and put on some clothes, underneath are bathers we know where to go down a path, between the trees, to the water, just you and me. 940 more words

Erotic Story

Just looking

Looking at you in that dress, that body, my insides a mess,

Looking at you makes me feel as though i have never been loved, as truly as the love you own, 103 more words

Erotic Story

Finger poem

A finger on your lips,

a finger on your hips,

a finger in my food,

tell me what you want to do,

a finger to point, a finger to guide,

all of me inside.

Erotic Story