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The One where I popped the cherry

(This one also counts as the co worker hehe.)

I found love among the shelves of a discount store. We worked together, and you know how it goes – you flirt and become work mates and blah blah boom you’re in a relationship! 256 more words

Sexy Times

The one on the boat

The second score happened 10 days after my virginity was ripped from my hot little hands. Once that first awkward time happened, I now knew the deal. 283 more words

Sexy Times

How I popped my cherry

It was the summer of 69…. Or 2004. We had just finished school (take that you pious ass wipe of a school) and had a few weeks before heading off to schoolies (which is a whole different story). 472 more words

Sexy Times

The Conquest List

I have a weird relationship with sex at the moment. The disconnect with my sexual side has got me thinking about stuff and things. But instead of having a whinge about that, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and catalogue my sexual conquests on here. 78 more words

Sexy Times

Humans Have An Arousal Response To Touching A Robot's Bathing Suit Area

As the only writer here named “Robo Panda,” it behooves me to bring this to your attention. It is my responsibility, nay, my privilege to inform you that humans have an arousal response when they touch a robot’s genital region. 328 more words