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Booty Call

Did you ever know that something was wrong, but you couldn’t help but do it anyways? You don’t know if you’re built to be self-destructive or you just want to hurt yourself. 1,691 more words

#87 Everything Is Black

“Black is my life., Black is my soul., Black are the things, that i have never told., Black are my thoughts., Black is my heart., Black is the love, 53 more words

Red Dress

She was wearing a dress that made me want to ask her to take it off.


Why Am I So Damn Attracted To Channing Tatum In A Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Costume?

You know a guy is hot as hell when he can dress up like a magical unicorn and you’d still choose to “fuck” him in the game “marry, fuck, kill.” I mean, I’m not generally attracted to rainbow-hued fantastical creatures, but… 300 more words