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I wrap my arms around you as soon as you walk in the room. Your hand goes into my hair, tilting my head back. My knees go weak when your lips find my neck. 142 more words


Welcome to the Party

I shiver when you lean close and whisper in my ear.

“How much longer are we staying?”

I turn more toward you and discreetly brush my hand over your zipper. 12 more words


Call me...

I dial the number.

Your voice rumbles in my ear.

The same conversation we text every day.

I’ve missed your voice. Almost as much as your touch. 50 more words


Get ready

Steam fills the bathroom. I’m getting ready even though you won’t be here til morning. A close trim, shave the legs, sexy scented soap. Lotion to match once I get out. 45 more words



To see your eyes light up when you look at me
The sweet touch of your hands when you hold me
The caress of warm breath as you whisper your desires across my skin… 24 more words



I find the most delicious things on Facebook…