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Meet the ‘Moderates’ the U.S. Is Supporting in Syria: They’re al-Qaeda

byEric Zuesse, as originally published by Strategic-Culture.org

Increasing evidence is coming in that the groups the U.S. is trying to install into power in Syria are actually contending groups of Sunni Islamic jihadists who seem to agree on only one thing: they want to replace the secular government of the Shiite Bashar al-Assad, who is supported by Russia and by Shiite Iran. 2,549 more words


45 years ago, people learned what had happened in My Lai

And all  earlier drafts of my book included a sort of big-picture retelling of those events, focusing on signature dissenters like Hugh Thompson and Ron Ridenhour. 1,409 more words


The last days of Osama bin Laden 1: Abbottabad

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   Breadtag Sagas ©: Author Tony,  28 July 2015

Part 1 merely sets the stage and tries to answer the question posed by newspapers at the time and recently: Whether Osama bin Laden was ‘hidden in plain sight’ or whether elements of the Pakistan military knew he was there? 5,404 more words


White House rebuts Seymour Hersh's account of Osama bin Laden's assassination

“Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell calls the report nonsense.”

The White House’s rebuttal of Seymour Hersh’s article about Osama bin Laden’s assassination is great. In effect, the brilliant public relations people in the executive branch just confirmed Hersh’s account of the bin Laden raid in Abbottabad. 612 more words

International Relations

Obama and Osama

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 11.06.2015 | 11:35

Since Osama bin Laden’s death 2 May 2011, the official account of the Navy Seals’ raid has been challenged, most recently and cogently by journalist Seymour Hersh,  746 more words


Glavin: Media ethics are no laughing matter

Well, that was quick. Evan Solomon, the suave and lively host of CBC’s Power and Politics, has been let go. But not for running a methamphetamine laboratory in his house in Ottawa’s tony Rockcliffe neighbourhood or for trafficking in endangered lizards out of the trunk of his car. 1,190 more words


What we learned from Seymour Hersh 7.

During 2002 and early 2003, OSP took on CIA and the State Department. W. Patrick Lang[1] summed up what he saw of the arguments within the Bush Administration over intelligence: the people at OSP “banded together to dominate the government’s foreign policy, and they’ve pulled it off. 688 more words

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