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Seymour Hersh: ‘RussiaGate’ is a CIA-Planted Lie

During a phone-call with the world’s greatest investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, he presents “a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began.” His narrative tells us who is actually behind the manufactured political drama known as ‘RussiaGate,’ and what the purposes are of this manufactured drama. 2,833 more words


One Year Ago -- CIA Director Mike Pompeo on North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan

“I got a call from the President one afternoon back in April . He wanted to talk about some disturbing images that were coming in from Syria.

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TOP INTEL TODAY 2018 STORIES — #2 : "WORMWOOD -- Seymour Hersh : Frank Olson was a man profoundly distressed about what he was learning... And he was dangerous."

“Morris makes a persuasive case that there’s sinister stuff to be unraveled here, and that the CIA is the only organization that can shed light on its former actions.

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Frank Olson

Banishing Truth

“…The investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, in his memoir “Reporter,” describes a moment when as a young reporter he overheard a Chicago cop admit to murdering an African-American man. 319 more words


Wormwood (2017) Miniseries Review


The reenacted archive footage of the gassing on the battlefield is spooky. What the hell is happening?

We the see Peter Sarsgaard go out the window, literally, to a happy song. 1,586 more words

Today in History: My Lai Massacre is exposed to the American public.

Please note that this article contains sensitive images of the My Lai Massacre that may be upsetting to some readers.

The My Lai Massacre of 1968 is one of the most shocking and saddest chapters of the United States military’s involvement in the Vietnam War. 521 more words



Witness the witch-hunts against refugees and immigrants, the wilful abandonment by the “MeToo” zealots of our oldest freedom, presumption of innocence, the anti-Russia racism and anti-Brexit hysteria, the growing anti-China campaign and the suppression of a warning of world war.    2,032 more words

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