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The Captured (free download!)


Part One: Past Deceptions

‘More and more each day it feels like I don’t belong here, in this life. That there’s somewhere else, a reality – a… 692 more words

Science Fiction

Nine Ladies, Dancing

Nine Ladies, Dancing

Minus 4 minutes.

Jared enters the observation chamber and sits. The polarised glass slowly fades to reveal the glittering star-scape beyond, eclipsed at it’s centre by the brilliance of the micro-constellation, the Nine Ladies. 2,136 more words


A Walk On Billy Goat Hill (and some bad news)

Today I decided to try out a new app I got called INaturalist by going to my local park to photograph and observe some species like Bushtits, California Towhees, Yellow-rumpled Warblers, and other flora & fauna. 640 more words


SF : That Dog 7

Title: That Dog

Pairing: Minmon (Jimin x Namjoon)

Author: Owl_N

Note: ตอนก่อนหน้า SF : That Dog 6


“จีมิน ช่วยร้องตามจังหวะนี้เลยนะ” นิ้วเรียวคลิกเมาส์ไปตามหน้าจอที่โชว์สัญลักษณ์ไม่คุ้นตากับเส้นๆ อะไรอีกมากมาย ดูน่าปวดหัว ก่อนเสียงดนตรีไร้คนร้องจะดังขึ้น

“?” 91 more words


Geostorm (2017) Review


Last year I felt sorry for Gerard Butler. He played in two atrociously bad movies, the completely bonkers vanity project Gods of Egypt and the insultingly blunt… 588 more words


Museum of Ice Cream

I recently got the chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco with my sister. It was definitely one gigantic photo opportunity at every turn, but it was so much fun! 47 more words

Ice Cream

REVIEW: "Möbius Continuum" by Gu Shi

Review of Gu Shi, “Möbius Continuum”, Clarkesworld 132: Read online. Reviewed by Kerstin Hall.

This one didn’t work for me, and it may be the case that I was simply the wrong audience. 231 more words