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The Dark Forest

Book 2 of Cixin Liu’s trilogy that started with The Three-Body Problem.

You could probably read this without having read the first book – it’s been ages since I read  546 more words


Teeth in the Sand

For my final project, I designed a game centered around the opening scene of Cloud Atlas (the book), in which Adam Ewing happens upon Henry Goose searching for teeth in the sand. 465 more words


Topia: A 4-player strategy game

For our project, Mollie and I developed a strategy board game called “Topia” that incorporates many of the characters from books and movies we discussed this semester. 50 more words


Cloud Atlas Clue

For my final project, I did a Cloud Atlas the movie inspired Clue! game. The following is the instruction portion of my project:


Come join your favorite characters from Cloud Atlas in a game of Clue! 689 more words


Cinema, AI and Desire in BladeRunner

For my final project, I did a video essay revolving around ideas of cinema and AI while using examples from the 1982 film, Blade Runner. My video essay is at the link below: 6 more words


A Theatrical Retelling of Isaac Asimov's "Runaround"

I am very involved in the theatre program, especially the technical/design side of theatre, so for my final project I decided to take the story of “Runaround” from the short story collection… 1,986 more words


Time Cube

“This is a wonderful garden,” Khima said, scanning the snow-capped mountains across the valley. “What’s it called?”

Dark complexioned Khima had short black hair and wore a cream-colored robe and a low, cylindrical, green cap. 900 more words