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Make: Lab Intern (San Francisco, CA)

Make: Lab Intern Maker Media (“Make:”) inspires, informs, unites and entertains the growing community of makers who enjoy doing amazing projects in backyards, basements, garages, companies and organizations. 13 more words


The Southern Reach Trilogy - final part

Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer

What began in Annihilation, follows on in Authority, concludes in Acceptance. Although I’ll give scant details of what happens below, discussing the third part of a trilogy will necessarily reveal small facts you may prefer not to know if you intend to read these books.  640 more words

Title Begins With A

RoboCop (José Padilha 2014)

and so anyway it turns out the best thing about RoboCop (2014) is not its astonishing commitment to the lipogrammatic principles of the Oulipo group, going far beyond Georges Perec, for example, who wrote the 300-page novel La Disparition (1969) without using the letter ‘e’, in order to gather together the few surviving remains of a franchise blown apart by lame film sequels, not to mention insipid live-action and animated television incarnations, and from them to build a whole new 117-minute film without using the letters ‘wit’, ‘intelligence’ or ‘decent action choreography'; no, the very best thing is that in the tagline at the top of the poster, very first word, they spelt ‘cinema’ wrong…


Being Latin, but being White to everyone else.

When i was 15, i walked into a mexican store and as i walked the aisles looking for my items, they began to whisper about me in spanish, assuming me, the caucasian looking girl with freckles and no strong ethnic features was indeed, english speaking… 308 more words


Series I Watch: Residue (2015)

Residue has all the potentials of a great sci-fi/mystery series, although there is much room for improvement. The casting is impeccable with Natalia Tena and Iwan Rheon as the leads who, in spite of their radically opposite roles in Game of Thrones, have great chemistry on the screen. 497 more words

A SF Thriller

Blast off into space. The rocket hurled at full speed. Everything seems to be in order. But something just isn’t right. Mission Control didn’t plan it this way. 284 more words