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Me and a clunker....

Today I was by a car, well, better of one scrap metal cart on the way… I hoped  to see  some of the lamb vulture …. 77 more words


again Anopolis

We went one more time to Anopolis in the afternoon…so here I have some more pictures today… 33 more words


Anopolis and what a great weather today...

Today in the morning we have been in Anopolis….. great weather with amasing view!!

I am shocked about the conditions of the  trees in the wood between Anopolis and high in the direction of Mouri…. 106 more words


The white "Madares"

Madares is another word for the Lefka Ori. The word Madares comes from the ancient Greek word  μάδαρος madaros what means so much as ” nude”…. 244 more words

Lefka Ori