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Book Review: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

I am a big fan of the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. In fact, the audiobooks of Red Rising, narrated so fantastically by Tim Gerard Reynolds, are what sparked my love of audiobooks. 806 more words


A Sign.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure:

I couldn’t believe my luck. I opened facebook, as you do, and happened upon a post in a neighborhood page. 321 more words


Sleeps With Monsters: The Women of Black Panther Are Amazing

A new column (on a Monday! extra column this week) over at Tor.com:

’s also a film that, while it centres on a man—and on questions of kingship, legitimacy, and responsibility—is the first superhero film I’ve ever seen to surround its main male character with women who are in many ways equally powerful, and who don’t depend on him for purpose or characterisation.

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Who is Charles N Palmer?

And why am I writing this blog?

Hi. I’m Charles. I am writing the ‘The Half-Life Girl’, the first book in a Science Fiction/Fantasy trilogy. I’ve lived in Cambridge UK for two years. 78 more words

The Half-Life Girl

Quenby Olson's The Half Killed

Quenby Olson’s **The Half Killed** is a kind of gothic urban fantasy supernatural murder mystery. But Olson foregoes the action set pieces and easy banter often present in UF and focuses instead on empty London streets and a creeping stillness. 1,154 more words


FCPD RECAP February 16, 2018


ROBBERY: 5047 Westfields Boulevard (Subway), 2/15/18, 9:00 p.m. A man entered the store and displayed a hand gun demanding money. The suspect took cash and ran away. 461 more words

All Police Districts


A new review over at Tor.com:

This is a fine, measured novel, deeply interested in the social conditions and conventions of its setting, and deeply interested, too, in human nature and human frailty.

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