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So, here’s the first working chapter of a book I wrote a long time ago, that I’m now revising, because I cannot get it out of my head. 3,158 more words

Micro Discussion: Why do dystopic books only feature white people?

OK, let’s list some of the most popular YA dystopic novels:

  • The Hunger Games
  • Divergent
  • The Giver
  • Delirium
  • Uglies
  • Unwind

I have a love/hate relationship for dystopic books. 221 more words


Hugo Awards: Cirsova Eligibility

This is a quick guide to eligibility by category for pieces published by Cirsova in 2016. It is not a recommendations list. While I may post my recommendations and favorites for other categories, we will not do so for any categories in which we published fiction. 417 more words

De Camp's Tritonian Ringer

Last month, HP (over at Every Day Should Be Tuesday) and I agreed to read the same book for Vintage Scifi Month and do our respective write-up things. 1,632 more words


Book Review: Saga, Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Title: Saga, Volume One
Author: Brian K. Vaughan (Writer) and Fiona Staples (Artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
Format and Price: From the Image Comics website, Print Book at US $9.99 (AU $13.22) and Digital Book/PDF at US $7.99 (AU $10.58) 1,469 more words

Book Review

Confessions of a bad SF fan: I always liked fantasy better

It occurred to me that classics of fantasy are as important to me as classics of scifi. So I’m cheating this month, and visiting Earthsea in my celebration of genre classics.  1,737 more words