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Goldenhand by Garth Nix

All hail the original Abhorsen trilogy. It gets all the stars in the sky.

This book follows the adventures of Lirael (no last name) & Nick Saere, who featured in the second and third books. 298 more words

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A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber

Mix a bunch of cliches for something actually new – parents move and kid hates new place, the smart girl has no friends, cats are telepathic! 189 more words

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Badass Womanly Women in SFF

A popular grievance of the Left is a lack of “inclusion” by either the Powers That Be or the population in general. As if we happy associates of the white, Christian Patriarchy have the time to step away from counting our piles of gold coins and smoking fine cigars long enough to actively knock the undesirables (or deplorables, if you will) down to the base of the ladder where they belong. 1,357 more words


The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst

Daleina is a perfectly ordinary girl until wood goblins destroy her village. The village is actually grown from a tree, and when the the goblins pull the houses apart, people fall about a mile down the the ground. 199 more words

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Flash Point by Nancy Kress

Nancy Kress writes about people’s reactions to changes in society…
but a reality TV show?

A TV show puts 6 teenagers through weird scenarios. The beginning of each scenario is played, and viewers have to guess how each reacted. 75 more words

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