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History Meme in a SF Story!

Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs: snippet commentary

Mercy passes by the Old-New Synagogue of Prague.  She wonders, an old-old synagogue?

LOL no, you’re coming at it from the wrong direction in history. 110 more words


#SFF book bonanza - #Free books in #KU

Are you in KU? The site, DISCOVER SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY BOOKS has brought together a selection of  SFF books that are enrolled in KU, including one of mine – … 48 more words

Urban Fantasy

Must-Read SFF: The Last Coin, by James P. Blaylock

  • by Gitabushi

This book is…odd. Yet immensely enjoyable.

I had no idea what I was reading at first.  Was the main character insane? Did this world have different rules than our Earth? 324 more words


Sydney Film Festival 2017 - My List

I’m going to the Sydney Film Festival again, despite the fact that Event Cinemas in George Street offer the most disgusting seats you can find. So here is my list of selections for 2017. 259 more words


Thoughts on Killing Gravity by Corey J. White

Killing Gravity by Corey J. White


Published by Tor.com Books
Publication Date : May 9th, 2017
Available as eBook & paperback – 176 Pages…
751 more words


Sleeps With Monsters: Intergenerational Female Influences in Arrival and Moana

A new column over at Tor.com:

[B]oth Arrival and Moana share one particular commonality. Family relationships—and the emotional resonance of those relationships—between women of different generations have a deep influence on each film’s main character.


Whispers in the Night by Molly Tabachnikov

I can’t remember who recced this to me.
I opened up to a random story, it was about a guy who won’t be ‘the daddy’ to some other guy’s kid. 99 more words

Bechdel Test Pass