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Review: Zero World by Jason M. Hough

Title: Zero World

By: Jason M. Hough

Released: August 18,2015

Genre: SciFi

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (4 out of 5)

Let me start by saying that this is possibly the best intro that I have ever read. 233 more words


Bite-sized books: And You Shall Know Her By the Trail of Dead

Rhye is a cyborg, a digital daughter of circuits and chips embedded in a human body wired for violence. She likes killing and she’s bloody good at it. 1,190 more words


The Raven King -- Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Cycle #4)

How does one even begin to review the Raven King? Where does one start? At the beautiful poetry of the writing? At the utter enchantment that it casts on the reader, wrapping us in its wondrous tale? 1,289 more words


Little Girl Blue

“Sit there and count your fingers. What can you do? Old girl, you’re through.”

So thought the girl.

When the angel came, pebbles shook. Air grew thick and red. 452 more words


The Drowned World by J G Ballard - Review

Long before the issue of climate change had really impacted on popular consciousness, there was J G Ballard’s The Drowned World. Ballard’s 1962 debut novel (or rather his second – his first novel, The Wind from Nowhere, he went on to disown) was a product of its time, yet speaks to us today with perhaps even greater prescience than at its publication. 961 more words


New book release: The Counterfeit Captain by Henry Vogel

Publisher Rampant Loon Media has just released Henry Vogel’s newest book, The Counterfeit Captain (April 30, 2016):

Captain Nancy Martin expects a lonely death. 

Passing out as her battle-damaged starfighter bleeds the last of its air, she comes to in the cavernous and deserted docking bay of an unknown starship. 141 more words

New Release

Danika reviews All Good Children by Dayna Ingram

This book is a trip. All Good Children is set in a post-apocalyptic world where The Over–huge, mythological bird creatures–have conquered the human race. Life goes on almost as usual, except that a good percentage of children are taken by the The Over for food and reproduction. 447 more words

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