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Putty for Mac 8.6.0 status on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

As of today PuTTY for Mac is running stable on Apple’s newest flagship operating system release macOS 10.13 High Sierra. We are now in the process of updating our store with the latest and greatest release to date! 370 more words


Putty for Mac 8.6.0 status on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Over the past month Putty4Mac has received a higher then average number of orders and with the new influx of users we became aware of a number of outstanding bugs. 382 more words


Naked Security: Chrome to brand FTP as “not secure”

Naked Security: Chrome to brand FTP as “not secure”. “On 14 September, it was announced in a Chrome developers group that Chrome will mark FTP (File Transfer Protocol) resources in the address bar as ‘not secure.’ The change is expected to be made by the release of Chrome 63 in December 2017.” Good. 18 more words

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Jenkins - Publish Over SSH Plugin: How to copy directory


I’m trying to use Jenkins’ Publish Over SSH plugin to copy all files AND sub-directories of some given directory, but so far, I’ve only able to copy files and NOT directory. 48 more words

Jenkins: publish over ssh does not put files to remote server


I have strange issue on the latest Jenkins 1.634.
Publish over ssh writes to log that it puts correctly file but nothing appears on remote server. 118 more words

Enhance your (Windows) remote terminal experience with MobaXterm

Jazmin and Julie recently introduced me to a helpful program for Windows called “MobaXterm” that has significantly sped up my workflow when running remotely on the Cube (our cluster here at Cornell). 348 more words

Fix Slow SFTP/SCP File Upload Rate and Stalling caused by TCP SACK

In brief, sometimes a conflict occurs between some firewalls and the TCP SACK. In my case, the upload was severely affected and reached upload speeds of a few kilobytes over a LAN! 84 more words