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SFX Power User Tip #1 - Stereo or Mono .wav file?

One thing that I find it’s important to keep track of when working with SFX: the limitations of the Direct Sound API.  (the audio engine behind SFX)  One of these limitations is when playing back a typical stereo .wav file, the left channel of the .wav file can only be routed to the odd numbered outputs of the sound card, and the right channel of the .wav file can only be routed to the even numbered outputs of the sound card. 140 more words


What's in my basic SFX kit

I thought i would start off with what I have and use in my kit to create the look’s. It just comes to show you… 981 more words



40 years ago today… I was entering my third trimester in my Mum’s womb, and she certainly wasn’t tuned in to Radio 4. But yes, Hitchhiker debuted, three days off Douglas Adams’ 26th birthday – and tonight, it’s back. 311 more words

Comedy History

First Post

Soooo i thought my first post would be a bit of an introduction so you can decide if you like me enough to stick around [ fingers crossed you do!] 188 more words


What's in my DIY Beginner SFX Kit? (AFFORDABLE!!) + YouTube Video

Hello beauty bugs,

I’ve been MIA for a while but was inspired to post about my special effects makeup kit I built myself and all on a budget!! 488 more words

Beauty Blog

Welcome to The BeautiFixx!!

Hey there everyone, I’m Tania, but you can call me Tawney!! Yeah, I know, I know, there’s a whole tonne of beauty blogs out there, with highlighters and ‘fleek brows’ and baking – baking!? 193 more words


Is this your shot? - Pond5 Shorts

‘Is This Your Shot?’

‘Discover a World of Sound’