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#8 Day - 1 Clown Make Up Face Paint & Rib Bruising.

Day 1 – Clown Make Up Face Paint & Rib Bruising.
This was my first attempt ever of doing a clown make up! After being done up as a clown in college I thought I’d give it a go myself. 19 more words

New tutorial

I just got ready to film a tutorial since I have a day off in school. The video Will get posted this weekend but I have a few photos I’ll be sharing With you before that. 20 more words


SFX for Beyond the Cul-de-sac

In order from the script:

- Printer

- Cooking sounds (frying something, boiling sounds)

- Sounds of bicycling

- Cars by street corner

- Mail slot opening… 38 more words

You Know She's Cut Throat

Well, after watching way too many SFX tutorials on Youtube; I’ve been wanting to experiment myself with liquid latex, a simple injury stack, and cheap fake blood from last Halloween.   58 more words


Underwear Man (2003 Student Film)

This is a short film from sometime around 2002-2004. I recently found the only copy of this I own, I had completely forgot about it! There was no audio on the DVD I found, the assignment might have been to make a silent movie with sound effects, or that may be have been the intention because since there was no dialogue, I’m assuming that was the plan.  33 more words

#7 Broken Wrist.

So… I’ve had the week from hell! Rushed in to hospital from college yesterday to be told I was “Fine!” and a “waste of time and money! 82 more words

In the words of Mr. J Tribbiani "I'm back baby!"

It’s been a while, but I’m back and I’ve got to say I’ve missed this. I haven’t spent the last couple of months doing no writing at all I should say. 298 more words