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Sound Task 1 - Game Research

  • Diegetic Sound – Sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film.
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Sound - Game Research Task 1

Dietetic Sound

Diegetic sounds are when the audience and the actors can hear the sounds. For example, when the actor knows on the door, it creates a knowing sound where everyone can hear it. 846 more words

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack

Cinefex walks down memory lane.


In a nice bit of synchronicity, I found this article by Graham Edwards at the Cinefex blog. Seems he was asking people about their memories of Alien this summer. 64 more words


SFX Gory Mermaid Tutorial

Hi Guys,

Right, so I know Halloween was ageees ago (well last month), and everyone is now trying to get themselves in the Christmassy mood; but this is pretty much a tutorial post on how to use make-up and liquid latex to create a ‘mermaid’ type of look. 885 more words


Ear lifecasting - step by step

Last friday lesson was very exciting and also scary at one point. We were doing ear casting. At the beginning I was very afraid especially when I heard Ola screaming when Leanne poured alganite into her ear. 690 more words


Hand lifecasting - tutorial

During last friday SFX lession I have learned how to do lifecasting.

I must admit that it was the best lession so far as we all had a lot of fun during making life casts of our own hands. 475 more words


Updating Sound Resource List

In this lesson in Sound Design, we updated our resource lists for our games. This time I added, Police Sirens, Ambient Passenger Airplane Sounds and Button Click Sound Effects. 95 more words

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack