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Introducing Myself and My Brand

Hi. Hello. What’s up? My name is Liz and I am the mind behind BloodyBeautySFX. I am super excited to starting this journey with all of you. 822 more words


Invaders From Beyond in SFX and Waterstones

I just saw The Last Jedi, on my own, because childcare, and it was really good, which you all know. And then I went to WH Smiths to get a copy of SFX after having been tipped off about the review of INVADERS FROM BEYOND, which includes my novella, BLIGHTERS, and it really is a very positive review, and then I went to Waterstones and there was the book itself on the shelf a few down from Mark Morris’s terrific NEW FEARS anthology and Adam Roberts’s amazing HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION. 63 more words


Lower Level Commentary, Episode 011

In this special episode of LLC, Joe and Adriana discuss their first impressions of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In previous episodes (9… 57 more words

Studio 300

Hey, Listen!

Bubbling pools of lava. Rushing water echoing throughout a cavernous aqueduct. An eerie graveyard. A lonely mountaintop buffeted by unrelenting snow.

For the longest time, Jack and I imagined these sounds in our heads as we played the development build of  779 more words

Where Shadows Slumber

Have You Been Nice or Naughty?

Hey makeup peeps, have you been nice or naughty?

Haha :D

I actually did this look a couple of weeks… (months?) ago. It was really fun and I had to do it quickly because Chris was a bit sick. 40 more words


Sound Task 1 - Game Research

  • Diegetic Sound – Sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film.
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Sound - Game Research Task 1

Dietetic Sound

Diegetic sounds are when the audience and the actors can hear the sounds. For example, when the actor knows on the door, it creates a knowing sound where everyone can hear it. 846 more words

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack