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Give me Love

You beat me black and blue and made me bleed but I liked it.

You closed your hand around my neck and made me gasp for air but I wanted more. 57 more words


Timelapse - Making a Clay Head

Check out a short video we’ve put together showing the process of director Pirie Martin making a clay head for his feature film ‘Psychosis’. They head is based off of Kessel Run co-owner Hayden Smith, and will be moulded in plaster and used to create a realistic latex ‘severed head’ for a scene in the film. 38 more words

Daily life #3

Special effects day was today, i have never ever done this before. All the stuff you use is difficult and the shading of everything. Lets just say i need to practice a lot more, but it was fun. 282 more words

Uruk-hai Warrior Body Paint 

Body painting for my fantasy make-up assessment I turned my SO in to an Uruk-hai from my favourite film franchise Lord of the Rings of course. 113 more words


Daily life #2

PINK CLOWN EYES! Today in makeup class a librarian attempted to do fashion makeup on my face!

The makeup idea was great, she had an amazing mental picture but the quality not so much, foundation was streaky, eyeshadow very rough and not blended, oh and Hot pink up to my eyebrows! 49 more words

Foley Creation Fun

Created with Screenflow

In this tutorial, I show a snippet of the boring life of a foley creator. For those of you unaware, foleys are basic sound effects that you hear in movies that aren’t picked up by the original microphone on set. 113 more words



New Australian show¬†Cleverman pitches “Hairypeople” against humans and “shavers” in a not too distant dystopian future.

Special effects company Weta Workshop was tasked with creating the show’s hirsute mythical beings and company co-founder Sir Richard Taylor details part of the transformation process… 54 more words

Body Hair