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The Strong Women of Stargate: Introduction.

In the science fiction world of series with “Star” in the title you fall into one of several categories: Trek, Wars or Gate just to name a few. 947 more words

Revisting Star Gate (SG1)

A while back, I bought the first season of SG1. I’d only ever seen random eps of any of the seasons, but I’d seen enough to know this was a show I’d dip into if it was on my shelf. 46 more words


Dark Matter

Just last night I had the chance to watch the first episode of Syfy Channels new Sci-fi show ‘Dark Matter’. So what is ‘Dark Matter’? 373 more words


Beach Reads Blog Tour 2015 Day 1 #BeachBooks #MondayBlogs

Welcome to Day 1 of this two week Beach Reads Blog Tour.

With a heat wave forecast for this week, here in the UK, what better way to start this tour. 740 more words


Stargate Series in Chronological Order

So I’ve recently gotten into watching Stargate SG1 but I have already seen all of Stargate Atlantis (I know SG1 is first but I was too distracted by a sexy Jason Momoa). 185 more words

On life

I don’t often post quotes, as more often than not they’ll come across as cheesy or faux-intellectual. And I suspect they won’t make sense unless you’re in the right frame of mind (or rather, within the same context as myself when I found the quote interesting). 46 more words


Stargate: SG1997

I flitter between interests, sometimes I think I have too many and other times I can’t find anything to do.

My default of doing more or less nothing with my spare time frustrates me, usually it can be attributed to a combination of tiredness and not being able to decide whether I want to read, play computer games and then which one, work on my idea for a novel, listen to a record, or watch TV. 510 more words