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Hugo Award vs Jalapeno Fiction Award: A Call For Guest Posts

Thousands of science fiction fanciers anticipate August 20, 2016 more than Christmas and Birthday altogether. This is the date when the Hugo Awards will be selected from the shortlisted candidates. 700 more words

Which SciFi Character Would Be A Perfect U.S. President, Supported By All Parties? USAF Col. Samantha Carter, #Stargate #SG1

Folks, this started as a joke on Facebook two days ago. I posted a picture of a Sci Fi character from a TV series Stargate SG 1 in a group of sci fi lovers.   455 more words

Sam Carter For President. #Stargate #Humor #scifi

That’s it, folks. I’m voting for the most capable and qualified woman I know. Sam Carter has a background in astrophysics (which means she has brains), has a ‘stellar’ record as an officer in the military (no pun intended), she knows how to explode a sun and how to throw a solar system in a black hole (which gives her more defense credentials than all politicians altogether), and she negotiated trade with numerous races across the galaxy (sorry, Trump, she strikes a better deal). 8 more words

Is It Just Me

Or is this a little Colonel Samantha Carter?

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