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Cosplay Crush: The Stargate

I regularly see cosplays based on the Stargate series at Comic Cons. Fans dressing up as Jack O’Neill, Daniel, and Teal’c, seems to be a regular occurrence at conventions. 127 more words


Stargate Series in Chronological Order

So I’ve recently gotten into watching Stargate SG1 but I have already seen all of Stargate Atlantis. (I know SG1 is first but I was too distracted by a sexy Jason Momoa) Anyways, I was trying to find which order they should be watched so I can pick up on the references between them that I would have missed by watching Atlantis first. 154 more words


On life

I don’t often post quotes, as more often than not they’ll come across as cheesy or faux-intellectual. And I suspect they won’t make sense unless you’re in the right frame of mind (or rather, within the same context as myself when I found the quote interesting). 46 more words


Stargate: SG1997

I flitter between interests, sometimes I think I have too many and other times I can’t find anything to do.

My default of doing more or less nothing with my spare time frustrates me, usually it can be attributed to a combination of tiredness and not being able to decide whether I want to read, play computer games and then which one, work on my idea for a novel, listen to a record, or watch TV. 510 more words

What's the Challenge?

I love Science Fiction. Adore it, really. So it’s almost embarrassing that there are so many big Sci-Fi shows that I haven’t seen yet! Sometimes it feels like there just isn’t possibly enough time to watch everything, (probably because there isn’t), but the challenge I’m making to myself now is to watch all of those shows that I swear are next on the list… and somehow I still haven’t gotten around to. 225 more words

Doctor Who

Sci-fi inspire and educate us

Chris Judge had two panels that were open for everyone, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I ended up going to both. That’s how much I enjoyed hearing Chris Judge talk about is experience playing Teal’c in Stargate SG1 and all the crazy stuff he got up to on set.

Read the whole article here.


Lovely Lazy Weekend

It’s been a lovely lazy family here, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

We did have a few things to do, shopping for one thing, on Saturday morning (Boo always needs something) and we also needed supplies for the new kitten we will be getting in a couple of weeks when he is old enough to leave his mum, still trying to think of a name for him, his is a lovely ginger and white kitten. 214 more words