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Four Months in the "Park"

Twenty four written exams and a mountain of sleep debt after, the first four months of my Medicine journey has come to an end. I bid it with tired eyes but a light heart because of a 10-day break that followed. 907 more words


Round Two of the SGD/HSGD Variation

Long ago I tried this diet plan .. since I’ve actually been doing well lately, I thought I’d try it again. It’s high-calorie enough for me to do it while family is on fall vacation. 146 more words

FX Impact

Foreign investors in emerging markets have suffered double whammy this year:

  1. Local stock market is down
  2. Falling currency

Let’s just focus on Indonesia and Malaysia markets. 1,287 more words

How to Invest in Singapore | A Guide for Foreigners who Don't Live in Singapore

The rapid growth of Singaporean Economy attracts many investors from all over the world, especially South East Asia, to invest their money in this country. It has been very clear that foreign investors are attracted by strong and stable currencies (SGD & USD) which is managed by a good government to give the assurance that their investment will be safe (read  264 more words


Call Our Hotline 6389-1734 for Urgent Orders

Hi All,

We have made ordering products at iHerb.com easier now! Just call our hotline during normal office hours to place your order!

Before calling, please ensure you have the following information available: 231 more words

Learning rate methods for Gradient Descent

The aim of many machine learning methods is to update a set of parameters x in order to optimize an objective function f(x). This often involves some iterative procedure which applies changes to the parameters, ∆x at each iteration of the algorithm. 652 more words

Deep Learning