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Introduction to Singapore Economy

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What helps curve your appetite?

This is dead bad but whenever I get hungry I smoke and I’m literally full for the next few hours because of it… :/ what do you guys do?

Food diary 

Stuck to the diet today. I had 2 68 cal pancakes which I BP’d and a banana so I’ve stayed under the 400 cal limit :) I also went for a run and did an hour of Pilates and 20 mins yoga then went out bowling for a friends birthday so I think day 1 was a success

Day 1 of SGD & Weigh Day

Good morning lovelies! Today is the first day of the skinny girl diet. I’m allowed 400 cals today and as it is a Sunday it’s my weigh day. 56 more words

Wish me luck

Hey Anas :) I’m starting the skinny girl diet tomorrow.. So I will post about my progress everyday :)

Cobblestone Flight Review - CPH-SGD and back (Danish domestic) on Alsie Express

It’s been more than a few years since I flew domestic in Denmark. Today’s flight to Sønderborg (SGD) turned out to be surprising in many ways – and, I haste to say, only in a good way (knocking on wood; I write this first part right after levelling out at flight altitude on the outbound flight). 649 more words


SGD Variation Day Three - morning update

Limit: 700cal

Breakfast: 183 (oatmeal with 1tbsp PB2)

No weigh-in today. After last night’s fuckup (which, in reality, wasn’t so bad. but you know), I really don’t wanna see it. 175 more words