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How to Go on a 3D2N Weekend Getaway to Malacca For Under $80

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Whenever I suddenly crave chicken rice, I dream of chicken rice balls in Malacca. Sorry Singapore, this Malaysian city just 3.5 hours away is the real foodie’s paradise. 837 more words

Money Matters

Brief Note: EM Asia to continue its strength

The EM Asia rally has been so strong that those who missed the move remain cautious to jump on the bandwagon. However, Brexit may arguably do more good than harm for EM Asia. 244 more words

Changing The Learning Landscape

A huge advantage of learning one sample at a time is that there is immediately some progress even if a single step is more noisier than using a mini-batch or even a full batch to estimate the direction of the gradient. 414 more words

Model Insights

Whenever we need to train a model for a very big dataset, stochastic gradient descent, with a proper optimizer on-top of course, is the first choice because it does not depend on the size of the dataset. 560 more words

sgd planowanie

hej motyle
jestem na diecie sgd, ważąc 50.8 kg przy wzroście 164.5 cm. moim początkowym, i zarówno pierwszym celem z dwóch, jest 47 kg. jak już napisałam podzieliłam drogę do 45 kg na cele: 1. 147 more words


One of the World's Richest Countries

One Of The World’s Richest Countries Now Has One Of The Cheapest Stock Markets By Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man One of the wealthiest countries in the world– the place where there are more millionaires per capita than anywhere else on the planet– now has a dirt cheap stock market. 28 more words


Emerging Markets, EM Currencies, Patterns and an example

I’ve posted, more than once, how I really love when a market makes 3 waves to a new high or low and then fails in the opposite direction. 311 more words