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Cobblestone Flight Review - CPH-SGD and back (Danish domestic) on Alsie Express

It’s been more than a few years since I flew domestic in Denmark. Today’s flight to S√łnderborg (SGD) turned out to be surprising in many ways – and, I haste to say, only in a good way (knocking on wood; I write this first part right after levelling out at flight altitude on the outbound flight). 649 more words


SGD Variation Day Three - morning update

Limit: 700cal

Breakfast: 183 (oatmeal with 1tbsp PB2)

No weigh-in today. After last night’s fuckup (which, in reality, wasn’t so bad. but you know), I really don’t wanna see it. 175 more words

SGD Variation Day Two - morning update (May 19 weigh-in, etc: pages!)

Weigh-in: 127.6lbs! Down .6lbs from last weigh-in

Calorie limit today: 600

Breakfast: 260 (Fifth Avenue bar)

Plan- Lunch: fruit / Dinner: 1-2c soup (210cal) / possible snack of some sort (low cal) 100 more words

SGD-V Day One - evening update

Total intake: 691/700

Exercise: 290cal (may be updated later)

NET: 401cal

Mostly a good day. My mom just bought me a Fifth Avenue bar though.. 8 more words

SGD Variation Day One (May 18 morning update + weigh-in)

First off, the bad news:

I’m really hoping a lot of it is just water retention from me being dehydrated. I did get a water bottle though!! 37 more words

Skinny Girl Diet Variation - Beginning May 18

So, for at least one week I’ll be doing this diet! I wanted to do a couple different ones, but I know they’re too low calorie for me to be successful, at least right off. 42 more words

Keeping an Eye on EUR

EUR has been losing positions since over half a week and a technical bounce may not be so automatic: this is when losses come in to existence. 55 more words