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NECSS and Dawkins: Skeptics Rejecting Skeptics for being Skeptical

As someone who is relatively new to the skeptic “movement” (if it can be so called), I was unaware of the great schism that has occurred within it during the past few years. 2,763 more words


Stargate Didn't Become a Great Universe Until It Was on Television

This article sums up how I feel about the Stargate Universe (Movie, SG-1, Atlantis and Universe). It saddens me that Roland Emmerich and his team, along with MGM are removing 17 seasons (SG1/SGA/SGU) and 3 Direct DVD movies canon status. 220 more words


A Reminder

Today I was reminded why I am in medical school in the first place.

When God Says Yes, Nobody Can Tell You No.

This week we have 3 exams and next week we have one exam. 299 more words

Freewill - Fantasy or Illusion?

Freewill – Fantasy or Illusion?

by: Josh Keirsey


The title of this post is perhaps a bit misleading, as is often the case with articles on the Internet. 975 more words

Bones and Muscles

Yep. There are a lot of bones and muscles in the body and they are all important. It’s sooooo much fun learning about them and memorizing them and being tested on them. 131 more words

The Things I Carried- Well…. WISH I carried

Every morning I am reminded of the things I forgot to bring or simply could not fit. Things like a rain poncho (for the minor and random sprinkles), more athletic clothing, and dresses. 197 more words

Don't Fall Behind

Don’t Fall Behind. These three words echo everywhere. It is common knowledge that as a medical student you should not fall behind. Study daily. Two and three times a day. 500 more words