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Back again after 3 months :/

Hey everyone, hope you’ve been well.

Let’s be honest, nobody is reading this, so I’m just going to use this space as a diary for my own thoughts… and also as a way to practice my typing for SOAP notes I guess lol. 408 more words


S01E02 - Those are Klingons???

I’m still reeling over SyFy’s cancellation of my favourite Sci-Fi show… Dark Matter! Still sending out the odd tweet here and there, and trying to catch any news I can on any glimmer of hope for its survival… but as advised by one of its creators/writers, Joe Mallozzi, who has been EXTREMELY supportive of his fans by keeping us all in the loop, the sets are coming down… so my hopes are slowly fading… like SGU’s Destiny, travelling along its pre-programmed path, further and further away from the viewer, getting smaller and smaller until it disappears from sight…. 762 more words

Dark Matter

First Post! (aka - S01E01)

Howdy everyone!!! Ok… so more likely…. howdy to me! As I doubt anyone is reading this right now…

As this is my first post… I’m going to use this as an introduction… to let you all know a little about who I am… and why I’m doing this… I don’t really consider myself much of a writer… but I’ll do my best to keep you entertained…. 1,472 more words

Dark Matter

Senate Elections are just around the corner

There is just under a week before campaigning ends for the Student Government Union Senate Elections.
Many people are unaware of how the Senate operates and who manages the elected Senators.The Vice-President Operations, Mikael Coleman, is the individual on SGU Executive Board who the elected representatives will report to.Coleman took a moment to explain why the Senate is so important. 389 more words

Campus News

5 TV Shows killed off early

Ratings are everything for TV shows but what we consider high viewing figures here in the UK don’t translate to high figures in the US and because of that various TV shows get cancelled far too early. 524 more words


White Coat Ceremony

The day had finally come. The day that my fellow classmates and I took an oath to medicine, while we received our white coats. The pivotal moment we have all worked so hard for, and all of us have a different story to tell (over 50 countries are represented in the student body of St. 794 more words

Caribbean Medicine

Settling in on Grand Anse

Some people look at the Grand Anse campus of SGU as a bad thing, while others don’t seem to mind it.

I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings about it.

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