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Roller Coasters

Wow, it appears that I haven’t written anything for almost two months – and April is creeping up just around the corner (seriously, when did that happen). 1,202 more words

Medical School

Moving to Grenada, West Indies for School?

Hello, I am an SO, and my boyfriend is currently a 1st term Med Student at St. George University. Our entire trip so far has been a learning experience and I thought I would share my tips and POV’s with everyone before they came here. 2,126 more words

Stargate Universe and Novus2 (TV series)

You know the commercial, during The Walking Dead, last year, about winning the zombie-killer car? I thought of one that Ford or Chevy could use for their trucks and maintenance. 342 more words

Meanwhile in Sim Lab...

Typically in class, I zone out pretty quickly.  Especially as the material gets more difficult… I look something like this…

Today was exciting!  We had sim lab.   99 more words


Midterms are over... on to FINALS!!!

What an amazing weekend to end such a stressful week!  I have reached the other side!  I’m so proud of all of the hard work I put in, the late hours, personal sacrifices, etc.   52 more words


No rest for the weary

It is 1:19 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning, as I hazily glance around the library, there are only a handful of oil-burners left.  My heavy hands grace the key board and getting heavier with each stroke.  267 more words


New Beginnings

Going from medical school to having no future to currently interviewing for podiatry school has been the most emotionally draining experience I have ever gone through. 378 more words