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Salam Puisi,

AHMAD GAUS 94 more words


Destiny instructions are finished!

The building instructions for my mini-Destiny are ready! You can access them (along with the Daedalus on the building instructions page or in this post). As always, any feedback is most welcome. 34 more words


"Destiny... The design is clearly ancient... Launched hundreds of thousands of years ago. "

After many hours of work, I have put together my new Mini-Destiny model. It was a challenge to get the angles perfect, but I am happy with the end result. 57 more words


The next set of building instructions - Destiny

I have started working on the LDD model of the Destiny from Stargate: Universe for my next building instructions. Its designed to be the same built size as the Daedalus model. 43 more words


Another SGU Rant Leftist Rant on Climate Change

"We can't let that happen!"

He says, as he settles in to his rant on the lateat ramblings from his ideological enemies on climate change. 190 more words


Back again after 3 months :/

Hey everyone, hope you’ve been well.

Let’s be honest, nobody is reading this, so I’m just going to use this space as a diary for my own thoughts… and also as a way to practice my typing for SOAP notes I guess lol. 408 more words


S01E02 - Those are Klingons???

I’m still reeling over SyFy’s cancellation of my favourite Sci-Fi show… Dark Matter! Still sending out the odd tweet here and there, and trying to catch any news I can on any glimmer of hope for its survival… but as advised by one of its creators/writers, Joe Mallozzi, who has been EXTREMELY supportive of his fans by keeping us all in the loop, the sets are coming down… so my hopes are slowly fading… like SGU’s Destiny, travelling along its pre-programmed path, further and further away from the viewer, getting smaller and smaller until it disappears from sight…. 762 more words