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PIANO SHEET MUSIC: Countdown To Destiny - Joel Goldsmith

I wrote out the sheets for the recap music from Stargate: Universe, though there are many Synsethesia tutorials on Youtube, I am shackled to sheet music #classicallytrainedpianistproblems. 81 more words


Sometimes I have a life outside the books

What’s the first thing I did after I finished my physiology exam? I napped! Sounds cliched but I really needed some sleep before getting  a headstart for my weekend. 1,426 more words


Floating on a Raft in the Middle of the Ocean

One of the things I miss most about home while floating on this raft in the middle of the ocean, is sculpting! Especially in wax or oil based clay. 134 more words


Round 1...Check

Phew! That was quite a week I had. I just survived round 1 of exams in Medical School and I am proud of myself. This past week has tested my patience, sanity and everything in between. 614 more words


The journey begins

I literally just took a break from memorizing the different muscles in the body. I can’t believe I am about to complete 3 weeks of school and the days have been nothing but intense. 419 more words


My Campus :)

My week 2 of Medical School has started and as expected, I am swamped with work. My first week was literally spent in lecture halls and back in my dorm room. 793 more words


Whole new world

I have always been curious to try snorkeling, diving or any water-related activities but I never got the chance. I know I would get busy once classes start and would not have any free time, so there was no better day to try out snorkeling than a day before classes start. 958 more words