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It's Fandomonium in Here!

So, here is where I keep my fandoms…

I decided to list these in order of hours invested. Then I sat and had a long, hard think about my life choices. 1,344 more words

All this happened, more or less

I have been having a whirlwind of an adventure so far that it seems like I haven’t had a moment to even think about writing about it at all in the past few days so here I am! 505 more words


Term 2 

Leaving Nawlins,

Mississippi River & Mercedes Superdome in NOLA

Yay for the 2 hour line via Customs!

Same apt as last term!
Free coconuts from our fav juice man… 32 more words

Back on The "Rock" [Grenada] (Attempt #2; Term 1)

I’m going to start off this blog by reposting a prayer that a good friend of mine that I met this summer at the lodge gave to me after many enlightening conversations we had. 541 more words

Medical School

Term 3!

Glad term 2 is over. As I learned first hand, don’t take term 2 for granted. All the classes are actually quite challenging, but I found Neuro to be quite fun. 551 more words

Slowly driving myself crazy while preparing to move to Grenada

I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for this.

There’s a corner in the guest room closet that’s slowly accumulating my crap for the move. Pillows, pots, sheets, and scrubs. 209 more words


Stop Waiting for Friday, Seriously!

Yesterday, I bought an item from a 5th term medical student and his wife who were about to leave the island for good. We got to talking and they both stressed the importance of really soaking in the entire Grenada medical school experience and really trying to live every moment because before you know it, it will be over! 384 more words

Medical School