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The 9th Annual Medical School Crash Course

The 9th Medical School Crash Course at the University of Toronto will be on Saturday May 7, 2016.

The annual event is much larger than the campus visits bringing together hundreds of prospective medical students from around Ontario and Canada as a whole. 179 more words


What is YOUR Goal?

I know many of my friends (myself included) who are considering to hang it up and let it go. I went through such a nasty episode (bad mood, irritable, feeling overwhelmed) a couple weeks ago and I realized it was because I did not know what I was working towards. 226 more words


Sometimes you take a blow in life and it affects your ego. The most important thing is your reaction to the blow. Do you assume defeat or do you get back up and try again? 96 more words

Midterm Breakdown Spring 2016

Short breakdown of each midterm as follows:


-based off his lecture and lab notes

-110 questions (10 of which were ungraded)

-first and second order questions (not too many second order) 191 more words

Midterm Reflections

Going through midterms is a serious lesson. I realize some flaws in my method of studying and productivity. Knowing this allows me to fix what I can and continue to strive to do better. 191 more words

Anatomy and Molecular Biology Midterms- Spring 2016

Our first two midterms are anatomy and molec. I am going into over drive reviewing the 23 lectures, 4 labs, and 4 buzz sessions (pre-labs) to make sure I remember and understand general concepts. 158 more words

Team Sleep 3/5/16

My body is so selfish. It needs 7 hours of sleep per night. I literally get no work done after midnight and start to feel sleepy around 8:30p, and guess what time it is? 138 more words